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Technical guide to growing gac by seeds

Technical guide to growing gac by seeds
Technique of growing gac by seeds
Technique of growing gac by seeds

Gac tree is a multi-use tree. In the past, grandparents used it as a condiment, often used mainly on the occasion of the New Year, the death anniversary with traditional dishes such as sticky rice, some used to process confectionery. But for now, gac has been used in the pharmaceutical industry, extracting Gac oil (vitamins A and E) … However, it is necessary to have good cultivation techniques to bring high efficiency. Let’s learn about . with Gac growing technique by seeds right below.

Seed selection and seed treatment in gac planting techniques

Choose varieties

the inner part of gac seeds
Breeding – the first step in technique of growing gac by seeds.

It is recommended to get Gac seeds from large Gac fruit, with healthy, wrong and disease-free mother trees. When the fruit is completely red, it should be harvested and should be left to ripen for a few more days, then remove the seeds separately from the flesh. Take the Gac seeds that are washed and dried for a few days.

Seed treatment

After drying, we peel off the black outer shell, leaving only the white inside. Next, soak them in warm water for a few hours, so the plants will germinate faster. Then bring the seeds to sow trays. A light, loamy soil mixed with humus will help the seeds germinate better. After sowing, water them immediately to keep them moist and place them under the light of the lamp. It takes about 6 to 7 days for the seeds to germinate.

Choose the land to plant

Alluvial soil is suitable for growing gac
Alluvial soil is suitable for growing gac – the technique of growing gac by seeds

According to the experts’ technique of growing gac, alluvial soil, easy-draining soil is very suitable. Plow the soil before planting from 40cm to 60cm, the plot is about 1m2. Should mix about 20kg to 30kg of manure with fine soil in 1 soil pit.

Techniques for growing gac by household scale: Take advantage of the land by planting Gac fruit next to the fence, on the side of the banyan tree, at the edge of the pond or at the base of the bamboo … or any other trees that can be used as poles for the high climbing gac.
Techniques for growing gac on a large scale: Choose soil with favorable growing conditions + make a trellis for Gac climbing. Gac is a plant that likes cool, flat soil, near rivers and streams for easy irrigation. Plant in rows, each row is about 5m apart, each tree is about 4-6m apart.

Design of climbing rigs in the technique of growing gac by seeds

build climbing rigs for trees according to the technique of growing gac
build climbing rigs for trees according to the technique of growing gac

With a truss, the new Gac tree gives more fruit and especially for horizontal climbing, the fruit will be more. Find a reasonable direction to erect the truss to avoid being knocked over by wind and storm. Should be erected on a straight line in the direction of the chosen wind and planted trees to make stakes such as bamboo, melaleuca, eucalyptus as stakes and support, wire ropes to form plots 30 x 30 cm wide.

According to the technique of growing gac, when the tree is 30-40 cm long, remember to regularly monitor to catch the tops on the trellis and let the tops disperse evenly on the truss. Please check the roots, the ones that have more fruit are kept. At the end of the flowering season, cut back the branches that do not have flowers for the purpose of focusing on fruiting. Regularly weeding, lightly plowing the soil around the base of the tree from 25-30cm to stimulate root development.

Gac tree care


Fertilize each root with 10-15 kg of rotting manure. When the plant is grown for 25-30 days, it is recommended to use NPK 16-16-8 compound fertilizer to fertilize Gac for strong growth.

Watering and draining

According to the technique of growing gac, the tree needs enough moisture because if it is lacking in water during this period, the flowers will fall, the fruit will develop poorly, and the yield will decrease. However, it is also very afraid of waterlogging, so it must be watered enough and well drained at the base of the tree for good. Gac fruit needs the most water from flowering to fruit development. Cover the base with straw or water hyacinth to minimize water evaporation and weed growth. The suitable humidity for growing plants in gac growing technique is 70 & 80% maximum humidity. Make a trench to drain water when it rains a lot.

Spray NAA (Naphthalene Acetic Acid) stimulant

Moderate spraying at a concentration of 25-100 ppm (parts per million) during the period when gac is young with 1-2 leaves will increase the number of female flowers on the tree.

Pest prevention for plants

Ladybugs: beetles about 8mm long, often damage Gac leaves. To prevent and treat this pest, you should use some special drugs such as vibaau 50ND and spray it directly on the tree.

Softhoppers: sucks sap and buries under the lower surface of leaves. You should spray Vicidi M 50ND 20 – 30cc / 8 liter bottle or spray Decis.

Red spider: often appear on the underside of gac leaves, especially in the dry season. They will cause yellowing, twisted leaves, causing the Gac fruit string to be dead. Spray Tedion, Kelthane on leaves to prevent and eliminate red spiders.

fruit flies (fruit flies) - the technique of growing gac by seeds
fruit flies (fruit flies) – the technique of growing gac by seeds

Fruit flies: began to appear when Gac fruit started to bear fruit. They often burrow into the Gac fruit and lay larvae in it, so the skin of the Gac fruit will be rotten. Use drugs and spray the solution of Ofunack 1/300 – 1/500 or Ancol solution plus clean up the rotten Gac fruit to avoid spreading and affecting other fruits.

Leaf spot disease: Causes Gac leaves to appear yellow spots, the underside has gray matter, leaves wither and fall. Use a solution of Rovral, or Benlate C and Vibensu 4% spray these solutions on the surface of the leaves.

Leaf diseases: caused by CMV virus, use medicine to treat coconut beetle.


Gac fruit flowers in early June and begins to bear fruit in July and August of the solar calendar, and lasts from September to February of the following year.

When harvesting, pay attention to the following:

-Collect Gac when the fruit is ripe and red (1/2 fruit).
-Choose sunny days to harvest.
-Use a knife to cut the stalk, length from 8cm to 10cm.
– Should put bamboo or straw lining so that during transportation it is not crushed.

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