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Techniques for growing Siamese bananas effectively and with high yield

Techniques for growing Siamese bananas effectively and with high yield

Techniques of growing Siamese bananas

In this article, Agri will guide you technique of planting Siamese bananas Or the simplest and most effective way to grow Siamese bananas so that you can apply them to your banana garden!

Siamese banana seedlings

Currently there are many different varieties of Siamese bananas that we can use to grow. For bud varieties, choose shoots that are 0.8 – 1m high, big and strong, especially without pests and diseases, and then cut off the roots and 2/3 of the leaves. Like tubers, each tuber needs 2-3 sprouts.

Techniques of growing Siamese bananas

Before planting, each banana should be treated with 2% Benlat or Bordeaux bactericide. For tissue culture, seedlings need to be about 30cm tall, with good growth, with 6-8 leaves. The actual results show that, technique of planting Siamese bananas from tissue culture plants will give 5% higher yield than other growing methods.

Preparing the land for planting Siamese bananas

Before coming technique of planting Siamese bananas then we need to prepare the soil for it first. If your garden is a low-lying area, you need to make a bed before planting, so that the bed surface must be 0.6 to 1m from the highest water level in the year to ensure that bananas are not flooded during the rainy season.

The average bed width is from 5 to 6m, each bed is arranged to plant 2 or 3 rows of bananas. Dig a planting hole with the size of 40 X 40 X 40cm, mix the topsoil with 3-5kg of organic fertilizer + 10g of Furadan 3H + 50g of phosphate fertilizer (P205) and then put it in the planting hole.

Techniques of growing Siamese bananas

Siamese bananas can be grown all year round, but for the best growth and development, we should plant them at the beginning of the rainy season. The suitable distance between Siamese banana trees is 3x3m, bananas can be planted in a serrated or square shape.

Caring for Siamese banana tree

Techniques of growing Siamese bananas for tissue cultured banana seedlings, it is necessary to place the potting surface or the junction between the banana tuber and the banana stem. For bud and tuber seedlings, 10-15cm lower than the bed surface, use topsoil to compactly surround the planting hole. and do not allow standing water in the planting hole.

Caring for Siamese banana tree after planting

In order to limit the strong wind that causes the banana leaves to fall or tear, leading to a decrease in yield, you should plant some windbreak trees around you. In the dry season, when the banana tree is young, it is watered once every 2 days, when the banana is mature, it is watered twice a week.

In the rainy season, it is necessary to pay attention to drainage for banana gardens, especially from August to October, when many trees are easily flooded.

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With the technique of growing Siamese bananas, the most suitable amount of fertilizer for Siamese bananas is 50g of phosphate, 150-200g of nitrogen and 200-250g of potassium fertilizer/plant/crop, and divided into several batches of fertilizer as follows:

1. Fertilizer

Before planting, we will apply the entire amount of 50g phosphate fertilizer to the hole, in the next crops, the same fertilizer will be applied after harvesting or at the beginning of the rainy season.

2. Feeding

  • First time: after 1 and a half months of planting, apply 30% of the above nitrogen and 30% of potassium
  • 2nd: about 3 months after the first time, apply 40% nitrogen and potassium;
  • 3rd time: about 4 and a half months after the 2nd time, apply the remaining amount of fertilizer.

Planting Siamese bananas, at the stage when the banana plant is still young, you can divide the amount of fertilizer into several times for the plants to eat slowly. When the banana tree is mature, we can fertilize the hole by lightly plowing around the base of the tree, then adding fertilizer and backfilling.

How to grow Siamese bananas

Techniques of growing Siamese bananas Whether it is effective or not depends a lot on the technique of pruning. You need to conduct regular pruning, about once a month, using a knife to cut the stem close to the ground and destroy the growth tip (young tubers) of the shoots that need to be pruned.

Note: Should carry out pruning in sunny weather, Do not let the water move around to cause the young shoots to rot and spread to the mother plant.

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Harvest and preserve

It takes about 6-10 months to plant Siamese bananas, from the time of leaving the room to harvesting about 60-90 days, depending on the weather. When lowering the banana chamber to avoid scratching the fruit, then separate the bags and dip them in 0.2% Tecto solution, drain, then put in cartons and transport to the place of consumption.

Techniques of growing Siamese bananas very simple, right? Hopefully with this article, you have been able to understand how to grow Siamese bananas and apply them effectively to your banana garden. Good luck!



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