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Techniques for Raising Healthy Pigs – Fast Growing

After weaning, it is a complex and relatively sensitive period for piglets. Because after separating the mother, the piglets are no longer protected from the mother but must improve their own resistance to be able to develop on their own. Therefore pig raising techniques rapid growth after weaning is extremely important.

Prepare the barn for pigs

Piglets raised in a barn need to be similar in age and weight to ensure uniform growth. The area of ​​the barn is about 0.4 – 0.45 m2/head. The recommended density is to raise from 10 to 25 pigs / 1 cage, if too many pigs are kept, it is easy to fight and difficult to control when sick pigs.

Need to build a pigsty with an appropriate area
Need to build a pigsty with an appropriate area

Vaccinate piglets

Vaccination for piglets is a technical measure to prevent diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, etc. The best effect in post-weaning piglets.

Low percentage of fiber in the diet

With piglets after weaning, the ability to digest fiber is still poor, so if the diet has a high percentage of fiber, it will make the piglets grow slowly, consume high feed, so the piglets are easily affected. Constipation and enteritis will lead to stunting. According to experience, the most appropriate fiber ratio is from 5 to 6%.

The percentage of fiber in the piglet's diet should not be too high
The percentage of fiber in the piglet’s diet should not be too high

Ratio of semi-synthetic food

This is the period when piglets need a good diet to be able to develop skeletons and muscles. 80% is the appropriate percentage of concentrate in the post-weaning period, if we give pigs a diet with a higher starch content than 80%, the piglets will get fat early and the ability to gain weight will decrease. .

To help people save costs in livestock, especially the cost of synthetic feed, we would like to offer a solution for you that is the application of NN1 Probiotics to incubate pig feed. The use of fermented feed has brought high economic efficiency thanks to the characteristics of fermented feed that help pigs digest easily, have a high absorption rate, limit diarrhea, and increase resistance. Pigs grow fast, gain high weight (shorter rearing time compared to previous industrial mixed feeds from 15-20 days), meat quality is improved (beautiful color, lean soft, delicious so preferred by consumers and traders).

Ratio of water

For piglets to develop well, the appropriate ratio of feed and water will be one of the post-weaning piglet rearing techniques that need attention.

The most appropriate ratio of feed and water is: For every 1kg of concentrate mixed with 0.5kg of clean water, the maximum ratio is 1:1, besides, the breeder must also give the piglets adequate water according to the requirements. free form. If the pig’s diet has a high percentage of water, it will lead to poor digestion and reduced ability to absorb nutrients and proteins, and feed with a lot of water will also create a dirty, damp floor, and the piglets will also be affected. susceptible to infection. On the contrary, it will cause water shortage for piglets if the rate is low.

The amount of water provided to piglets per day should be based on body weight and diet
The amount of water provided to piglets per day should be based on body weight and diet

Thus, piglet care techniques are very important, piglets should be taken care of according to the appropriate diet, water ratio and should not change the diet suddenly and at the same time should maintain stable feeding practices. day. Thus, the new piglets can grow and develop normally in the post-weaning period.

Above is some information related to pig raising techniques that we would like to send to you for your reference. Wish you can easily raise the piglets to grow up fast and healthy.

Emilia Chaney
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