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Techniques for Raising Termites Artificial Environment

Currently, termites are becoming a hot specialty at restaurants in all provinces and cities across the country because of their delicious taste and relatively soft price. But because the number of termites in nature is decreasing day by day, termites are very attractive. Currently, there are a number of places where snakes and termites are born, and have initially been successful. So snake farming techniques What are the benefits, we would like to point out some of the benefits of termite farming techniques in the article below.

Cage for snakes and termites

We build the barn on the ground, around the cage we can build a cement wall and put ceramic tiles on the mouth of the cage so that the snakes don’t crawl out Or we can use a tarpaulin around the cage to prevent the termites from coming out. It’s okay to crawl out.

Conventional snake cages will be designed with natural interwoven artificial elements
Conventional snake cages will be designed with natural interwoven artificial elements

In the barn we divided into 2 parts

We put shrimp roofs to cover rain and sun for snakes and termites and put 20 to 100 bricks in the cage, stacked on two floors, then put a sheet of corrugated iron on top of the bricks to make a shelter for snakes and termites.

We plant grass; to create a happy environment for termites and light a small lamp in the evening to let the insects fly to create natural food for the termites.

Choose a species of termite snake

Breeding termite snakes should choose healthy, disease-free ones that are the size of a thumb or larger. How to distinguish male and female termite snakes;

  • Male termite snake: Big head, strong legs, no white spots running along the sides
  • Female farts: Small head, slow moving and many white spots running along the sides.

Feed the termite snakes

Termite snakes eat all kinds of insects: crickets, worms, locusts.. we can also feed them with shrimp, shrimp, minced chicken.

Give the snakes water to drink and change the food every day.

Termites are omnivores that can eat a variety of food sources
Termites are omnivores that can eat a variety of food sources

Reproductive termite snakes

Termite snakes reproduce once every 2 months, giving birth to 8 to 12 babies each time. Therefore, in order for termite snakes to have many offspring, we should divide the male-female ratio to 1: 1 to increase the ability of female snakes to conceive.

When a female termite snake is pregnant, we should separate the female snake into a cage that specializes in raising pregnant termite snakes separately and pay attention to monitor, when the female termite snake gives birth to a baby termite snake, we let the female snake go to the cage to live with the male snake to continue to get pregnant, and at the same time let the baby snakes move to another cage to raise them separately.

Breeding breeding snakes

Cage: This is the first and most important factor to ensure a harmonious and friendly environment for the best development of termites.

+ Husband raised 1000 parent termite snakes, with a minimum area of ​​20 square meters and a maximum of 100 square meters (too large, difficult to manage).

+ The cage for raising snakes and termites should be made of 100% soil, in the barn with lots of grass and the cage must have a drain to avoid water stagnation in the cage.

+ The wall of the cage for raising termites can be made of corrugated iron with a height of 50 cm – 60 cm, or built of bricks (if built, it must be lined with glazed bricks or corrugated iron to prevent snakes from crawling out).

+ The barn, 1/3 of the barn has a corrugated iron roof for snakes to shelter from the rain and at night to sleep in it.

Food: Termite snakes are omnivorous reptiles, the main food is rice, trash fish, pig lungs, worm crickets and insects.

+ Termite snakes feed in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon, termites will be exposed to the sun to digest food.

You should feed the termite snake in the morning to facilitate the digestion of food
You should feed the termite snake in the morning to facilitate the digestion of food

Take care

Clean the cages of snakes by, about every 2 to 3 days, change banana leaves or trees as shelters for termites once. To create a clean environment for snakes to breed and develop well.

Reproduction: Termites reproduce a lot, each spawning about 8 to 15 babies. After 3 months is to reproduce once.

When the termites spawn, you should pay attention, we should add banana leaves and coconut flowers to make shelter for the termites to reproduce smoothly.

Agrisearch.net is very happy to share with you information related to snake farming techniques. You can apply this information to your snake farming model. Good luck.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaneyhttps://agrisearch.net
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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