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Technique of growing Siamese dwarf coconut for high yield

Surely you have once come across a small donkey tree with lots of fruit. This is a dwarf coconut variety that is grown in many places in the Western region. If once enjoying dwarf coconut, you will be mesmerized by sweet, refreshing coconut water. Today, Agri would like to introduce to you the Siamese Dwarf coconut and Technique of planting Siamese coconut for the highest yield.

  1. Learn about Siamese Dwarf coconut

Like other coconuts, Siamese Dwarf has green fruit. However, this coconut is pale in color and smaller in size compared to other coconut varieties.

If you have ever grown green Siamese coconuts, you will find that they bear less fruit than Siam Dwarf. Specifically, the Dwarf Siamese coconut has 15-30 fruits per chamber, while the green Siamese coconut gives about 12 coconuts per chamber.

Siamese Dwarf coconut tree for harvest after only 2 years
Siamese Dwarf coconut tree for harvest after only 2 years

On average, each dwarf Siamese coconut weighs about 1.3kg, compact fruit and fresh water.

Dwarf Siamese coconuts are identified as two molars. They have thin shells, so the amount of water inside is quite large. Average about 220 – 280ml / coconut.

Siamese Dwarf coconut is an early-harvested crop with a lot of fruit, bringing long-term economic benefits to people. If you plant Siamese Dwarf, only about 2 years can be harvested. The lifespan of the tree is also quite high, lasting up to 30 years.

Average per year Coconut Dwarfs will produce about 300 fruits/tree. Because of the thin skin, the farmer does not need to peel the skin before selling. However, you need to close the box carefully so that the fruit is not broken or crushed when transporting.

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  1. Selling price of Siamese Dwarf coconut (seed and fruit)

The price of Siamese coconut or other coconuts depends largely on the weather. If the weather is hot and sunny, with less rain, customers will consume more coconuts. The market of Siamese Dwarf coconut is wide across the country and is vibrant because of the quality of coconut water.

The selling price of fruits per dozen (12 fruits) is at VND 120,000 – VND 130,000. Especially, Siam Dwarf coconut gardens with export contracts will sell for up to 140,000 VND/12 fruit.

Siamese Dwarf coconut has sweet fruit with the price from 10,000 VND/fruit
Siamese Dwarf coconut has sweet fruit with the price from 10,000 VND/fruit

As for Siamese Dwarf coconut seedlings, you can buy them for from 45,000 VND to 55,000 VND/tree. People can choose seedlings at fruit nurseries, which are available in all localities. Dwarf Siamese coconuts are propagated by people from parent trees and selected for breeding.

  1. High yielding dwarf Siamese coconut cultivation technique

Stage 1: Choose seedlings

Seed selection is very important. To have a high yielding Siamese Dwarf coconut garden, you must select purebred trees. When coming to the garden, people should choose healthy varieties with smooth green leaves. Also remove diseased, deformed or small plants. It is recommended to choose plants with a height of 20 cm or more with large stems and many leaves.

People should choose a healthy Siamese Dwarf coconut variety, with many leaves and a large body
People should choose a healthy Siamese Dwarf coconut variety, with many leaves and a large body

Note: People should look to seedling centers or reputable, perennial Siamese Dwarf coconut nurseries. This helps you a lot to avoid being ripped off and buy quality seedlings.

Stage 2: Planting and caring for trees

People should plant the Siamese Dwarf coconut separately and avoid planting it with other coconut varieties. When starting to plant, farmers dig a hole 40cm deep and 40cm wide. Next, spread about 0.5 – 1kg of phosphate fertilizer to help the coconut tree create roots. After that, people put the Siamese Dwarf coconut tree in and gently fill it with soil.

If you are more careful, you can plug a fixed stake into the tree and then use straw grass to cover the base to keep the tree moist. This will both reduce soil erosion and prevent weeds from growing.

Water regularly to help plants grow well
Water regularly to help plants grow well

In the dry season, people should provide enough water for coconut trees, and at the same time plowing and weeding about 3 times a year.

At the beginning of the dry season, it is advisable to slurry the plants once or fertilize about 30kg of manure. If you see a lot of pests, you can spray harmful pesticides. Regularly remove old coconut leaves and prune out the coconut chambers that do not bear fruit. With the harvested coconut chambers, you should also cut off the remaining stalks.

Above are some experiences on techniques of growing Siamese Dwarf coconut. Hope the above knowledge will help you in the process of planting trees. This is a plant that many users love and has a high yield, so please try it. Thank you for your interest in the article.

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