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Technical guide to growing green asparagus for the highest yield

You may not know, green asparagus is currently one of the top premium vegetables on the market that is popular with many people. However, this plant is not too difficult to grow and care for, can be harvested after only 6 months, maintaining bamboo shoots for many years. Through the article below, we want to guide you to read Asparagus growing techniques green for the highest yield. Do not miss these useful knowledge and interesting information.

Technical guide to growing green asparagus for the highest yield
Technical guide to growing green asparagus for the highest yield

1. Prepare the soil, grow green asparagus in beds

Green asparagus is a herbaceous shrub that grows and develops best at a temperature of 15-30 degrees Celsius. Green asparagus in our country is grown in two seasons:

  • Sow from August to September of the solar calendar, plant in February – March of the solar calendar
  • Sow from February to March of the solar calendar, plant from April to June of the solar calendar

In order to ensure the best growth and development, the green asparagus garden needs to meet some of the following conditions:

  • Asparagus grows best on sandy soil, light soil or alluvial soil, etc. otherwise you can choose a soil that can improve porosity and rich in nutrients. Do not plant bamboo shoots on acidic soil or soil prone to waterlogging.
  • Soil without slope 5 – 10%
  • Around the asparagus garden, it is recommended to dig a deep drainage ditch system to solve the problem of flooding in the rainy season every year.
Asparagus is suitable for growing in beds
Asparagus is suitable for growing in beds

Besides, planting asparagus Green plants also need to make beds to support plant growth and effectively prevent pests and diseases by following these steps:

  • Weeding, removing microorganisms on the soil
  • Spread lime with a layer of black sand 20 – 30cm thick mixed with previously cleaned soil to form a sandy soil layer, loosening the soil.
  • Fertilize to improve soil nutrition, green manure, manure, organic manure or microbiological fertilizer can be used depending on demand (Refer to organic cow manure), drainage ditches
  • Take a layer of soil to pour on the surface of the bed, continue to fertilize with phosphate or lime to remove alum, and at the same time use sprays of grass, insects, and pests to treat the soil.
  • Apply one more fertilizer similar to the previous application to complete the step of cultivating the soil
  • Carrying out on beds, planting bamboo shoots in a single bed, the bed height is 30-60cm, 50-60cm wide, double beds are 30-60cm high, 120-150cm wide, making a system of ditches surrounding the garden from 150-200m deep. , 150-200cm wide

2. Seedling nursery

After preparing the ground to plant green asparagus, farmers will conduct seedling to have standard seedlings from high quality seeds. The procedure is as follows:

  • Soak the seeds in water in the ratio of 2 hot: 3 cold for 24 hours. Because the asparagus seed shell is very hard, it is necessary to change the water and rub the seeds every 4 hours
  • After 24 hours, pick up the asparagus seeds and incubate them in a damp towel for 2-3 days, they will start to crack and can be sown.
  • Proceed to take asparagus seeds to incubate in the soil with the ratio of 2 soil: 1 organic fertilizer, can replace organic fertilizer into coir or processed rice husk ash
  • Sow seeds 1 – 2.5cm deep into the soil, moisten and fertilize in the nursery for about 3 – 6 months
  • Standard seedlings will have an average height of 25-30cm, green color, strong, no pests
Seedling is an important step in the technique of growing green asparagus
Seedling is an important step in the technique of growing green asparagus

3. Techniques for growing green asparagus plants

After the seedlings have met the standards, people continue to bring these seedlings to plant in the garden that has been cultivated land according to the principle:

  • Planting hole about 45 – 50cm deep
  • Each seedling is spaced 40-50cm apart
  • The distance between rows of green asparagus is 120 – 150cm
  • Cover a layer of soil about 5cm above to protect the base of the asparagus seedlings
  • Water and care regularly, can apply automatic drip irrigation method for asparagus plants

4. Care and harvest green asparagus

There are two important techniques in green asparagus care, namely rejuvenation and fertilization.

The first is the technique of rejuvenating bamboo shoots, growers need to closely monitor the growth of the bamboo shoots, uproot the old mother shoots and nurture the young ones. Each mother bamboo shoot usually has a life cycle lasting from 2 to 3 months.

Next is fertilizing, it is necessary to fertilize the plants according to the specific process of the first 15 days after planting the seedlings, apply NPK fertilizer, continue to repeat after the next 15 days and after each asparagus harvest.

Asparagus is usually harvested after about 6 months
Asparagus is usually harvested after about 6 months

5. Some popular methods of growing green asparagus

Currently, there are two most popular methods of growing green asparagus, the traditional method and the modern greenhouse method. Depending on your needs and economic conditions, you will choose the appropriate method.

Join us to learn the best growing techniques!

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