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Techniques of Raising Healthy Red-tailed Salmon – High Yield

Salmon is one of the rare fish species with high nutritional value. In the wild, salmon is no longer in sufficient quantity to supply the market, so the current meat flounder is mainly commercial cultured salmon. Techniques for raising red-tailed catfish It’s not too difficult, the most important thing is to prepare well the cages, ponds and quality food that the fish will grow well and achieve good productivity. To learn more about this topic, farmers should not ignore the content of the article below.

  1. Prepare ponds and cages to raise salmon

Depending on the needs and economic ability of each livestock household, farmers choose the appropriate form of raising.

When raising catfish in cages, it is necessary to design a minimum area of ​​10m2 and a depth of 2m. The maximum area is 36m2, the depth must reach from 3 -5m. On the cage, it is necessary to design a roof to ensure a stable temperature for the fish to live. The cage should be placed in a place with moderate water flow, not too strong so that the fish do not have to be active. The bottom of the cage is poured with a layer of clay 10-15cm thick to match the snuggling habits of this fish.

Ponds for raising red-tailed catfish should have an optimal area of ​​1000m2 .
Ponds for raising red-tailed catfish should have an optimal area of ​​1000m2 .

In the condition of raising catfish in ponds, farmers should prepare a pond of 1,000m2 or more, the depth of which is from 1.5m -2m. Cover the water surface with duckweed or nets for no more than 30% of the pond area. The layer of mud is 10-15cm thick enough for the fish to crawl. It is advisable to design a convenient water supply and drainage system to change water and drain water when needed. The water source must ensure enough dissolved oxygen above 3mg/l, the pH is from 6 to 8 (preferably 6.5 to 7.5) for the best fish survival.

  1. Release of fingerlings

Breeds are selected from reputable, high quality farms to get healthy fingerlings with uniform size. It is recommended to choose fingerlings with a weight of 10-20g/fish, without deformities or deformities.

Drop density:

  • Pond culture (grafted): 4-5 fish/m2 (in which the white carp accounted for 20-30% of the total stocked fish)
  • Pond culture (single): 6-8 fish/m2
  • Cage farming: 60-70 fish/m3

Salmon can eat other fish, so they can be kept with small tilapia to make food for them.

The stocking season is around late March, early April.

Red-tailed trout should be selected strong, uniform size
Red-tailed trout should be selected strong, uniform size

Types of food for lentils

Salmon fish is characterized by strong teeth, the characteristic of burrowing to find food, hiding and stalking prey, so they can eat many different foods.

There are a variety of fish foods such as:

  1. Industrial food

This type is purchased at establishments that provide industrial bran for aquatic products.

  1. Fresh food

Fresh food such as shrimp, shrimp, tilapia. Shrimps and shrimps can be released directly to the fish, while the fish is processed by dissecting the abdomen, removing the intestines, and cutting into pieces to fit the fish. Fresh food can be added once a month for fish to have enough nutrients, develop better and increase resistance.

  1. Homemade food

Including bran, beans are ground into powder, mixed well, water should be added to the pellet machine (bran pellet machine) to be dried and preserved for fish to eat gradually. Mixing food should ensure the right ratio.

If there is no pelletizing machine, grind and hold it into a ball of about 200-300g to feed the fish.

Red-tailed trout can be eaten raw or ready-to-eat
Red-tailed trout can be eaten raw or ready-to-eat

How to feed lentils

  1. Fish feeding time

The characteristic of this species is that it is active at night, sheltering during the day, so people should feed it in the late afternoon, at low light or at night.

If feeding in the morning, it must be early in the morning at about 6 am with a quantity of 30% of the whole day’s bran. In the evening, 70% of the bran is fed for the whole day, divided into 3 meals from 19:00 to 22:00 and 1 am. The amount of food is based on the weight of the fish.

  1. Weather

When the weather changes, heavy rain or intense sunshine, it is necessary to monitor the ability of fish to eat bait, excess food to know whether the fish is healthy or sick. The fish should be fed in a certain position, for cages, put in the feeding sieve to check the food more effectively.

  1. Supplement minerals and vitamins

During the feeding process, it is necessary to add minerals, especially vitamin C to increase the resistance of fish. Monitor fish eating, if not eating, eating poorly, it is necessary to salvage fish to take samples for testing and have the right treatment regimen. Pangasius has a high economic value, so it is necessary to have good care techniques, limiting the death of diseased fish to great loss of investment capital.

Red-tailed trout can be harvested for 12-16 months
Red-tailed trout can be harvested from 12-16 months

It takes 1 to 2 years for farmed salmon to be harvested because they grow quite slowly. The size of commercial fish when harvested is 1.2kg -1.5kg/fish. The survival rate is over 90% with proper care. People should consult and learn from the experience at the establishment that sells high-quality salmon seeds to apply to their model.

If the fish is good and healthy, the commercial fish will ensure the quality of the fish to grow quickly, with a standard weight and high nutritional content. This way, you can effectively recover capital and profit. Wish you all successfully apply the technique of raising red-tailed catfish that we share.

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