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Techniques for growing avocados off-season, giving fruit all year round

In this crop year, 1.2ha of four-quarter avocado and waxy avocados of Mr. Le Van Tiep’s family, Suoi Thong B village, Da Ron commune, Don Duong district (Lam Dong) is expected to harvest 50 tons of fruit. average price of 35,000 VND/kg.

Like hundreds of other families in the locality, for many years Mr. Le Van Tiep and his wife have grown vegetables to sell to traders to make a living. With 1.2ha of arable land, Tiep’s family still has a regular income every year, enough to cover their living expenses, household expenses and raise their children to school, but they don’t have enough money.

The avocado garden of Tiep's family produces fruit all year round
The avocado garden of Tiep’s family produces fruit all year round

During the time of making vegetables, Tiep and his wife also struggled many times because of the drop in vegetable prices. There have been many times when vegetables had to be pulled out because there were no buyers.

Seeing that many families in Da Lat have little land but know how to do business, choose crops that are suitable for market needs, sell at high prices, so they are still rich, Tiep returned to the table with his wife to give up growing vegetables and switch to other crops. Other colors for higher economic value. Bored with the sight of the devaluation, Tiep’s wife immediately agreed. Four-quarter avocado and waxy avocado are the varieties chosen by the family to grow.

Mr. Tiep said that these two avocado varieties were propagated by him from two very large avocado trees in Duc Trong district by bud grafting. Mr. Tiep used the seeds of the wild avocado trees to grow to about 50cm high, then cut them across and grafted the tops of waxy and precious avocados to grow well thanks to the very strong roots of wild avocado.

In the entire 1.2ha of this land, Mr. Tiep planted 300 avocado trees, of which 80% of the area is avocado, a type of avocado that produces fruit all year round. While waiting for avocados to be harvested, Tiep and his wife still grow vegetables in the open spaces between the avocado beds to ensure a stable life.

Avocado trees are very suitable for Da Ron land, Don Duong district, maybe that’s why only two years later, under the careful care, right techniques and not afraid to invest money to buy fertilizers for avocados, Many four-quarter avocado trees have begun to bear fortune-telling fruits.

Off-season avocado brings high economic efficiency to farmers
Off-season avocado brings high economic efficiency to farmers

According to Mr. Le Van Tiep, when 1.2ha of this avocado simultaneously produces uniform and stable fruit, his family will collect hundreds of tons of fruit every year. Compared to growing vegetables like before, avocado cultivation gives dozens of times higher income, stable output and easier and more convenient care than growing vegetables.

In 2015, Mr. Tiep’s family harvested 3 tons of four-quarter avocado, selling at an average price of 35,000 VND/kg, while other common avocados only sold for 8,000 – 10,000 VND/kg. In particular, there was a time when the price of avocado was up to 80,000 VND/kg.

Due to good care, this first avocado crop has the heaviest fruit trees up to 1.8kg. Four-quarter avocados produce fruit continuously, so in 2015, although it was only for fortune telling, almost all year round, Tiep’s family always had off-season avocados to supply the market.

This year, about 70% of the avocado area of ​​the Czech family has yielded fruit. Estimated production will reach 50 tons of fruit in 4 harvest times in the year. Selling at an average price of 35,000 VND/kg, he and his wife earned no less than 1 billion VND in profit after deducting all investment costs.

In order for the family’s avocado garden to be well cared for, productive and of high quality, Tiep also hires two people to take care of this avocado garden, cover accommodation, and pay a salary of 3 million VND/month.

According to Tiep, avocado is a high-income crop, but if you want the best yield and quality, you must take care of the right techniques and don’t be afraid to spend money to invest in fertilizers, reasonable irrigation, and take good care of it. prevent pests. Avocado trees give the best fruit usually from the 5th year onwards and last up to two, thirty years, even longer if well cared for.

As early as 2015, when his family’s avocado garden gave fortune-telling results and began to be marketed, a number of businesses purchasing agricultural products in Lam Dong transported to Ho Chi Minh City and other central provinces for consumption. raised the issue of a long-term product contract for his family, with high and stable prices, ensuring profits for both parties.

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