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Techniques for growing cycads and how to care for them have high medicinal properties

Celery is a good herb that can treat many diseases such as cancer. Because the demand for musk berries is increasing, people have started planting

In recent years, the plant has been known to many people for its preventive and supportive effects in cancer treatment. The demand for thyme is increasing day by day, and the demand for self-growing and caring for black thyme for the purpose of disease treatment is also increasing. The following article guides Planting techniques of black muskrat and how to take care of the black musk tree for the highest medicinal properties for your reference.

Land for planting

Soil for growing musk elm is red soil, sandy loam soil, loose soil, medium moisture. Soil with limestone is best, soil in the rock hollows. High soil moisture, cool soil. Black musk tree lives on high mountains, so it should avoid waterlogging, easy to drain during the long rainy season, with a slope of about 15 degrees. If the soil and soil are not suitable, the plant will not grow.

When planting in hilly areas, people should dig a hole 20cm deep x 20cm wide for one tree. Dig a hole about 15 to 20 days in advance for the soil. Then proceed to backfill and fertilize. Usually each root is 1 shovel of manure and then mixed well.

If possible, you can use bio-fertilizers. Each hole is about 200g.

The amount of fertilizer for each hectare is from 10 to 15 tons of manure. 400 – 500 kg of NPK fertilizer.

If not in time, we can fertilize the next batch. As for fertilizer, let the plant have good growth potential right from the beginning

Apply the entire amount of fertilizer, the fertilizer should be mixed with the soil, avoiding the fertilizer close to the roots.

After the soil pit has been filled with compost, 15 days later, people choose a cool time or after the rain to plant trees.


Standards of seedlings

The average seedling is 20-30 cm tall.

– The first stage roots that have appeared in the first stage will now turn brown. From the first level root will give rise to the second level root, which is whiter in color. When the 2nd level roots start to turn brown, they are ready to take root at level 3, then the seedling is ready to be planted, the plant is sturdy and completely viable.

Black Musk seedling
Black Musk seedling

Planting time

The tree is only suitable for the climate and soil quality of the high mountains and cold climates, especially in the mountainous area of ​​Hoa Binh. The tree can be grown all year round, but it is best in spring and autumn. In the spring crop, trees need to be planted from January to April every year, autumn from September to October every year.


The planting rate is 20,000 – 26,000 trees/ha. Horizontal and vertical rows are spaced 1m . apart

How to grow black musk tree

Dig in the center of the hole a hole about 15 cm deep. Use the tree to tear the potting and then proceed to place the black sage into the soil. Lightly pour in the soil, filling the pot and covering the slightly raised to keep the plant moist.

When planting, people should cover with straw or water hyacinth on the surface of the pit to retain moisture and create humus for loose soil. Even with trees intercropped with orchards or forestry trees.

How to take care of thyme plant

After planting, it is necessary to take care of the plant by watering to keep it moist. If it rains continuously, the plant needs to be drained immediately.

In the first year, it is necessary to fertilize with urea.
In the first year, it is necessary to fertilize with urea.

The plant is almost free from pests and diseases, so it does not have to use plant preservatives. From the 2nd year onwards, it is necessary to prune branches and leaves to reduce pests and also make the tree more airy.

This is a pest-free plant, so there is no need to use pesticides. Plants grown for 2 years need to be pruned to help the tree breathe and grow easily. To ensure that the tree is always full of nutrients, it is recommended to apply urea fertilizer to the stump in the fall, continue to use straw to cover the root to keep it moist.

Harvest the tree when the tree has been planted for 2 to 3 years, select the old branches and leaves, prune it so that the young branches continue to grow.

In particular, the plant in the mountainous area of ​​Hoa Binh is the most effective, while the black cypress in other areas or brought back for replanting may not have enough medicinal properties needed to treat the disease. According to expert doctors, medicinal herbs must be clean and have high medicinal properties for a male remedy to be truly effective. The best growing conditions for thyme are 30% shade, plus the climate in the mountains and forests of Hoa Binh, although the tree will grow slowly, but it will give the highest medicinal properties.

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