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Stretching to fight the heat for Shrimp in Nghe An

heat resistant for shrimp

Stretching to fight the heat for Shrimp in Nghe An

Due to climate change, erratic weather conditions, along with intense heat, make the growth rate of shrimp unstable. Currently, shrimp farmers in Nghe An are actively using all measures to combat heat for shrimp to help shrimp grow well.

Create favorable conditions for shrimp to grow well

Shrimp farming in a greenhouse with a net always helps to keep the water source in the pond stable at 30-31 degrees Celsius, enough for shrimp to grow. In addition, it is necessary to use quality feed and drugs, chemicals, and biological products on the list permitted for circulation in aquaculture to treat the environment, prevent and treat diseases, and manage disease. shrimp health.

Measures against heat for farmed shrimp

Shrimp farming households in Quynh Thanh commune (Quynh Luu) are actively checking the health of shrimp to take timely measures to combat the heat in the face of the recent hot weather.

Mr. Le Van Tinh in hamlet 12, Quynh Thanh commune, which has nearly 1 hectare of shrimp farming area, said: “In shrimp farming in the hot season, we have to fight the heat and supply enough water in the pond for the shrimp to grow and maintain. The water level in the pond is ≥ 1.4m. On hot sunny days, it is also necessary to continuously fan the water to help disturb the water and avoid stratification in the pond.

In addition, Mr. Tinh also disinfects the pond with effervescent tablets to increase the resistance of shrimp. Thanks to the application of technology to the farming process, now shrimps raised in his family’s pond are growing well. Shrimp farming for 40 days reached a weight of 90 shrimp/kg; It is expected that in about a month, his family will harvest.

In the shrimp farming area of ​​Hoang Mai town, thanks to the victory in the last crop 1, entering the 2nd crop, people have the motivation to continue investing and stocking shrimp. In ponds and lagoons, people are “stretching” in the sun to check, care for and monitor shrimp growth.

Mr. Vu Van Duc, owner of shrimp farming in Quynh Xuan ward (Hoang Mai town) said: The family has 13 hectares of shrimp pond area, of which about half of the farming area is in Quynh Luong commune (Quynh Luu). . Entering the second crop, his family was determined to cover the area, although the second crop is often more difficult to raise than the first crop due to the hot weather.

To protect shrimp in the hot sun, he invested in a pond of nearly 200 million VND to build a net house to prevent heat from shrimp. Currently, his family has 6 ponds in net houses and 8 ponds with nets to shade the sun, so that, in hot and sunny environmental conditions, shrimp in ponds over 45 days old are growing well. harvest date.

Quynh Luu and Hoang Mai town have nearly 1,000 hectares of shrimp ponds, entering the second season of shrimp farming, the total area of ​​shrimp stocking is more than 400 hectares, of which are concentrated in Quynh Lien and Quynh Xuan areas (towns). Hoang Mai) and Quynh Thanh and Quynh Bang (Quynh Luu).

Right from the beginning of the shrimp crop, local authorities have propagated people to focus on preventing and protecting shrimp in the hot season to limit the risk and damage of shrimp farming in the hot season. If heat-resistant conditions are not guaranteed, limit the breeding area.

Head of Economic – Infrastructure Department, Hoang Mai town, Mr. Hoang Ngoc Thuy, said: Shrimp farming households in the area are focusing on taking care of shrimp in crop 2. In order to prevent heat well for shrimp to grow, the department recommends the following measures: Households need to supply water to the pond with enough flow to cool and strengthen the shrimp’s resistance by adding minerals, intestinal microorganisms, beta glucan, vitamins…,heat resistant for shrimp

Mr. Vu Van Duc, owner of a shrimp farming household in Quynh Xuan ward, has invested in a membrane house to keep shrimp away from the sun, and at the same time, check shrimp growth every day. Photo: Viet Hung

In addition, shrimp farming households need to invest in a membrane system to reduce direct impacts from high outdoor temperatures, regulate water temperature appropriately, limit the proliferation and development of algae, limit temperature stratification in the aquarium. At the same time, households need to increase aeration in the pond so that the oxygen content is supplied enough in all water layers.


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