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Smart, economical irrigation model with dual efficiency

smart irrigation model

Smart and economical irrigation models such as: drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, misting irrigation, watering guns, etc. application in cultivation has helped many farmer households, cooperatives and businesses achieve efficiency in production, improve income and save much cost per unit area compared to the old farming model.

With the terrain, soil and climate suitable for the development of fruit crops, including pomelo is a new direction, helping many households in Dong Trieu town to increase their income. However, for fruit trees in general and pomelo trees in particular with large planting areas, irrigation and care take a lot of time and effort, reducing economic efficiency.

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Applying smart and economical irrigation model

In 2019, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dao’s family (Viet Dan commune, Dong Trieu town) received advice, support and technical transfer from the Department of Science and Technology, and started applying the smart phone-controlled sprinkler irrigation model. over 3,400m2 growing grapefruit family. With this model, the system will use a phone sim integrated with the garden pump control panel, activating operation via call.

smart irrigation model
The smart irrigation model controlled by the phone of Mr. Nguyen Van Hung’s household, Viet Dan commune, Dong Trieu town brings a lot of convenience to the family in the process of taking care of plants.

Ms. Dao said: This smart irrigation model is very convenient and useful, just a few taps on the phone can operate irrigation on a large crop area, making watering and caring for plants convenient. convenient, shortening time, effort and saving water compared to previous manual irrigation.

Or like Dam Ha Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company, in 2017 invested more than 15 billion VND to build a farm to grow hydroponic vegetables and melons in greenhouses in the direction of clean agriculture applying high technology. The company uses an automatic drip irrigation system applied from Israel hydroponic technology. With this technology, water is dripped to each tree stump; Fertilizer is mixed with water, according to the irrigation system to provide nutrients for plants to grow. The automatic irrigation system correctly water each plant, so melons grow evenly, saving water, fertilizer, time and labor.

Recently, the application of high technology in agricultural production has been promoted by Quang Ninh, including the application of many economical irrigation models to improve economic efficiency and ensure environmental protection. The province has planned two high-tech agricultural zones associated with economical irrigation: VinEco’s hi-tech agricultural zone in Dong Trieu town and a specialized clean vegetable growing area in Quang Yen town.

Many businesses, households and cooperatives also choose an economical irrigation model for the area of ​​vegetables and fruit trees. Typical examples are: 188 Construction & Trading Investment Joint Stock Company, Dong Trieu Irrigation One Member Limited Liability Company, Viet Dan Cooperative, Binh Khe Cooperative (Dong Trieu Town); The elite Green Pharmaceutical Cooperative, households grow guava, orange, pomelo in Dong Dang village, Son Duong commune (Ha Long city); some households grow red flesh dragon fruit in Uong Bi city; Dam Ha Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries Production and Trading Service Cooperative…

Up to now, the province has nearly 440ha of upland crops that are applying economical irrigation technology; The level of participation of households, cooperatives and businesses is increasing.

Dual efficiency of smart, economical irrigation model

Mr. Nguyen Huu Nhuong, Director of Dam Ha Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company, said: Applying science and technology to production has contributed to improving crop productivity and quality. Currently, each hectare of melon yields about 60-70 tons/year, revenue from 3-3.5 billion VND/ha.

According to the assessment of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, applying a smart irrigation model, saving water in agricultural production helps increase crop productivity by 10-12%; reduce labor costs up to 70%; save 35-45% of irrigation water compared to traditional methods; at the same time, increase the competitiveness of products and reduce the risk of environmental pollution.

In the face of climate change and the forecast of decreasing water volume, the application of advanced technology; smart and economical irrigation model; help reduce the amount of water and labor for farmers. At the same time, actively watering crops in the dry season. In the coming time, the agricultural sector needs to continue to encourage people and businesses to strongly apply this model.

Reference: Instructions for installing a local sprinkler irrigation system for plants

Source: http://baoquangninh.com.vn/

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