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Some things to keep in mind in the process of building a model of a pond garden

Model of garden pond and barn
Model of garden pond and barn

Model of garden pond and barn considered an effective economic solution for the inevitable and sustainable development trend in rural areas. The model of garden ponds and stables as well as its variations such as garden ponds and stables, garden ponds, garden ponds and stables, etc. have been applied by many localities. However, people need to learn carefully before starting to build this type of farm model. Agri would like to give everyone some useful information about the cost and how to build a pond garden model below.

Preparing capital for the construction of a model farm with a pond, pond, and barn

The capital to build a VAC farm is not small, from hundreds of millions to several billion, so you need to have a solid source of capital, in addition to your own money, you need to mobilize capital from many investment sources to be able to produce livestock. more advantageous.

In general, the required investments to build a model farm with standard ponds and cages include:

Construction and installation costs

Including cost of leveling, construction of livestock barns, food storage, waste treatment system, cost of building fences and construction of business management area…

Equipment installation costs

Fire protection system
Fire protection system

Including the cost of purchasing machinery and equipment for production such as food mixers, water pumps, fire protection systems, generators, plows, tractors, etc.

Cost of project management organization and construction investment consulting

Including costs of organizing the management of project works, costs of selecting contractors in construction, costs of organizing acceptance, handing over works, costs of verifying construction drawings. , investment project consulting costs, etc.

Cost of purchasing seedlings/seedlings

buy plant seeds
type of tree

Includes costs to purchase and transport seedlings/seedlings to the farm for planting or breeding purposes.

Labor costs

Includes costs used to pay wages to farm workers.

Operating costs

Including insurance costs for employees, fertilizer costs for plants, electricity costs, feed costs for livestock/poultry/waterfowl, maintenance costs for machinery and equipment, etc.

Other costs

Including unnecessary or non-construction costs, costs of making environmental impact assessment reports, insurance costs, audit costs, etc.

Redundancy costs

Equal to 10% of all other costs combined, excluding unwanted arising.

5 steps to build a pond garden model

The overall design of the farm

The overall design of the farm, garden, pond, barn model
The overall design of the farm, garden, pond, barn model

Determine the master plan of the farm with a model of garden ponds and stables to allocate resources reasonably, including resources of land, irrigation water through detailed design.

At the same time, farmers also need to determine the varieties of plants and animals that they want to grow/raise, the types of plants/seedlings to buy and the quantity of each type. In addition, it is also necessary to determine the time to plant / release fish, plan to buy seeds, materials and tools needed to build the farm.

Building a system of roads and protective fences

This depends on factors such as the size of the farm, the transportation needs of the product, the mechanization ability, the transportation needs of the product, etc.

build a protective fence from trees
build a protective fence from trees

For large-scale farms, the need to use mechanized vehicles requires a road large enough for vehicles and machinery to pass. If the farm is small, using only rudimentary and relatively small vehicles, the road only needs to be built small or just enough.

Protective fences can be planted from trees or built with cement walls, solid iron nets depending on the specific needs and conditions of each farm.

Build a pond on the farm

pond construction
pond construction

It is necessary to determine the type of waterfowl pond for the purpose of construction in accordance with the terrain and production scale. Farmers can build a single pond or a system of interconnected ponds such as chain ponds, parallel ponds or ponds between the beds. Water depths can vary and pond size depends on the purpose of production, the type of fish cultured and the available land.

Construction of livestock barns:

Breeding farm
Breeding farm

The design of the barn is placed in a hygienic position, does not affect the residential area and is easy to irrigate and clean the barn. The barn can be placed next to the pond, on the pond or under the trees, the size depends on the number of animals and the breed. Attention should be paid to the composting place, the barn must have a feeding trough and a place to store drinking water.

Build a garden

Garden in Mr. Nam's model farm
Garden in Mr. Nam’s model farm

After the relatively basic construction of the barn and pond area, it is time to build a garden. Including tasks such as dividing plots and planting locations of plants in the garden, planning intercropping, planting different species of plants in the garden, dividing plants to be planted into annuals and perennials, and planting beds. , dig holes to plant trees and deploy a farming mode for each type of tree in the garden.

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