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Simplest Way to Ripen Jackfruit Quickly

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How to Ripen Jackfruit Quickly is currently a topic of interest for many families and farmers. Basically, there are many types of jackfruit that are not fully ripe but have already cracked open, so they have to be picked early. The content of today’s article, AgriSearch will share with you a natural way to ripen jackfruit quickly. Don’t overlook this interesting article!

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Direct Sunlight Drying

When you check a jackfruit that has been picked but is not fully ripe (by looking at the thorns whether they are blooming and soft or not, or by digging a small hole on the jackfruit to check), you can dry the jackfruit under the sun to ripen it quickly.

Phơi mít dưới ánh nắng là cách làm mít chín tự nhiên nhanh nhất
Drying jackfruit under the sun is the fastest natural way to ripen jackfruit


Note: In case you have dug a small hole to check the jackfruit, when drying it under the sun, you should brush lime on the hole to prevent pests and diseases from invading during the drying process. Alternatively, you can wrap it in plastic bags to create a sealed environment and maintain good heat retention, helping the jackfruit to ripen quickly under the sun.

Stake the Jackfruit

This method of ripening jackfruit may sound strange but it is quite effective and only applies to jackfruit that has not been split yet!

First, find a piece of wood or fresh bamboo, sharpen it and heat it up on a flame.

Then, stake this stick deep into the core of the jackfruit.

Next, bury the jackfruit in dry straw or other heat-retaining materials.

With this method, if you want to know if the jackfruit is ripe or not, you just need to tap the stick to check, if it sounds hollow and feels soft, then the jackfruit is ripe.

Đóng cọc vào trái mít cũng là cách để mít nhanh chín hơn
Staking the jackfruit is also a way to ripen jackfruit faster

Lime Dusting on the Shoulder of Jackfruit

Not just any hole on the jackfruit can be used to check if it is ripe or not. Ideally, you should cut into the shoulder of the jackfruit, if it is not ripe, then dust lime on it to make the jackfruit sap flow out, while avoiding making the jackfruit wrinkled at the cut area (because the area you dug is very susceptible to fungal infections, causing rotting after 1 – 2 days).

Tip for you: Digging a small hole on the shoulder of the jackfruit not only helps you check the quality of the jackfruit, but also ensures the aesthetics (suitable for retail pieces for jackfruit sellers).

Quét vôi lên vai mít cũng sẽ giúp mít nhanh chín hơn
Dusting lime on the shoulder of jackfruit will also help the jackfruit ripen faster

Natural Ripening for Several Days

Sometimes the jackfruit falls off on its own but is not soft and fragrant inside, then try applying a layer of lime to the end of the fruit and let it ripen in a shady place (avoid direct sunlight) for natural ripening.


With natural ripening methods like the above, jackfruit ripens quite quickly (depending on environmental conditions) within 2 – 5 days and is very safe to consume.

With the method of using chemicals to accelerate jackfruit ripening like ethrel (an organic ripening agent, determined by US-EPA to be safe for the body if used at a dosage not exceeding 0.05mg/kg of body weight), the jackfruit can ripen very quickly within 1 – 3 days when injecting the chemical directly into the jackfruit or soaking it directly on the stem of the jackfruit.

This is the information about how to ripen jackfruit quickly that we want to share with you. We wish you success in applying this method, thank you for your interest in reading our article!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I make unripe jackfruit ripen quickly?
– You can expose the unripe jackfruit to direct sunlight to speed up the ripening process.

2. What should I do if the jackfruit is not ripe but has cracks?
– If the jackfruit is not fully ripe but has cracks, you can still make it ripen by exposing it to sunlight.

3. Can I use a wooden stake to help the jackfruit ripen?
– Yes, inserting a wooden stake in the core of the jackfruit and burying it in dry straw or similar materials can help accelerate the ripening process.

4. Is there a specific part of the jackfruit that I can check to determine if it is ripe?
– You can check the tenderness of the jackfruit by tapping on the wooden stake inserted in the fruit. If it sounds hollow and feels soft, it is likely ripe.

5. Can I apply lime to the jackfruit to help it ripen?
– Yes, applying lime on the cut end of the jackfruit can help the sap flow out and prevent the cut area from getting infected. This can also promote ripening.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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