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Techniques for Growing Dates For Inexperienced People

Date is a kind of fruit tree that is loved by many people and has high nutritional content that is beneficial to human health. However, in order to produce high-quality and high-yield fruit, it is necessary to go through a process with date planting techniques quite complicated. Let’s find out with AgriSearch.net in the article below!

  1. Type of soil

The date palm tree can grow in many different soil conditions, even if it is poor in nutrients. In particular, this plant has good tolerance to drought and salinity, so it can survive on high salinity mangroves.
Date palm trees can grow well on many different types of soil
Date palm trees can grow well on many different types of soil
  1. Planting method

Currently, people often use two main methods to grow date palm, that is the method of growing by seeds or tissue culture. However, the method of growing by seeds is more widely used because the other method is quite complicated to implement.

  1. The technique of growing date palm trees by seed

Soak all the seeds in a pot of water, discarding any that float to the top as they will not be able to germinate. Soak continuously for a week and change the water once a day before starting the next step.

Remove the seeds after soaking, then incubate them in a towel that has been moistened with warm water about 30-40 degrees Celsius. Wrap gently and then put the seed towel in a plastic bag and tie it tightly. . Incubate for 2-3 weeks, note regularly changing towels after a few days.

The seeds after the end of the incubation period will begin to germinate. At this point you can place the seeds in the prepared potting soil. Water regularly to keep the soil moist and for the seeds.

Farmers can choose the method of growing date palm trees from young trees
Farmers can choose the method of growing date palm trees from young trees
  1. The technique of planting date palm trees with saplings

For young trees, the appropriate distance between planting holes should be 4-6m or more so as not to hinder the growth of each tree. Let’s proceed to dig holes with dimensions of 30x30x30 to put young trees in.

Before placing the young tree in the hole, you need to fertilize the soil with microorganism so that when planting will help the date tree take root quickly and grow well. After planting the tree in the hole, it must be watered regularly to make the tree grow faster.

  1. How to take care of the date palm tree

  • Light conditions

Date palm trees need light to grow, they are able to withstand strong light intensity, so you should plant them in places with as much light as possible. This will help the tree produce fruit faster and more.

Date palm trees can survive quite well in dry conditions for many days, but they still need to be watered if you want to produce a lot of fruit. For tall trees, watering is most often done in the dry season, while smaller plants can be watered periodically.

Apply a monthly top of microorganism or NPK fertilizer from a young age and in the best growth stage. In addition, it is recommended to fertilize the tree when the tree is in the flowering and fruiting phase to increase growth yield.

Regularly clean up around your date palm planting area. Remove all weeds or other plants that are growing next to your plants to ensure that the nutrients the plant can grow well. In addition, you also need to cut off the old leaves to stimulate new growth of new leaves.

In order for the date palm tree to grow well, farmers need to pay attention to the care procedures
In order for the date palm tree to grow well, farmers need to pay attention to the care procedures

How long does it take to plant a date palm tree?

In general, the date palm tree is quite easy to grow and grow, and rarely encounters pests and diseases. If cared for in the best conditions, after about 2 years from the start of planting the young tree, the tree will be able to bear fruit, from which the tree will regularly produce fruit every year. about 1-2 months until the end of the season. For planting with seeds, it takes 4-6 years from the time of planting to produce fruit.

The content of this article is the information we want to share with you about the technique of growing date palm trees. If you want to learn more about the experience of growing fruit trees, don’t forget to follow AgriSearch.net

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