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The 3-in-1 automatic irrigation system has been successfully improved by Quang Ngai farmers

The 3-in-1 automatic irrigation system has been successfully improved by Quang Ngai farmers

Anh Do uses an automatic nozzle system, replacing the nozzle with stainless steel. He redesigned the nozzle himself to make the irrigation system more versatile, the sprinkler system was 30cm above the ground, watering the dragon fruit right at the root. He said: “The distance between the dragon fruit roots is about 2.5-3m, so the irrigation head must ensure a strong and even watering at the root, use stainless steel heads and improve the spraying speed to irrigate the entire garden. “.

The change of the stainless steel head and the sprinkler holes has made watering easier, in addition, this irrigation kit combines sprays with soluble fertilizers and microbial products. All are mixed in water and watered to each tree stump. In particular, this system is also controlled by a remote, so he can control the amount of irrigation water and automatically open and close the irrigation water at a distance of 1,000-1,500m.

He said: “Farmers often use sprayers, apply probiotics and pump row by row, close contact with chemicals will affect health. Therefore, using remote control from a distance of 1,000m will avoid the risk of affecting the health of farmers.”

Not only improving equipment and machinery, Mr. Do also aims to make organic products, clean agriculture such as using sugar honey and probiotics to irrigate crops. He said: “The improved 3-in-1 nozzle can also irrigate sugar honey, this type is very good for soil restoration, preventing fungal reproduction, bringing very high efficiency. With more than 300 dragon fruit trees, each watering is only about 6m3 water, saving 2-3 times compared to conventional irrigation”.

3 in 1 automatic watering system

From the day of successful improvement, the working day decreased, the efficiency increased. Besides, he also supports improvements for surrounding households that are growing dragon fruit.

In the 4.0 era, smart modern equipment is not only applied to industry and service trade, but also gradually applied to agriculture, forestry and fishery. Traditional methods have gradually transformed into more modern, smarter methods that also reduce costs and labor. Products designed for automatic irrigation systems such as injectors, soluble fertilizers, automatic irrigation equipment (including sprinklers, drippers, …)

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