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Techniques for building cages and selecting high-yielding meat rabbit breeds

Raising meat rabbits
Raising meat rabbits

Want raise meat rabbits but farmers need to ensure the principles of fast weight gain, low feed consumption and cost reduction, but high yield. The secrets to achieving this expected success will be revealed in the article on breeding rabbit meat below.

Rabbit meat farm

There is an old folk saying “as shy as a rabbit”, so when raising meat rabbits, the design of the barn is something that people need to pay attention to.

Raising meat rabbits
Meat rabbit cage

The location where people build a barn for meat rabbits needs to be convenient for management and care, but it must not be done near residential areas and not near water sources that can cause pollution for meat rabbits to live. The barn is made in a cool, dry place, not flooded with water, surrounded by many tall shady trees.

In the wild, rabbits often dig burrows to live, but raising meat rabbits like now, people make rabbit cages, in the cages, they have to arrange cages in a rectangular style, to save space, arrange 2 -3 floor.

Rabbit cages need to be wide, not high. The area of ​​the rabbit farm depends on the number of breeds, usually 1 cage: 1.5m long and 0.7m wide, 0.5m high enough to hold 10 rabbits.

The items that need to be arranged in the meat rabbit cage such as: fine feed trough / pellet box, manger, water trough.

How to choose a rabbit breed?

Raising meat rabbits
Choose a breed of rabbit

The model of raising rabbits for meat wants to achieve the highest efficiency, people should choose a breed with good stature and average weight at school reaching 4.5 – 5kg/head, people should choose a child with a good frame rate. Small bones, lots of meat.
People need to pay attention when buying rabbit breeds, they should buy at a reputable address. Rabbit breeding farms have many types to facilitate the selection process of farmers.

It is necessary to pay attention to ask the seller whether the rabbits have been vaccinated or not, what types of injections, and at what time to have the best care plan when buying and raising.
The health of the rabbit will show outwardly, whether it is healthy or weak, whether it is sick or not. When choosing to buy seeds, please observe carefully. Choose rabbits that have the following common characteristics:

Looks healthy, agile, active

  • The earlobes are raised high, thick and hard. Observe carefully the rabbit’s earlobes are clean, there are no signs of scabies or scratches.
  • The pet’s inner eye is bright, looking very alert, and the mucosa of the rabbit’s eye does not show any signs of swelling.
  • The fur is smooth and shiny.
  • The back of the rabbit is straight, the skin is soft, there is no scabies or signs of scabies.
  • The belly is soft and the belly hairs are spongy.
  • Legs are sturdy, move quickly, legs don’t limp
  • The forefoot and between the toes were not scabbed or chipped.
  • The rabbit’s tail is clean, dry, and shows no signs of diarrhea.
  • Choose bunnies that are voracious and sleep a lot.
  • Rabbit droppings give large, round and dry pellets

In addition to the above characteristics, when choosing male and female rabbits for breeding, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Choose a male rabbit that has completely uniform large discharge, the scrotum is pink.
  • Female rabbits must have enough from 8 to 10 suckers. The rabbit’s udder is enlarged and well-proportioned.
  • Should choose children of the same age, age from 4 to 5 months old to raise.

The scale of raising rabbits for meat is always favorable in the future if this step is favorable.

Raising meat rabbits
Good Rabbit Breeds

Obviously, the construction and selection of meat rabbits is very simple, breeding rabbits have a very favorable output market, high economic value and are worth developing and replicating. With the above article, I wish you success with the technique of raising rabbits for meat!

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