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Techniques for growing papaya in pots are fruitful and less diseased

Papaya is a fruit that is loved by many people because of its natural sweetness. Papaya trees are not picky about climate or soil, so many families put them in pots to plant in their yards. Although the growth ability of papaya is good, it is not possible to achieve the desired yield every time you plant it. Especially with a small space, limited nutrition like in a pot, it is even more difficult. Therefore, papaya planting techniques This is a very important factor for the plant to have less disease and more fruit.

Papaya is an easy-to-grow plant that can be found anywhere. However, in order to grow papaya trees in pots, both as ornamental plants and as fruit trees, it is necessary to firmly grasp the following planting techniques:

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Features of the papaya tree

  1. Papaya stem

Papaya is a semi-woody plant with a scarred body. It can be leaf scars, flower scars or bowel scars. The older the papaya body, the larger the diameter. However, in terms of the cost of scars, the intestines will grow larger, so the tree is also more brittle and easier to break.

The papaya tree has a straight stem with many scars
The papaya tree has a straight stem with many scars
  1. Papaya Root

Papaya rhizome is an eagle root that grows mainly horizontally, so it needs a large area to grow, so it is easy to peel off the roots and become waterlogged. This is an important point to keep in mind when growing papaya trees.

  1. Papaya flower

Papaya flowers are usually white and grow in the armpit. Tree papaya There are three main types of flowers: male flowers, female flowers and bisexual flowers. This ratio will vary depending on the variety, weather, care, … Papaya trees with a high rate of hermaphroditic flowers will produce more fruit, larger and sweeter.

Papaya trees flower many times in large numbers
Papaya trees flower many times in large numbers

4. Papaya fruit

The papaya fruit grows separately on the main stem. Papaya has many like red flesh, yellow intestine or green skin papaya, round fruit papaya, …. In addition to green-skinned papaya, the remaining papayas are green and hard when young and gradually turn yellow, red and soft when ripe.

The technique of growing papaya is productive and less pestilent

  1. When is the best time to plant papaya?

Planting papaya at the right time will help the tree have the best conditions for growth, less disease and less care. Depending on the climate and soil, each region will have a different time to grow papaya.

It is advisable to plant papaya at the end of the rainy season or spring
It is advisable to plant papaya at the end of the rainy season or spring

Usually, it is advisable to plant papaya at the end of the rainy season or spring because at this time the amount of rain is less and gradually transition to the dry season. As a result, you can more easily adjust the amount of water for irrigation. Especially for plants that are prone to waterlogging like papaya, this is extremely important.

  1. Requirements on land to grow papaya

As mentioned, the papaya tree is not picky about the soil at all. However, if the soil has suitable characteristics and is full of nutrients, the tree will grow well, produce more and better fruit. Accordingly, the soil for planting should be mixed soil including 3 soils and 1 coal slag. The soil should be thoroughly composted for about 2 weeks before planting.

The papaya pot should be wide enough because the roots grow horizontally. It is best to choose pots with legs and drainage holes to avoid waterlogging, especially in the rainy season. The soil in the pot should not be too full, preferably a few centimeters from the mouth. Should fertilize a little more organic fertilizer on the bottom of the pot and then put the soil up.

Note: The soil must be new, not planted with any plants.

  1. Techniques for growing papaya in pots

Papayas grown in pots must choose seedlings that are nursed in pots. Choose healthy, large and disease-free plants that have produced at least 4 pairs of leaves. The minimum height of seedlings is 10cm.

Growing papaya in a pot needs good moisture
Growing papaya in a pot needs good moisture

Seedlings when brought back need to be rooted for a while in the home garden. Choose a cool, dry location to avoid waterlogging. The care of seedlings during this period is also very important. Need to water the plants every day and spray in combination with some disease control drugs such as mealybugs, mosaics, red spiders, …. The cuttings in the garden are about half a month old and can be brought out and planted in pots.

Growing seedlings in pots is not too difficult, it is important to keep them well moist but not soggy during this period. Accordingly, you just need to regularly water and moisturize the plant.

  1. How to take care of papaya tree?

In the process of growing, the tree is enough to be attacked by insects and pests such as mealybugs, red spiders, jumping beetles. To prevent these pests, you can spray Decis 2.5 ND (0.1%) or Trebon (1%), after 1 time the number of insects will be destroyed.

With anthracnose, white spot, you can use drugs Daconil, Topsin or Zineb, Mancozeb to prevent them before they spread.

You should buy medicine to prevent pests from harming plants
You should buy medicine to prevent pests from harming plants

For curl virus, you should choose carefully, giving preference to varieties with disease resistance. In addition, apply NPK with a sufficient amount to stimulate the plant to grow and produce fruit evenly.

A note for farmers is not to plant 2 consecutive papaya crops on the same field. You can rotate some other short-term crops such as cucumbers, peanuts, etc.

  1. Harvest papaya

Fast growing papaya fruit. On average, after 7 months you can harvest green fruits as vegetables. After 9 months, ripe fruit can be harvested. Note to ripe papaya for a few days to ensure the best fruit quality. If harvested too early, the fruit will be pale and not delicious.

Above are some techniques for growing papaya and taking care of the plant from sprout to harvest. Papaya is an easy plant to grow but can be susceptible to insect diseases. You should refer to the above drugs to prevent it.

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