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Techniques for growing water spinach seeds and effective care

Water spinach is a food that is used every day and associated with the lives of many people. This vegetable is also quite easy to grow, so people rarely use stimulants and pesticides. If you want to have a good green water spinach garden, let’s take a look Techniques for growing water spinach seeds here you go.

Techniques for growing water spinach seeds

Water spinach is an easy-to-grow and quick-harvesting vegetable. Many families grow their own at home. You can learn about the technique of growing morning glory seeds at home as follows.

  1. Preparing the land for growing water spinach

Choose standard terrace vegetable land from A to Z

Morning glory seeds are sold quite a lot in the market. Because it is an easy variety to grow, you do not need to choose too carefully. The most important thing is to prepare the soil well for water spinach to grow.

Water spinach is not picky about soil and can grow almost anywhere. You just need to provide enough water for the plant to grow. However, it is best to choose soil with a high amount of silt or loam as water spinach prefers a slightly submerged environment.

Techniques for growing water spinach seeds
Water spinach can be grown on almost any type of soil

After preparing the soil for planting, you should use biological fertilizers or manure to fertilize and plow the soil. Wait a week before planting seeds.

With the characteristics of easy to grow, healthy living, water spinach can be grown by seeds or rooted old stems.

  1. How to plant water spinach seeds

Step 1: Soak and incubate the seeds

You take a bag of seeds and then put the seeds in a basin of warm water about 40 degrees Celsius. Soak continuously for 6 hours and then take out the seeds. Then wash the seeds with clean water and incubate in a damp towel at 30 degrees C. The seed incubation process will take place from 5 – hours. Finally, you check to see which seeds are cracked, then bring them to a dry place.

Step 2: Sow the seed

Sowing water spinach seeds need to be done properly so that the plants grow evenly and are easy to take care of later. There are two main ways to sow seeds:

Method 1: Sowing water spinach seeds directly in the field

Before sowing seeds in the field, you need to make the soil loose and raise the bed about 20cm high. The soil needs to be cleaned of weeds and composted with organic fertilizers to create a nutrient environment.

Next, slit a row with a depth of 1cm and a length of 20cm and then start sowing the seeds. Then use manure to fill the trench for the plants to get nutrients later. In addition, you can also put Basudin on top to prevent termites, earthworms or crickets.

After sowing the seeds, you need to water enough for the first week. If there is a lot of sun, you can cover with tarpaulin or straw to keep the plants moist.

The process of sowing seeds in the field will help increase yield, but the care will be more difficult and face many harmful agents such as insects, sun and wind. Therefore, you should prepare the soil well.

Method 2: Sowing water spinach seeds in styrofoam containers, buckets

Compared to direct seeding, growing water spinach in a foam container will be easier to care for and harvest.

Just like method 1, you prepare the soil well and put it in the foam box. The soil must be very porous, can be lined with manure or biological fertilizer to enrich nutrients. Water 1 amount of water to create moisture for the soil and then make an incision with a depth of 0.5cm.

Next, you proceed to sow the seeds into the trench with a moderate distance, not too thick. Then you use a thin layer of soil to cover the opening and then water to tighten the soil. In the first week, you should water 1-2 times / day to create moisture for the soil.

Step 3: The process of growing water spinach

When the plant has 2 pairs of leaves, you start to prune the seedlings. These plants can be eaten as sprouts without being discarded. After pruning, leave a distance of 10-15cm between the plants.

In the case of growing water spinach by cuttings. You prepare the old spinach stem from 10-20cm. Choose branches that are old, sturdy, and have roots growing out.

Next, prepare the loose soil and then go to the bed. Then place the stem in the furrows and fill with soil. Note, you should plug the trunk about 3 nodes deep and cover it tightly so that the tree is not shaken by the wind. The distance between plants is about 10cm. During the first week, you should water regularly to create moisture for the plant to grow.

Water spinach care process

  1. Sprinklers

Water spinach is quite easy to grow but you need to provide enough water for the plant. This is a water-loving vegetable, so you must be very careful when planting in the dry season. It is advisable to plant them in muddy soil or in river ditches. In the heavy rainy season, it is advisable to cover with a net or tarpaulin to prevent the leaves from being crushed.

  1. Fertilization

To help plants grow best and increase yield, farmers can apply nitrogen, urea and phosphate fertilizers. These are fertilizers that help plants grow better.

Specifically, in the early stages of development, seedlings with 2 pairs of leaves are often yellow and pale in color. This is a process where the roots are growing or due to a lack of nitrogen. You can mix phosphate and urea fertilizers to stimulate the roots of water spinach. Note that you should water again to avoid burning vegetables due to the impact of manure.

Growing water spinach does not need to be fertilized often
Growing water spinach does not need to be fertilized often

The phosphate fertilizer application process should be spaced about 2 weeks apart. Then, you mix NPK fertilizer with water and then water the vegetables in the cool afternoon.

The process of harvesting water spinach seeds

Water spinach is both easy to grow and early to harvest. After about 1 month of sowing, you have morning glory to eat. The quality of water spinach depends on the weather, care process and soil source. If you take good care of it, you will have a good green vegetable garden and harvest 5 times before the plants become barren.

1 month after planting water spinach with a height of 30cm or more. Use a knife or scissors to cut the base about 3cm.

1 week after the harvest is complete, the plants begin to sprout and you continue to fertilize to stimulate the growth of vegetables.

Above is Techniques for growing water spinach seeds that we want to share with you. Hopefully the above knowledge will help her still have a high yielding water spinach crop.

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