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Starting a business in the countryside – an expected project

Starting a business in the countryside is a promising project
Starting a business in the countryside is a promising project

Currently, starting a business in the city is increasingly scarce and the job search is increasingly difficult. That makes many young people leave their hometown to start a business instead of choosing to work with a salary just enough to spend and no savings in the city.

So how to starting a business in the countryside by raising livestock appropriately?

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Starting a business with livestock in the countryside

Starting a business in the countryside is no longer a strange thing to us. Part of the reason why rural entrepreneurship is easy is that the weather and space are favorable, so in the countryside there are many enrichment models that can be referenced. Breeding adds profits beyond traditional occupations.

Animal husbandry is quite easy for a rural startup as well as a good industry to start, but you need to learn carefully about livestock and the market needs to meet, here are some livestock industries that have a lot of growth. hope.

Poultry farming

Poultry is a fairly easy species to raise and is popular in rural areas. Normally, people will raise poultry for daily consumption. However, you can completely start this business to get rich in the countryside. In order to earn high profits and generate profits quickly, livestock production has to be invested and scaled up.

In addition, starting a poultry farming business is very suitable for rural areas with the reason that the land is spacious, the cost of land rental is low, and it is also suitable for the market needs.

Chicken breeding

One of the ways to start a successful business is to raise chickens. Because chickens are inherently easy to raise, you can buy chicken breeds at hatcheries. High quality selected chicken breeds and chickens are well raised under specific conditions from hatching. This helps you to choose the chicken breed you like because there are many different breeds here. The idea of ​​starting a business from raising chickens in the countryside is very promising and profitable whether on a small or large scale.

When choosing chicken breeds, you should choose breeds that are easy to raise for them because this will increase the productivity of the chicken flock as well as the ability to resist diseases. Usually, chicks with yellow feathers and bright eyes will have better health. Hybrid chickens should be restricted from choosing what breed is susceptible to disease and death.

Only 15 to 25 chicks should be raised at a time. The whole herd will be smothered if raised in large numbers. Moreover, when one chicken is sick, it is easy to spread the disease to the whole flock.

People building chicken coops should also be careful, so sprinkle a layer of straw first to warm and absorb moisture. If raising chicks, put on a yellow light bulb to warm them at night. This helps the chicken to be warmed and grow faster, not die from cold. We need to warm them with a light bulb for at least the first 8 weeks to keep them at a stable temperature.

The amount of heating time after the 8th week must be reduced, and the temperature must be lowered at the same time. People should use bags to fill around the coop to avoid rain or direct sunlight on the chicks.

Agricultural start-up
take care of chicks

Chicks should be fed specialized bran. A small note that feeding should be mixed with a little water to soften the bran, when the chickens are older than 8 weeks, they do not need to do this anymore.. You should check regularly to avoid the disease spreading to the birds. other. Go to the pharmacy and buy special medicines for chickens when they start showing signs of illness. Then mix them with water and give the chickens to drink after 2-3 days, the disease will be cured.

Breed in batches and raise many cages if you want to expand the scale, at first 50 animals/cage and gradually increase in size. A cost-reducing method can be to incubate seed eggs to maintain the flock.

If the number of chickens increases, the care process is also stricter. We must have livestock measures, especially spraying preventive medicine. Ensure the quality of the flock brings high quality.

Eggs collected within 1 month are estimated to harvest at least 100 eggs/10 chickens. Meat because chicken price is now quite stable from 75 to 85k/ 1kg and this is also a great source of income for startups who want to maintain it for a long time.

Breeding geese and ducks

The way to choose to breed is the same with chickens and the same benefits for those who want to start a business. When the swan grows, the amount of food must also increase to ensure and maintain nutrition.

Starting a business from agriculture
Breeding swans

It is recommended to feed them cold rice or mix rice with bran so their meat will be firmer and tougher or replace them with corn.

Should be kept in cages if the number is large and released in the garden so they have space to grow and reproduce. On average, 1 child will have 5 to 10 eggs, 10 will have 50 to 100 eggs/month, bringing a stable profit. Starting a business from breeding swans is also a suitable profitable choice.

Rise Castle

Cattle Breeding

Today’s beef is a food that the market needs because of its high nutritional content and good for health. People will earn high profits from raising cows. Starting a business from raising cows is considered the most promising for rural areas.

When starting a breeding business, you should choose a healthy cow breed, the better the hybrid, the stronger and more fragrant their meat will be, and the yield will also be better. The process of raising cows is also quite easy. People should make enough heat and sprinkle straw to absorb moisture. Natural grass is the source, so feeding is not too expensive. Livestock production should be scaled up. To grow rapidly, it is advisable to breed cows to give birth to calves. Especially this stage is to expand the cage, one cage for 1 animal and clean the cage regularly.

In parallel with raising beef cattle from quality inputs. Business enterprises have now started to invest in technology in cow manure treatment. Both ensure good quality, without containing harmful pathogens, bacteria or weed seeds compared to traditional incubation.

Find out now: Organic Australian cow manure microbiologically treated with German OCT technology.

Raise pig

Pigs are the most in-demand market species and are easy to raise. From 150 to 170k / 1kg is the current price of pork. Profits in this industry are growing rapidly. This is absolutely the startup model you should try.

Starting a business
Raise pig

Raising pigs often uses microbiological bran to feed, the pork will be firmer and leaner. On average, a pig is from 70kg to 1 quintal 2. They must be fully fed and clean. We should clean feces once a week, should vaccinate regularly to avoid diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease, swine fever, etc.

Starting a business with an animal feed business

Agricultural start-up
Animal feed

Start-ups from the livestock industry are increasingly being developed because supply and demand are constantly rotating. The ranchers can buy feed from you. The source of profit is high, but it takes less effort and labor to hire. Animal feed is bought a lot because it provides enough quantity. If you sell in large quantities, you will make a corresponding profit. In the process it is also possible to collect a commission from the distributor.

Starting a business from food distribution brings high profits but few competitors, is a way to start a business in the countryside.

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