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Techniques of intensive black tiger shrimp farming earn billions

Black tiger shrimp
Technical process of intensive black tiger shrimp farming

Black tiger shrimp is a crustacean, a protein-rich food. Black tiger shrimp is a seafood species with great economic potential and is raised on many models in which intensive black tiger shrimp farming is still believed by many people to make the productivity reach the peak, here we will learn the technical process of intensive black tiger shrimp farming.

The most important work in and always being started first in the intensive black tiger shrimp farming process is construction, improvement and water treatment. To build black tiger shrimp ponds in planned areas, the ground must be in the form of sandy soil or sandy soil, less humus, convenient for water supply and drainage, above all, convenient for transportation.

Building a pond to raise black tiger shrimp

Black tiger shrimp farming
Building a pond to raise black tiger shrimp

First, it is necessary to prepare a farming area for black tiger shrimp with an area of ​​1–2 hectares, in which the settling pond occupies an area and volume of water equivalent to that of the pond in order to be able to supply water quickly and in a timely manner. need. The farming area should have adequate wastewater treatment ponds, nursery ponds, culture ponds and water supply systems.

The nursery pond is designed with an area of ​​150–300 square meters.

The pond has a pond edge of about 2-2.5m, the water level is from 0.8 – 1.5m, the black tiger shrimp pond has a square or rectangular shape, the corner of the pond needs to be rounded. Ponds must have from 1 to 2 drains used to drain and discharge water, culverts must be designed to be close to the water source in order to supply and drain water easily.

Renovating square ponds, nursery ponds

Proceed to drain the water in the pond, dredge the pond bottom to remove harmful bacteria, microorganisms and harmful agents. Thoroughly clean the square pond 1-2 times to clean the bottom of the pond and remove alum.

Black tiger shrimp farming
Improvement of nursery ponds for black tiger shrimp farming

Drain the water, then apply lime (recommended to use agricultural lime) as soon as the ground is still wet, depending on the pH conditions in the soil and the area of ​​​​black tiger shrimp farming, we will adjust the dose. Different amounts of fertilizer:

With a pH > 6, the amount of lime that should be applied is from 0.8-1 ton/ha and the amount of lime CaO is from 0.4 to 0.5 ton/ha.

With a pH of 5 – 6, the amount of CaCO3 lime to be applied is at a dose of 1.5 – 2 tons/ha and the amount of CaO lime will be provided from 0.7 – 1 ton/ha.

With pH < 5, the amount of lime CaCO3 must be applied is from 2 to 3 tons/ha and the amount of lime CaO must be applied from 1–1.5 tons/ha.

After liming is completed, let the glade surface dry for 5-7 days until there is a phenomenon of crow’s feet cracking.

Disinfect water sources with Iodine at an appropriate dose according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the package.

Next, people should proceed to cause water color, it is best to cause water color by fermentation, not encouraging any people to use fertilizers. Example: Making water color with molasses, rice bran, soybean meal with a ratio of 3: 1: 3 incubated within 12 hours with a dosage of 3kg/1,000 m3

In case if the pond is difficult to cause water color, or the water color is not durable, it is possible to add some minerals, or use artificial colors for the water in the black tiger shrimp pond.

Regularly check and adjust the elements of the environment so that they are at the most reasonable standards: pH 7.5 – 8.5, alkalinity 80 – 120 mg/l, water salinity 15 – 25 ‰, temperature in 35 – 45 cm, H2S < 0.03 mg/l, NH3 < 0.1 mg/l, temperature 28 – 31 degrees Celsius.

Before stocking shrimp, farmers should use Bottom-Up microorganisms to clean the pond bottom, remove impurities and pathogenic bacteria for black tiger shrimp.

Stocking and pond management are also two important steps and cannot be neglected in intensive black tiger shrimp farming techniques, this is a decisive factor to the efficiency and productivity of our black tiger shrimp crop.

Select and breed

black tiger shrimp
Choose a really healthy black tiger shrimp

Choose varieties with good and strong health, not infected or infected with any disease, choose shrimp varieties at reputable addresses. Using PCR method (also known as gene amplification reaction) to check and remove the traits of infected shrimp, weak health from the beginning to avoid unnecessary losses in the crop.

Stocking black tiger shrimp with a density of 25-60 shrimp/m2 depends on the farming capacity and the conditions of the pond area, which farmers give the most suitable stocking density. Shrimp should be released in the early morning or late afternoon while keeping the temperature and salinity to avoid heat shock.

Management of black tiger shrimp ponds

Initially, when stocking, shrimp should be fed 5-6 meals/day using industrial fine powdered feed. When the shrimp is about 15 days old, the shrimp should be ready to eat. Encourage regular monitoring of shrimp status to adjust and feed appropriately to avoid excess or lack of feed.

Periodically check the pH, salinity, clarity, water temperature and oxygen content in the pond to adjust accordingly.

Supplementing the diet for black tiger shrimp with essential minerals, vitamins and beneficial probiotics, helps shrimp increase resistance, eat healthy and grow faster during the process of raising black tiger shrimp.

Hopefully, through the intensive farming techniques of black tiger shrimp, everyone will have a pond with top economic efficiency.

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