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Technical Details of Cultivation of Guppies Healthy – Fast

What to do to have Guppies farming techniques fast growth, beautiful color and not death are important issues of interest to aquarists. They are famous for being colorful and prolific fish, but in order to develop the best fish, there is a need for the necessary techniques to take care of them in the most comprehensive way. This article will guide you in detail.

Prepare a tank for guppies

Depending on the number of guppies you plan to raise, you need to prepare a fish tank of the most suitable size.

You can add and install more pump Air enters the aquarium to increase the amount of oxygen present in the water, which helps the fish not to worry about dying but also helps them grow quickly and reproduce more.

An important note to pay attention to the water contained in the aquarium, they absolutely must not contain chlorine. To be extra careful, you should use tap water that has been left out in the sun for about a day to let the chlorine fly out.

Guppies aquarium should be selected and designed with the most suitable size
Guppies aquarium should be selected and designed with the most suitable size

What should be noted when releasing guppies into the aquarium?

Because guppies are quite sensitive to their surroundings, you should not immediately drop them into the aquarium right after you buy them.

To have a way to raise new-born guppies that do not die suddenly when changing water environment, put them in a temporary tank, every 20-30 minutes you add dechlorinated tap water until almost every 20 to 30 minutes. full. Normally, each guppies need 1-2 liters of water to live normally.

If you find that the fish are not eating and are shy when released into the new tank, be very calm because the first stage makes them strange, just a few days later they will eat normally again.

Note about the water environment to raise guppies

In order to have a way to raise guppies without dying, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to their living environment, specifically as follows:

The most suitable temperature for fish: 20-30 degrees Celsius. Should be maintained at this level, avoiding sudden changes that make them susceptible to heat shock, even leading to death.

The most suitable water temperature in the fish culture environment is 20-30 degrees Celsius
The most suitable water temperature in the fish culture environment is 20-30 degrees Celsius

Farming water should always be clean and safe. Guppies quite like old water, you should change the water once a week about 30-40% of the water in the tank.

To help fish live healthy as well as reduce the oily layer on the skin to make the fish more beautiful, you should put a little salt in the aquarium. Do not add too much salt, it will cause the fish to die immediately.

Note: To ensure the best water quality for fish farming, if you do not have the conditions to use a water filtration system, you can also add seaweed or aquatic plants, lava, etc. to keep the water clean. .

Complementary foods for guppies

Famous for being omnivorous fish, so the food you add to fish is extremely diverse, for example: Artemia larvae, worms, worms or shrimp eggs, shrimp eggs, even industrial bran …

They do not eat much, so when feeding guppies, you should only give them a sufficient dose to avoid excess polluting the water environment.

For the most part, if they are not provided with food within 5-7 days, they will not die but still live normally, but for the best development of fish, beautiful color and not death, you should supplement with adequate amount of food. feed them every day.

Guppies are omnivores, so their food is very diverse
Guppies are omnivores, so their food is very diverse

What should be noted in aquarium lighting?

One of the important factors that determines whether the guppies will have a beautiful color is to pay attention to the light of the aquarium:

If the light is not enough, the color of the fish is easily pale and loses its vitality a lot.

To have a way to raise full red guppies, it is necessary to provide all the necessary light so that they are always outstanding, impressive and have the best color.

The time to turn on the lights in the aquarium is about an hour before feeding and the lights are turned off after the last feeding of the fish.

Common guppies diseases and the most effective treatment

In addition to how to have the best breeding guppies, you need to pay attention to their health status to treat them in the most timely manner. Here are the diseases that this fish often encounters:

Guppies often suffer from skin diseases
Guppies often suffer from skin diseases
  • Guppies often have their tails folded and their tails caught

This is a common condition in small guppies, because in a scientific breeding environment they will not be susceptible to this disease at 1-6 months of age.

Symptoms of the disease you should observe, their tails are bent like a needle, this is a very harmful disease. The most common subjects are old fish, baby fish, full-month fish.

  • Fish with water mold disease

Manifestations of this disease are not strange, they appear white membranes in the mouth, eyes and whole body of guppies, the wounds often have fungal mycelium and are moldy.

For low-nutrient aquatic environments, the incidence of fish disease is very small; But at high temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius, the disease takes place more strongly and faster.

Therefore, it is necessary to properly regulate the temperature as well as control the quality of the water to help prevent water mold disease in guppies.

  • Fungal gill disease in guppies

This is a disease with a lot of fungi on the gills of fish.

This disease is different from gill rot in fish, gill rot disease mainly appears in spring and summer with the mechanism of action is due to the large number of bacteria present in the gills leading to blockage, causing the gills to puncture and severe inflammation.

  • Guppies have white spot disease

One of the most common and easily treatable diseases in guppies is no stranger to white spot disease.

The most effective treatment and prevention measure is to regularly observe the condition of the fish daily for the fastest and most timely treatment.

Hopefully, those who are looking for ways to raise guppies in glass tanks or ways to raise guppies in small pots… will find the answer in this article. The most important rule for the guppies to develop best and have a beautiful color is to pay attention to the water environment and the food provided to them. Do not forget to regularly follow to update many useful knowledge to nurture and take care of your pets.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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