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Tell you 6 secrets to treat thrips for roses at the root

thrips treatment for roses

Treatment of thrips for roses It’s something a lot of people have a headache about. This bug is extremely persistent and widespread. It clings to and harms your roses even when the flowers are just opening their buds. Many relatives have tried many ways but still can’t cure it completely, thrips continue to come back to harm the tree.

So try 6 tips to treat thrips for roses at the root of Agri Please!

Treat rose thrips with a super spicy spice blend

Treatment of thrips for roses
thrips treatment for roses from chili, ginger, garlic and wine

First you need to prepare garlic, ginger, chili in the ratio 1:1:1. Then puree, soak in boxes, jars or containers with lids. Add 1 liter of wine and seal the jar. Mixing jars should not be placed in places with direct sunlight, strong sunlight or places with high temperatures. If you do not pay attention, leave the jar in too hot places, the mouth of the jar is not tight, it is easy to evaporate and lose its effect.

Soak for 2 to 3 weeks for higher effectiveness against thrips for roses. Then bring the soaked mixture with water according to the formula: for every 20ml of the mixture, add 2 liters of water, the ratio of the mixture in water is 1/100.

Pour in the mixed mixture spray pump. With the mixed dose, you can spray for about 5 plants or more depending on the size of your rose tree. Just spray continuously for 10 days will treat thrips for roses completely.

When spraying a mixture of thrips treatment for roses, you need to pay attention to spraying both sides of the leaves, flowers and the whole plant. Do not forget to spray the soil more because maybe this is where the thrips are hiding.

Note: After taking out the mixture from the jar, the jar must be closed immediately to avoid evaporation and such a jar has a shelf life of only 5 months. If opened and closed many times, it can only be 4 months after the effect.

Treatment of thrips for roses with biological products neem oil

thrips treatment for roses
treat thrips for roses with neem oil

Neem oil is a widely used biological product. Farmers often reuse this preparation to treat fungi and diseases for rose plants

How to prevent thrips for roses

Use measuring flask or measuring tube to take 2ml neem oil Mix with dishwashing liquid in the ratio 1:1. If you mix with soap solution, you should use 5ml of this solution. Bring the mixed mixture to dissolve in 1 liter of clean water. Pour into spray bottle and shake well.

You spray twice a week, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Follow the same way as giving the plant a tonic and rest assured that you will never need to treat thrips for roses again.

However, if your tree has been attacked by hemorrhoids, you should apply the following spray treatment.

How to spray Neem oil to treat thrips for roses

Use 5ml of Neem oil mixed with dishwashing liquid in the same ratio as in the room ie 1:1 ratio. If you use soap solution, use with 10ml of solution. Then dissolve in 1 liter of water and shake well. It is easier to understand that to treat thrips for roses, it is necessary to increase the dose.

You spray 3 times a week, when the weather is cool, you spray the plants, but the interval between each spray is the same and spread evenly throughout the day. Spray in turn for several weeks, until the thrips have been treated for roses, then go back to the room spray step.

Treating thrips for roses with Hydrogen peroxide

Mix 10ml of hydrogen peroxide with 2 liters of clean water. Shaken. Then use the mixed mixture to spray daily for rose plants until thrips treatment for roses is complete. The duration of spraying depends on the severity of the disease. If the tree is light, you can also spray every other day, but if it is severe, it must be sprayed for several days in a row.

If your plants have not shown signs of needing to treat thrips for roses, you should only spray once a week to prevent diseases for plants.

Treat thrips for roses with mustard

thrips treatment for roses
treat thrips for roses with mustard

Thought it was a spice that added to the attractiveness of the dish, but mustard is also a very effective way to treat thrips for roses.

Mix 2g of mustard with 1 liter of water, then spray it evenly on both sides of the leaves and rose soil. However, this method is very easy to burn the leaves, so after spraying, you must spray again with clean water or wipe with a wet towel, otherwise your rose will be damaged.

Treat rose thrips with their favorite color – yellow

Thrips are bugs that love yellow. Therefore, the simplest and most effective way to treat thrips for roses is to take them back, give them what they like, and catch them.

Use yellow patch to treat thrips for roses

Keep these yellow stickers right under the rose tree or in other places close by. Thrips will easily fall into traps because of their passion. This mechanism is similar to the flysticks that are being evaluated as very effective in the market.

However, this is a way to catch bugs, but can’t treat thrips for roses definitively. This measure is only temporary.

Treatment of thripscough flower pink as their enemy – marigold

thrips treatment for roses
treat thrips for roses with marigolds

It can be said that marigold is the eternal enemy of thrips because it has the ability to weaken hemorrhoids similar to being poisoned. This method will not only treat thrips for roses in your home, but also add another flower in the garden. Isn’t that too convenient!

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