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Taki Melon And Things You Didn’t Know

Cantaloupe is a clean, round, rather large fruit with unique white veins. In addition, its taste is also very special, crispy and sweet taste. This is a fruit that helps to add many nutrients to the body and is often used to cool down. It includes 2 types: yellow cantaloupe and green cantaloupe. Currently looks like Taki cantaloupe It is preferred to be planted in many places due to its high economic value, stable yield and delicious taste. If you want to learn more about this cantaloupe variety, do not rush to skip our article.

Origin of Taki cantaloupe

Taki cantaloupe is known to be one of the best melon varieties in Japan. However, how to look like this melon is not an easy thing. To get delicious Taki cantaloupe melons is a process of care and cultivation at cantaloupe farms in Japan.

Taki cantaloupe is originally from Egypt. After passing the planting seasons, farmers continued to improve the variety, selecting until it became the Taki Melon variety today.

Taki melons are now grown a lot in Japan
Taki melons are now grown a lot in Japan

Salient features of Taki cantaloupe

Why is Taki cantaloupe special? Because the way to care for the final fruit is very difficult, its price in Japan is also quite expensive. Therefore, Taki cantaloupe is a high-class melon to create a gift-giving culture in Japan.

Let’s talk about the history of Taki cantaloupe, through many stages of selection, saving seeds from the best melons and protecting them with the utmost care.

What’s even more special, in each Taki melon tree, only one fruit can be harvested. So this melon is even more precious. Explaining this, the farmers who grow them have to choose the best seeds to grow in the greenhouse. As soon as the plants begin to flower, farmers remove any extra buds and pollinate the most beautiful flowers by hand or with a brush. Once the fruit begins to develop, the most developed and healthy ones can survive and eventually there is only one cantaloupe left on the tree.

Taki cantaloupe is rare because each tree in the season can only harvest 1 fruit
Taki melon is rare because each tree in the season can only harvest 1 fruit

What is the most important thing to pay attention to when growing Taki melons?

During the growth and development, when the vines flower (about 25 days after transplanting), the grower must quickly move to pollinate each flower using a small brush.

After another ten days, when the fruit is the size of an egg, the vines are pruned until only one melon remains, wrapped gently in foil to ensure an even, perfectly colored surface. .

All current care and nurturing measures only focus on melons on the tree. The special networks that form on the surface of the Taki melon are the result of cracks that appear and heal as the fruit ripens and swells.

Taki melon care process needs to ensure strict technical compliance
Taki melon care process needs to ensure strict technical compliance

Taki melons, on the other hand, receive extra special care when they’re ripe. Growers tie a rope around the stalks of cantaloupe so they don’t fall off before they’re ready for harvest and prune each plant to the same height.

Even each individual fruit is specially massaged. Farmers often wear white gloves to hold these Taki melons. This action also helps shape the melon into a perfect sphere and promotes a brighter and fresher skin of the Taki cantaloupe.

In the Taki melon growing space, the greenhouse is clad in glass and carefully designed to make optimal use of solar radiation. With the growth cycle from planting to harvesting taking about 100 days and special care as above, the preciousness of Taki melons is undeniable.

After the melon is ready for harvest, the farmer will cover the melon with a protective layer and carefully pick the melon from the tree. The ripening time of Taki cantaloupe is a few days after being picked. This fruit usually ripens from the bottom up and it will gradually become soft and give off a distinctive aroma. The skin of the melon will turn a light yellow when the melon is fully ripe.

If Taki melon is a precious melon, then each of us also needs to have the best ways to enjoy and put this fruit to use in our daily routine.

How to enjoy the best Taki cantaloupe?

Make fruit ice cream: this is really easy to prepare. Just few slices of it in a mixer. Squeeze the lemon from the top and store in the freezer for an hour. One of the healthiest ice cream is ready to eat for both kids and adults in your family.

Make a salad: mix all kinds of seasonal fruits including Taki cantaloupe and your favorite fruits, eat it fresh to reap the health benefits of these.

Taki melon has a delicious taste that is made into many dishes
Taki melon has a delicious taste that is made into many dishes

Fruit smoothie: you can add a few slices of Taki cantaloupe in your smoothie to your breakfast. Combine with yogurt and other fruits to get more benefits from this fruit.

Drying Taki cantaloupe seeds: this may be something you didn’t know because Taki cantaloupe seeds can treat your phlegm and persistent cough symptoms. Dry the seeds and use it in salads or frozen milk for your health benefits.

Hopefully, the information about the preciousness, how to grow as well as some suggestions for use for the Taki cantaloupe can give you a better choice and understanding of the fruit. Besides, Taki cantaloupe also has other benefits. And if used regularly, you will certainly always be assured of the health of yourself and your family members.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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