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Small Rice Deep Cultivation Techniques For Qualified Productivity

Superworm worm has the scientific name Zoophobas mario, when mature, they are about 6-8cm long. They are very easy to keep, and live a long time, if the habitat is not cramped and fed properly, they will live up to 6-7 months. Small rice worm farming technique Is there anything worth noting? The content of the article below will help you get more information on this topic. Do not rush to skip our article.

Necessary tools

The first and most essential tool in rice worm farming that you need to prepare is a plastic tray. This plastic tray must have many small holes to create a habitat for the worms. However, in case you cannot find the small hole plastic tray. Then according to the documentation for raising rice worms, you can flexibly use a normal tray. You can then flexibly line one layer of mesh. Pay attention to choose a mesh with small holes and place it about 2-3 cm from the tray.

Rice worm farming cannot be shaved without plastic trays
Rice worm farming cannot be shaved without plastic trays

Using a tray with this small hole will limit the number of dead worms. Because sometimes you feed the worms but the large amount of food does not stop stagnation, the worm will die due to wading bran. Many worm farmers do not follow these instructions correctly, causing worms to die without finding the cause. Careful use of special trays will greatly increase your success rate of worm farming.

Worms after birth will fall to the bottom of the plastic tray through a small hole. This will greatly facilitate breeding rice worms, because you don’t have to manually sift. At the same time, you can integrate the bottom of the tray into a place to feed the worms. You only need to store 1 layer of yellow bran to make food for the larvae.


In addition to the tools, you also need to prepare the seeds. Finding this breed is not too difficult. You just need to go to the shops selling pet food to be able to buy it. The price of seed rice is also not too high when buying in small quantities.

There is only one thing you need to pay attention to is buying the right kind of worms you want to keep. Because with how to raise superworm worms, you will need superworm worms. And how to raise mini rice worms will need mini rice worms to breed. You should ask the shop owner carefully and find out in advance to avoid confusion.

You need to find reputable addresses to buy small rice worms with good health
You need to find reputable addresses to buy small rice worms with good health

How to raise worms

Cultivation of worms is not too complicated, so it only needs to be divided into three main stages. From raising caterpillars to pupae. The pupae will then develop into beetles. And these beetle friends will be able to breed new baby worms.

Different breeds of caterpillars will have different sizes. With the technique of raising superworm worms, the seed worms purchased must be adult worms about 6-7cm long. Although the size and appearance are slightly different, the way to raise superworm worms is the same as other rearing methods.

The first thing when raising worms is to find a cool place and not be exposed to direct light for the worms. In the latter, it is clearly shown that only when living in an ideal environment will they grow up quickly.

With the right feeding regime, after only about 1 week, the caterpillars will start pupating. Then instead of rearing, you will have to take care of these pupae. You should pay attention to classifying the pupae to a separate place with the food.

Raising small rice worms is not too complicated, so anyone can do it
Raising small rice worms is not too complicated, so anyone can do it

What do rice caterpillars eat?

In the afterlife, the most important part is nutrition. The latter mainly feed them chicks bran or cornmeal. In addition, you can also add them to thinly sliced ​​vegetables such as apples, potatoes, lettuce, watermelon, water spinach.

You must pay attention to the water of the worms. About 3-4 days you need to provide enough food containing water for the caterpillars. If living in closed cages and trays without adequate food and water supply. These worms will tend to eat each other.

Some things to keep in mind when raising worms

Regarding the suitable living temperature for worms, the range of 21-26 degrees Celsius is the most suitable. You need to pay attention to keep the temperature in the box always fluctuating within this range. If you forget to let the worms live in an environment below 17 degrees Celsius, the baby worms will die very quickly.

In addition, some notes about the habitat of the worm you also need to pay attention to. Worms need a dark environment, avoid direct light and airy to grow well. Because when you have to live in an environment without deep air, it will be slow to grow and more likely to die.

Small rice caterpillars, if raised in the right environment, can live for 6-7 months
Small rice caterpillars, if raised in the right environment, can live for 6-7 months

A little bit about the age of these worms. Rice worms can be considered “pretty long” lives. They can live from 6-7 months depending on your feeding regimen. And the fact that you raise fat worms with sprouts also works very well. Because when the caterpillars eat enough nutrition, they will be a very secure source of protein for your pet birds.

After learning about how to raise worms (rice worms) food for ornamental birds. Now people with pet birds can both raise healthy birds. Save on expensive food costs thanks to self-sufficient food sources. As long as you follow the instructions and the notes correctly, your worm farming will be successful.

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