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Take advantage of ponds to raise basa fish, the number 1 export fish in Vietnam

Basa fish, with a valuable source of nutrients, is a key fish for export
Basa fish, with a valuable source of nutrients, is a key fish for export

Basa Frish has been famous for a long time, is the main export freshwater fish of Vietnam, bringing great profit. Especially for fastidious markets such as the US, Japan, and Europe, basa fish is also very popular. For people who want to develop this model, it is not impossible. Basa fish farming actually needs to understand these techniques, to develop a fish farming model in ponds.

Basa Frish

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Design of basa fish pond

Select location

A suitable location for raising basa fish is a pond near rivers and large canals to facilitate water collection. However, it should be noted that the river water level must be little changed and have a minimum depth of 1 and a half meters. It is necessary to ensure that the water source is not contaminated with alum, or contaminated by wastes from factories, residential areas and other toxic substances. Build ponds near the food supply for basa fish, to easily “fatten” and quickly harvest.

Technical requirements for ponds

Basa Frish
What technical requirements does a basa pond need to meet?

The suitable pond area is over 500 square meters with a water depth of 2 to 3 meters. The pond bank is built firmly and has sluices to facilitate water drainage.

The water has a temperature of 26 to 30 degrees; Suitable pH from 7 to 8; The dissolved oxygen content is over 2mg/liter.
Before starting to raise basa fish, the pond should be cleaned: dredge the mud, drain the water, clean the grass and catch all kinds of trash fish. Then spread lime on the banks and bottom of the pond to detoxify as well as adjust the appropriate pH. Dry the pond for 2-3 days and then proceed to the final stage of pumping water.

Choosing basa fingerlings raised in ponds

Basa Frish
Requirements on selection of basa fish

Choosing fingerlings is an extremely important step, so you need to pay close attention to the method of choosing seed. Breeds must be healthy, bright colors, without disease or scratches. It is advisable to choose a litter of evenly sized fingerlings to ensure uneven growth. The appropriate stocking density is 15-20 fish/m2.

Before releasing the basa fish into the pond, it is necessary to put the fish in a 2% brine tank for 5-6 minutes to disinfect.

Management and care of basa fish

Basa fish pond management

It is necessary to spend time observing and inspecting the pond to promptly detect and handle unusual phenomena such as bank erosion, leaking or damaged sewers, etc.

Chemical management

Regularly update on drugs and chemicals used in the seafood industry to avoid the use of banned drugs and chemicals. Read the instructions on drug and chemical products to use rationally about dosage, storage place, and expiry date.

Waste management and the environment

This is extremely important and indispensable in the technique of raising basa fish in ponds. It is necessary to change the water daily, so that the fish have a clean living environment and avoid diseases. Do not drop wastes into fish ponds. Wastewater from basa ponds must be treated scientifically before being discharged into the river to avoid polluting the surrounding environment and affecting the health of the community.

Disease management

Attention should be paid to promptly detect the phenomenon of fish floating head that is different from normal. At that time, quickly identifying the cause, understanding the disease and taking timely treatment measures is an urgent task.

Basa Frish

Prevent fish diseases by ensuring the hygiene of the living environment. Disinfect pond water with lime powder mixed with water and spread evenly throughout the pond with a dosage of 1.5 to 2kg/100m3 of pond water. Microbial preparations or formol are also quite effective measures to treat and disinfect pond water.

The journey of raising basa fish to bring about a huge profit is never easy. However, if you know how to grasp the basic techniques, the development of this model will “sail smoothly” and meet the aspirations of the people. Hopefully, the above article of agri will be really useful to you.

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