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Summer vegetables grown at home to cool down and purify the body

What are summer vegetables?
Beautiful vegetable garden at home provides nutritious meals

Summer vegetables below will be the savior for every home from the burning heat. When you go home to drink a glass of vegetable juice or eat self-cultivated fresh vegetables, there’s nothing better than this hot summer, let’s learn with agrisearch.net about summer vegetables that are easy to grow and have a calming effect. heat okay.

What vegetables should I choose to plant in the summer?

Because summer needs to cool down and purify the body, choose vegetables that are cold and contain many vitamins. In addition, you should choose summer vegetables that are easy to grow, easy to care for, do not fertilize sophisticatedly to save time and costs, can be grown at home in a foam box or garden to ensure safety and health.

Summer vegetables that are both easy to grow and provide nutritious meals

Lettuce fish

Lettuce is a very good summer vegetable
Lettuce fish

Lettuce is a summer vegetable that is easy to grow, easy to care for, but has many great uses for beauty and health. Lettuce grows in moist soil conditions, grows quickly.

With a slightly fishy and sour taste. Lettuce can be filtered for drinking water to purify the body, or crushed and dried to make a mask powder, or eaten raw for beautiful skin and health.

Because lettuce contains a lot of water, using a lot of it will moisturize the skin, in addition, it will also treat acne and support menstrual disorders, hemorrhoids … Note before use, it should be washed and soaked in salt water to remove bacteria. bacteria avoid helminth infections because lettuce grows in a humid environment.

Vegetable spinach

Nutritious spinach suitable for summer planting
Vegetable spinach

Spinach is very familiar to many families, often appearing in nutritious meals. This is one of the summer vegetables because they are heat tolerant, it only takes 1 week to germinate.

Spinach can be processed into a soup of chopped spinach with field crabs, which is delicious, bold and good for health.

In spinach, there is pectin mucus, which is very valuable for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Has a good cooling effect, vegetables have welding properties, cool blood, diuretic, laxative, treatment of bloating … and many other uses. Especially, it is very effective to treat heat rash and boils, so it is one of the summer vegetables worth growing.


Fresh and delicious summer vegetables are lettuce

This is a vegetable that is so familiar to many Vietnamese families, the advantage is that it is easy to grow, requires little care, does not cost much, but brings many unexpected uses. With only a small garden space, it is possible to grow fresh green salads, serving nutritious meals for the family.

Lettuce contains a lot of fiber, mineral salts, supports the treatment of constipation, headaches, cools down, prevents cancer, reduces stress very well. Can be eaten raw or processed, so it is one of the favorite summer vegetables for many families.

But it should be noted that raw lettuce should not be eaten for the following subjects: using blood-clotting drugs, pregnant women, people with stomach pain …

When planting should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, regularly watered and can be harvested in 40 days.


Amaranth is usually eaten in summer

Amaranth is one of the summer vegetables known for its cooling effects on the liver, cooling, and many other health benefits. Amaranth has the advantage of being easy to grow, does not need fertilizer or fussy care, but has many good uses.

Common types of amaranth: red amaranth, rice amaranth, spiny amaranth. Amaranth rice is a type of vegetable that appears a lot in family meals in Vietnam. Amaranth has a sweet taste, contains iron, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, and is also rich in starch and protein. That is why amaranth has so many health benefits.

Amaranth can be prepared in the following ways:

– Boiled food: Should be eaten with fish sauce

– Cooking soup: Often add meat or shrimp to make the soup more flavorful and delicious
It can also be cooked in a stir-fry with other foods. Amaranth has cool properties, so it is the most popular summer dish in every Vietnamese family.

Vegetables shrinkage

Spinach cooked with crab is delicious in the summer
Vegetables shrinkage

Spinach is easy to grow, does not require sophisticated care, bears fruit, is one of the most popular summer vegetables in Vietnam. Kale is rich in protein, vitamins, and calcium, good for health, but also very delicious.

Spinach is often processed as a soup, has many amazing uses such as: treating thrush in children, detoxifying alcohol, bleeding bran… so this is one of the most worthwhile summer vegetables to grow at home. you should know.

How to take care of vegetables at home

Summer vegetables do not require much care, but also need to pay attention to the following.

It is necessary to check and have a reasonable watering regime for each vegetable, not to water too little but also not to water too much. Using water to wash rice, coffee grounds… to water vegetables is also very good.

Should prune vegetables, damaged or wilted plants to create an open space for other plants to grow.

Provide more nutrients for vegetables to grow evenly, green, quickly harvested… Depending on the type of plant, planted in different spaces: with direct sunlight or shade.

Above are summer vegetables and how to care for summer vegetables. Growing vegetables is simple, but you still have to learn how to water as well as take care, light, and nutrition for the best plant growth, bringing extremely quality meals.

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