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Techniques for growing timothy vegetables – precious medicine and cooking ingredients

If you’ve ever lived in the Southwest region, you will no longer be unfamiliar with the sight of every season when the water rises, the spinach, also known as the coriander, floats all over the river.

This is a familiar vegetable in the fish sauce hot pot or sour fish soup of the people here. Not only that, spinach is also considered as a traditional medicine that has the effect of detoxifying, cooling the liver, clearing blood vessels, …

Technology of growing vegetables
Technology of growing vegetables

Therefore, now many places have emerged the work of growing vegetables, not just wild vegetables as before.

  1. What to prepare for growing vegetables?

1.1 Prepare planting tools

To save money, take advantage of existing pots, plastic containers or Styrofoam containers to grow vegetables. If in the countryside, you should plant in ditches or on the surface of ponds so that when you harvest, you have a high yield.

Spinach is a plant that lives in a water environment, suitable for low-lying soil, so you don’t need to drill holes for drainage in the bottom of the pot or styrofoam.

About soil, you buy soil at the plant store and then mix it with animal manure, biological fertilizer to increase the nutrients in the soil. To increase the humus layer that is favorable for the growth of vegetables, you add peat or organic humus.

1 week before planting, you spread a layer of lime on the soil to remove harmful pathogens.

1.2 Seed preparation

Grow vegetables from the root of vegetables, choose healthy roots, not infected with harmful pests.

  1. Instructions for growing and caring for vegetables

2.1 Planting Guide

Spinach is easy to grow, it has a strong root system that is able to absorb water and strong minerals, so it is necessary to ensure that the soil and water source is clean, remove weeds and fertilize the soil before planting.

Instructions for growing vegetables
Instructions for growing vegetables

The plant loves water, so when transplanting, you should always keep the water level in the pot. When you first transplant, you should keep the water level in the field from 20 to 30cm. When planting, sow into clusters, each cluster 2 tops 3-4 cm long.

Because the tree grows fast, the pineapple should be planted 25cm apart, if it is sparse, add extra miles when caring for the vegetables to ensure that the vegetables cover the pot for the highest yield.

2.2 Care techniques

After half a month you see that the plant has grown, add water to the pot so that the water level is about 30-40cm. Fertilize once every 3-4 days. Should use organic fertilizers, animal manure to fertilize at the base or mix nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers to make it easier for plants to absorb and save fertilizer.

Spinach grows a lot in very wet fields
Spinach grows a lot in very wet fields

Especially after each harvest to make the tree recover quickly and branch out more, you combine fertilizing at the base and spraying on the trunk with foliar fertilizers. The yield will be more than the previous batch.

2.3 Harvest

Spinach is an aquatic plant, so it grows very quickly, the time to harvest depends on the ability to take care of and where the plant grows. If planted in ponds and lakes, it will be harvested in 1 month, and if planted in pots, foam boxes, the time will be 1.5 months.

Spinach after planting 1.5 months can be harvested, then from 7-10 days to harvest again, can prolong the harvest time from 4-5 months depending on the level of care and technique of the plant. each person.

  1. What is the use of spinach? The effect of vegetables

3.1 Nutritional value of spinach

Although it is a vegetable, it contains a high amount of protein, much more than other types such as water spinach, spinach, etc. Vegetables appear in the summer, cooking is both cool and easy to sleep, so it is very popular. People often cook spinach with taro, crab sauce as soup or stir-fry with chicken, pork…

According to Oriental medicine, spinach is a folk medicine to treat goiter, fever, and insect stings. People who are suffering from physiological acne should also eat spinach to purify the body and treat heat in people causing acne.

In addition, spinach has many other effects such as laxative, diuretic, meridian blood circulation.

Especially in hot weather, spinach soup also has sedative effects, cools the liver, treats insomnia causing back pain.

3.2 Some effective remedies to use coriander leaves

Cure insomnia

Spinach 300g, taro 25g, fresh lotus leaf 10g. Wash the ingredients and then put them in a pot with 250ml of water, simmer until the potatoes are soft, then season to taste. When you eat all the food and water, it will work, if it’s severe, eat 5 times a week, and if it’s light, 3 times a week. For best results, eat while hot and 30 minutes before bedtime.

In a hot person (endothermic) nosebleeds, pimples are produced

Dried vegetables cook drinking water, you can drink instead of filtered water every day. However, it must be cooked daily because the vegetable juice left overnight will spoil. We can also supplement by cooking dishes with spinach.

If you are constipated Then you can pound the juice to drink or cook the vegetable soup to laxative.

Goiter treatment: Besides taking western medicine, you should eat more dishes made from vegetables. Cool and easier to eat than using medicine.

In addition, buy more heavenly cabbage, marjoram, circuit mon… sharp with vegetables and drink daily.

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