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Simple and beautiful mini greenhouse to grow clean vegetables on the terrace

Simple and beautiful mini greenhouse to grow clean vegetables on the terrace

mini greenhouse

Mini greenhouse to grow clean vegetables on the terrace

Currently, the model of growing vegetables at home on the balcony or terrace is particularly interested and favored by many households in the city. The mini-greenhouse model on the terrace can be a great solution for you to create your own clean food source for your family.

Advantages of growing clean vegetables and flowers in a rooftop greenhouse

Investing in a mini-greenhouse model on the terrace in townhouses many households think is unnecessary because there are many harmful insects in the city. However, it is undeniable that this model has more advantages than the normal model of growing vegetables on the terrace.

  • Mini greenhouses and growing vegetables in greenhouses on the terrace will not take much care but are affordable, easy to design, long life and create a new space.
  • Make the most of the area: the application of growing vegetables below and hanging flowers above creates a cool green environment for the house to be more airy and close to nature.
  • Design more climbing rigs to take advantage of taking care of more climbing vegetables such as cucumbers, gourds, squash, ….
  • Create a fun learning space for the little ones, as well as bonding among family members.
  • Be proactive in taking care of the garden: smart irrigation systems, mulching materials help provide appropriate light and limit the situation of pests and diseases, as well as the influence of weather on plants.

How to make a mini greenhouse to grow vegetables on the terrace

Usually, the terrace of every modern family today will have an area that is not very spacious, only in the range of 10-15m2. Therefore, Agri will introduce you to a very simple greenhouse model you can refer to:

  • Greenhouse size: 3.2m wide x 6.0m long x 3.2m high (the maximum height of the greenhouse is 3.5m).
  • Structure: Hot-dip galvanized steel frame makes assembly easier. Along with V5 iron posts or 30x60x1,4li galvanized box steel posts and horizontal bars using V4 steel or 30x30x1,2li steel bars.
  • The system of racks and shelves for growing vegetables is about 2 rows of shelves and 3 floors, 1 row of main planting tables…using hot-dip galvanized steel frames along vertical walls to help plants absorb light and air to help plants grow properly. At best, it makes it easier for gardeners to care for and harvest products.
  • Sprinkler irrigation system, automatic drip irrigation system
  • Agricultural mulch to block solar radiation, insect screens on both sides or you can flexibly choose the 70% shade net option.
  • System of valves, water pipes to provide irrigation water and nutrients to plants.
  • Single-layer steel frame front door opens and closes easily.
  • Coordinate flexible U-shaped and V-shaped steels to ensure the necessary bearing capacity.

The supplier will have a greenhouse model available and a construction team for your garden to complete as quickly as possible. If you like to make your own greenhouse, you need to prepare all the necessary materials above and install it according to the instructions here.

How to make a mini greenhouse to grow clean vegetables on the terrace is effective in terms of plants, ensuring clean food for your family.

Very simple mini greenhouse model on the terrace

An extremely simple rooftop mini greenhouse model of Ancu.me

Mini greenhouses on the terrace will be widely applied in the future, not only suitable for terraces of townhouses but also for outdoor garden spaces, villas, …. Mini greenhouse brings a miniature space of high-tech agriculture model. Create a place to both have fun and learn about modern agricultural equipment.

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