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Steps to build an online clean vegetable business model

Currently, the trend of clean agriculture is being strongly developed in Vietnam and many countries around the world. Food grown according to the model of clean vegetables is always the priority of consumers’ choice. Despite the high cost, they are still willing to spend to buy clean and safe products for their families. That is why, now many clean vegetable business models are born, acting as a bridge between producers and consumers. These models bring high economic efficiency. To build an online clean vegetable business model, you can follow these steps:

1. Prepare investment capital

In any business, investment capital plays a very important role. The capital helps people import goods, cover business expenses and maintain store operations. The same goes for building a clean vegetable business model. If you have a source of clean vegetables, you don’t need too much capital. However, if you import vegetables from outside, you have to invest a lot of capital. Depending on the size of the business and the types of fresh vegetables you want to import, calculate the capital accordingly. To calculate the appropriate capital, you need to list and calculate the items you want to do business with, the costs of travel, import goods, labor, website design, working capital, etc. In addition to doing business alone, people can also contribute capital with friends and relatives to increase capital.

2. Sourcing of quality clean vegetables

Building an online clean vegetable business model, people must pay special attention to sourcing quality clean vegetables. This determines the reputation of the store, so people are very careful in importing goods from any establishment. Before deciding to buy, sign a purchase and sale contract, people check the process of growing, caring and preserving their vegetables strictly.

In order to have a stable supply of fresh vegetables and make the online business of fresh vegetables convenient, people should build and develop relationships with vegetable suppliers. Doing so will help the brand reputation, the quality of the clean vegetables supplied to the market to receive more trust from customers.

vegetable business-1

To trade in clean vegetables, people need to find a vegetable garden that provides reputable and quality vegetables (Source: Internet)

3. Find out the market, selling price

In order to build a business model of clean vegetables online more convenient, people need to learn and analyze the market and selling price. From there, it is easier to identify the target audience as well as the scale of product consumption. Thus, you will calculate the amount of goods imported and the amount of capital spent.

The main customers of the clean vegetable market are people with high and stable incomes, housewives, people who care about health. They are aware of the importance of clean vegetables for the health of themselves and their families. Besides, you should also learn about competitors and their business style.

Clean vegetables cost twice as much as vegetables of unknown origin in the market and the price is accepted by its customers, not the majority of people. So you need to analyze to find the right customer segment.

4. Build an online sales channel

Designing a sales website is an extremely important and necessary step, because it makes it easier for customers to find your store. Through the website, consumers can know the necessary information about the product such as vegetable species, address, price, etc. At the same time, through the website system, customers can order quickly and conveniently. convenient. Website is like an e-commerce platform, online market helps people promote products and sell extremely effectively.

After having a website, you can sync with the fanpage to interact directly with customers. Currently, the number of facebook users in Vietnam is quite large, each facebook user is a potential customer. You can apply a few advertising and marketing campaigns to bring clean vegetable products to a large number of people.


Building an online clean vegetable store to save space costs (Source: Internet)

5. Pay attention to the transportation stage

Clean vegetables are an item that is easily rotten and crushed because they themselves do not have preservatives. Therefore, when transporting, people need to be very careful so that vegetables reach consumers still fresh. This shows the care, diligence, and respect for customers, contributing to the reputation of the online clean vegetable store.

Building an online clean vegetable business model helps to save part of the cost of renting space. With this model, if done well, people can earn high profits, bring good income to their families, and develop stable economy.

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– Reference information compiled by agricultural doctors –

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