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Tell you how to choose the right breed of commercial catfish

Techniques for raising catfish
Techniques for raising catfish for high efficiency

How to choose catfish seed This is a very important step in the catfish farming process. If the selection of varieties is not good, the quality is not guaranteed, the reproductive process will be unfavorable, the yield will not be high, and the economic efficiency will be low.

Meanwhile, farmers are dreaming of changing their lives thanks to catfish. So if you don’t know how to choose the right breed, what will be the consequences?

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Breeding catfish suitable for commercial farming

catfish seed
Selection of hybrid yellow catfish as seed catfish

On the market today, there are many good varieties of catfish with high yield. However, people often only apply simple farming models such as raising catfish in cement tanks, raising catfish in cement tanks lined with canvas, etc. Therefore, to choose catfish breeds suitable for these models. In this case, the highest probability of success is tilapia and hybrid catfish.

These are the two types of catfish that are most appreciated by many people. At the same time, it also brings high productivity and economic efficiency.

Why are tilapia and hybrid catfish suitable for commercial culture?

Why choose catfish?

Tilapia is a catfish with a miraculous growth rate. In the natural environment, only half a year, the weight of each tilapia can reach 1kg and the average weight will range from 250g to 2.5kg/fish.

Not only that, catfish is also a fast-harvesting fish that makes a lot of money. The price of tilapia when buying for breeding is 45,000 – 70,000 VND for 1kg. With proper care and management, it only takes about 3 months to sell. Especially the consumption market of this fish has never been small!

Why choose hybrid catfish?

Hybrid catfish is a type of catfish that combines black catfish with tilapia or yellow catfish with tilapia. This combination aims to meet the farming and economic production needs of many households.

In particular, hybrid yellow catfish is more popular because after only 3 to 4 months, it can be harvested and each such crop can yield 100-200 tons of fish/ha. This is an extremely desirable number of many people who are raising hybrid catfish.

The price of yellow catfish when buying for breeding is only at 55,000 – 75,000 VND for 1 kg. .

How to choose healthy, effective catfish

Catfish seed
How to choose commercial cultured catfish?

When choosing to buy catfish seed, you must choose to buy it from reputable supply farms with clear certificates and it is best to go to the place to inspect and select each fish.

People should choose healthy, uniform size catfish is the best. Healthy catfish will be those that are able to swim fast and strong. The body is nice, no scratches and no infection.

Breeding catfish now have many different sizes to suit the needs of people. You can refer to the table below to choose the right breed of catfish for your family.

Fish size (cm)Number of heads/kgTadpole sizeCost of seed catfishThe rate of lossHarvest time
3 – 41800 – 22005ShortGet a raiseLong
forty six1300 – 17006FitDepends on the care processMedium
5 – 71100 – 9007TallReductionFast

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Emilia Chaney
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