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Technique of growing gotu kola in a foam box with 10 quality points

Planting gotu kola
How to grow gotu kola?

Grow vegetable cheek is probably not too strange for each of us. Gotu kola soup, water ground from vegetables is like a bitter medicine to beat sickness, purify the body, detoxify and bring great health. So, how to grow gotu kola? And how long to harvest, let’s find out through the article below.

Planting gotu kola
Gotu kola has a very good detoxifying effect on the body

Prepare a foam box for growing gotu kola

To grow gotu kola in a Styrofoam container, prepare a medium sized styrofoam container and then punch holes in the bottom of the styrofoam to ensure drainage.

Planting gotu kola
Choose a Styrofoam box to grow gotu kola

The land for growing gotu kola is very diverse. However, advice for everyone if you want to grow gotu kola, you should plant it on sandy loam soil with porosity and alkaline soil, the plant will grow better.

Before planting, remember to clear the weeds in the soil. Lime can be sprinkled on top, moistened and dried to kill pathogens for later planting work to achieve better results.

10 days before sowing centella asiatica seeds, fertilize with organic fertilizers including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium or rice husk ash or rotted manure to increase soil nutrition.

There are 3 types to choose from for planting centella asiatica seeds: Centella asiatica with purple stems, rims with small serrated edges and small spines, or Centella asiatica, which is a small plant with small leaves that are crawling on the ground. You can also choose gotu kola with large green leaves with thick, tall stems.

Sowing seeds to grow centella asiatica

The steps to grow gotu kola are as follows:

Step 1: Sow centella asiatica seeds directly into the soil because centella asiatica seeds have very easy to germinate properties.

Step 2: Make the soil moist by watering. Slit each row straight to sow the seeds in a straight line or you can also sprinkle the seeds evenly into the ground with a not too thick density.

Step 3: Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. That mulch has been mixed with well sieved rice husk ash or manure.

Step 4: Spray water on the ground to keep the plant moist. The first 3 to 5 days of sowing seeds should be covered with straw or plastic tarpaulin to keep moisture and avoid sunlight. Then remove the cover to let the seeds germinate to catch the light.

Taking care of the vegetable garden

Planting gotu kola
Care of centella asiatica

If the weather conditions are favorable, after 1 week the seeds will germinate out of the ground. Watering should be done twice in the morning and evening.

Plant gotu kola for 2 weeks, pay attention to observe the density between plants. Thick density is not suitable for plant growth. It is advisable to ensure the distance between the vegetable bushes is from 10 to 15 cm.

Harvest centella asiatica

Planting gotu kola for a period of 2 months will yield results. When harvesting vegetables, cut off the leaves, leaving only the stem and roots so that the vegetables continue to grow and harvest the next time.

After harvesting the first batch, continue to fertilize on the 10th and 20th days and then wait a shorter time, about 1 month to harvest the next batch.

Planting gotu kola
Harvest centella asiatica

Growing gotu kola is really not difficult if we know how. Gotu kola has long had the effect of beauty, reducing stress, enhancing memory, healing wounds and good for the heart. However, too much of anything is not good either. You should only eat gotu kola in moderate amounts, because overuse can also cause many bad health effects. Wish you grow a quality pennywort garden.

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