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Techniques for building a cement tank for raising catfish for high economic efficiency

Catfish farming
Raising catfish in a cement tank

Construction techniques of cement tanks for catfish farming which is no stranger to farmers. For those who are raising catfish, I see that many people have applied the common method of raising in cement tanks. However, because the tank has not been properly built and treated, or because there is not much experience, there are people who fail, there are people who succeed.

Therefore, through this article, Agri will guide you on how to build effective cement tanks for catfish farming.

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Benefits of applying the catfish farming model in cement tanks

Catfish farming
Advantages when applying the construction technique of cement tanks for catfish farming

Currently, raising catfish in cement tanks is one of the new catfish farming models that is extremely suitable for households who do not have enough area for farming or land is not suitable for digging fish ponds. In addition, the construction of a cement tank for catfish farming also saves time on care and management for farmers.

However, this model has only appeared in recent years, so the experience is not much, the technique of building cement tanks for catfish farming is still rudimentary and unprofessional. At the same time, farmers mainly raise spontaneously and the care plan is not effective, so the failure rate is high. Therefore, it is extremely important to master the technique of building a cement tank for catfish farming.

The best location to apply the construction technique of cement tanks for catfish farming

People should try to build an aquarium near their house or behind the garden to facilitate care and management of the fish. However, the farming location must ensure a certain level of quiet, with few people passing by so that the fish can develop best without being affected by noise or unexpected agents from humans.

The most important thing is that the place to build the fish tank must be close to the water source so that people can take the initiative in the water for catfish farming and the drainage system when discharging the tank appropriately.

Technical implementation of the construction of a cement tank for catfish farming

Catfish farming
Raising catfish in a cement tank

According to the experience of raising catfish in a cement tank for many years, I recommend that people apply the technique of building a cement tank to raise fish on a rectangular, submerged tank.

Depending on the area of ​​the garden and the purpose of use, people estimate the size of the tank. If raised to serve the family’s dietary needs, it only needs 4-9m2 is enough. Particularly for farming for economic production, the most suitable area is from about 12 to 15m .2 and the depth is about 1 – 1.5m.

Cement tank for catfish farming
Cement tank for catfish farming

You should divide your tank into many small tanks. Between the tanks, there is a separate path about half a meter wide so that it can be easily accessed for management and care. Surrounding the tank is a wire mesh, a strong protective barrier. The part to avoid letting the fish jump out. The part that avoids external agents from harming fish. If you have children in your home, it is even more important because this fence also protects children’s lives!

The tank should have a roof to cover the sun and rain. At the same time, the floor and walls must be smooth, avoiding sharp cement chips protruding to hurt the fish during swimming. Besides, people when building the foundation should pay attention to the slope. Usually a slope of 5 – 10% is most suitable. Thanks to this slope, when changing the water, the water will run straight to the sewer pipe, easy to wash the tank…

Technical treatment of cement tanks for catfish farming before use

You should apply the technique of building a cement tank for catfish 1 month before bringing it into use.

Newly built cement tank Old cement tank
Use alum mixed with clean water and soak the catfish tank for 1 week to reduce the smell of cement. Then proceed to wash the tank and then soak again with clean water. After about 1 more week, you drain the water and clean the tank.You should rinse the tank thoroughly. Soak the tank in clean water for about a week and then wash it again.

The final step is to pump clean water into the tank and apply lime, check the pH of the catfish culture water. The pH should be 5.5- 8.0. And the salinity of the water is always below 5/1000. The most suitable is slightly alkaline water and brackish water.

However, keep in mind that, before adding water to the fish tank, you should spread a layer of sand about 1 inch thick on the floor of the tank.

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