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Techniques for raising chickens that lay super eggs

Techniques for raising chickens that lay super eggs
Techniques for taking care of super egg laying hens
Techniques for taking care of super egg laying hens

Raising chickens that lay super eggs, lay a lot and lay thick is the desire of every breeder. However, there are some farmers, because they are too focused on egg production, but apply inappropriate techniques to stimulate laying hens, making chickens unable to lay eggs at the maximum level, and affecting egg quality and quality. offspring later. So the following article will introduce to you the technique of raising super egg laying hens and how to stimulate chickens to lay eggs effectively and safely. We invite you to follow along.

Techniques for raising chickens that lay super eggs

The technique of raising super-egg-laying hens is generally similar to that of conventional chickens, except for some notes in the preparation of the coop, the selection of breeders and the nutrition that we will list below:

Preparing cages for hens to lay super eggs

Chicken coop lays super eggs
Coop to raise hens that lay super eggs

Laying hens need to be kept in a high, airy barn, built with hygienic materials, well covered in the cold and rainy seasons. When chickens are about to lay, people need to prepare nests with a density of 5-6 chickens / nest. Nests for laying hens should be placed in places away from direct sunlight and evenly distributed in the coop. The nest needs to be lined with clean straw or rice husk and periodically change the lining twice a week.

The necessary equipment system for raising super egg laying hens

Completely different from the model of raising broiler chickens in cages, the model of raising chickens that lay super eggs forces people to invest a huge amount of money to invest in a very modern and professional infrastructure system for their farm. me. Which includes:

Super egg laying hen system
Super egg laying hen farming system

– Basic equipment system: including a solid barn system, food production and processing areas, warehouses, separate egg collection and waste treatment areas. In particular, the cage must be tall, clean, cool, built of reinforced concrete, covered with a roof, surrounded by fences, warm in winter and cool in summer. The barn is built of concrete, and rice husks must be sprinkled on the floor to make the chickens more comfortable when moving (this husk must be sprinkled with lime, disinfected and disinfected regularly).

food stimulates egg laying hens (Source:
Techniques to stimulate hens to lay eggs

– System of equipment for serving food – water – collecting eggs: For chickens as food trays, water trays and even egg trays. For example, people raising chickens in a tiered model (chickens will be raised in a system of small, stacked coops), they need to invest in a system of chicken cages.

Technological systems for chickens such as: lighting system, chicken brooding light system (ensure brooding room temperature up to 30oC), weighing system to check the weight of chickens, etc.
To invest in a modern model with all the above equipment requires a small amount of capital, so instead of immediately starting a large model, people can proceed gradually from a small model. to gain experience.

Choose a breed of chicken that lays super eggs

The quality of the breed of hens that lays super eggs greatly affects the yield of eggs obtained. For the purpose of raising chickens for eggs, people should choose chicken breeds that specialize in eggs and are able to adapt well to local climatic conditions.

When chickens reach the age of rearing gilts, people pay attention to choose hens with good sexual appearance as follows: balanced body, light colored feathers, shiny skin, shiny legs, agile state, bones wide pot, small round head, big bright eyes, bright red crest and area… These will be good quality chickens that can lay many eggs.


Choose a breed of chicken that lays super eggs
Diet for super egg laying hens

Laying hens are very sensitive to fluctuations in the quality of feed, which is reflected in egg production. Chickens with adequate and balanced nutrition will give stable egg production for a long time. The appropriate diet for hens is 2 times/day with the ratio of 40% – 60% for morning and afternoon feed.

How to stimulate hens to lay super eggs

The technique of stimulating hens to lay eggs to the maximum extent seems complicated, but is actually quite simple. Please pay attention to the factors related to the biological characteristics of the chicken flock such as energy needs, drinking water needs, hormones that stimulate laying… Currently, there are a number of ways to stimulate chickens to lay eggs, which are experts. advise as follows

Provide adequate food and water for super egg laying hens

Techniques to stimulate chickens to lay eggs
Techniques to stimulate chickens to lay eggs

During egg laying, hens consume a lot of energy. So they need to provide adequate nutrition and water to be able to lay thick and lay many for a long time. But if you feed the chicken too much, it will make the chicken too fat, and it will also limit the ability to lay eggs.

The way to check the weight of chickens, you can touch the chicken back area on either side of the spine, if the chicken is too thin, the spine will be raised, if the chicken is too fat, the fat will be higher than the spine area. Drinking water needs to be clean, renewed and replenished regularly so that the chickens never lack water.

Stimulate the body of hens to lay super eggs to produce hormones

Hormones or hormones are very important factors in the laying process of hens. Hormones produced by the pituitary gland control the soft tissues, making them stretch and elastic before the hen lays eggs. The more hormones a hen secretes, the more fertile she is.

In order to stimulate the chicken’s body to produce more hormones, you need to heat the chicken in the sun, because the sun will affect the pituitary gland, from which the pituitary gland produces hormones. Heating time for chickens is suitable from about 12-14 hours/day, lasting for 3 weeks continuously.

Using drugs that stimulate hens to lay super eggs

Super egg stimulant is considered to be the most effective and efficient method to induce hens to lay large and thick layers. Some common drugs can be mentioned such as: Thyreoprotein, Caseiniod, Eitririn, Analgin… However, to know which drugs to use specifically for your chickens, you need to find a veterinarian to receive accurate advice, avoid indiscriminate use of stimulants that affect product quality and consumers’ health.



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