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Simple Worm Breeding Technique Anyone Can Do

Worms are used only as nutritious food. Used as food for ornamental fish. Worms are just water worms. They are pink or dark red, small and thread-like. They are usually about 3-5cm long. You can apply worm farming techniques at home to create a food source for ornamental fish and birds. The content on this topic will be introduced right in this article.

The living environment of worms

Worms often gather in clumps of life on the surface of the mud. Concentrate in areas with wastewater rich in organic matter. It can be at the riverside or at the sluice gate and have a flow. The more polluted the water, the more worms appear.

Worms only like to live on mud, gathering in groups
Worms only like to live on mud, gathering in groups

Goldfish lovers often use worms to raise goldfish. Help goldfish grow faster. This is the best bait for fish and contains high protein content. Many restaurants even offer this type of food as a specialty. Worms are not fish or insects. They are a type of zooplankton that lives in freshwater and often jumps in water.

Prepare tools for raising worms

Worms only like to live in slow-moving water. Late spring and fall are their seasons. They float on water, often giving the water a reddish-brown color. This is a good opportunity for you to harvest earthworms.

When raising a small number in the house should also pay attention to technique. It is possible to get the river pond mud along with the worms. Place in a pot or glassware. It is best to feed with river water. If using tap water, it is recommended to dry the water for 2-3 days to remove bleaching powder and other substances. Change the water once a day. To prevent water from freezing in winter, place a damp red cloth over the tools to keep them moist.

Worms only like to live in river water
Worms only like to live in river water

It is best to use a container with a large air contact area. Because when raising worms, they will only come to the surface to breathe. Therefore, if the contact area is not large enough, it is feared that some animals will not be able to surface and die.

A light source is essential for raising worms. You must not turn off the lights or use a small light source. Such as 5W night light at night. Because worms are very lazy to breathe, if there is no light source, it will easily die the next day.

There should be specialized pots. Most use rice bran, sawdust, banana peel, bagasse, silt, pigeon droppings as feed. Worms only kept in the family can be fed with yeast dough soaked in water. But the quantity must be controlled.

Worms just need to be controlled regularly
Worms just need to be controlled regularly

Notes on how to raise worms

When the number of threadworms increases, it should be harvested in time and dried. Or freeze. In late autumn and winter, their fertility is greatly reduced. When worms cannot be seen in the water tank only in winter, do not add more water to the tank. Because they all hide in the green algae. You can place the water tank in a sunny room or near a radiator. In the spring, when the indoor temperature rises, the red worms will reappear. When the temperature rises above 28°C at room temperature, they will begin to breed.

We look forward to the amount of information we share. You will be successful when implementing your worm farming model. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaneyhttps://agrisearch.net
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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