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Sharing The Easiest Pet Dog Breeding Technique

Breeding pet dogs is now a trend of many animal lovers. However, pet dog breeds always have higher requirements for care techniques. The content of the article below will summarize for you pet dog breeding techniques Simple, ensure dogs grow healthy. We invite you to follow the content of the article!

Diet for pet dogs

This is the first pet dog breeding technique you must keep in mind. Each dog species, will have different characteristics, each development stage of each species also requires separate care. Understanding this principle will help you find the best way to take care of your pet.

Each breed of pet dog will have different nutritional requirements
Each breed of pet dog will have different nutritional requirements

Techniques for raising dogs

This principle is implemented as follows

Puppies 2-4 months old you need to feed 3 meals, from 4-10 months old 2 meals, over 10 months old, 1 meal a day.

Since you are young, you need to fix the exact time of eating every day.

Nutrition for pets needs to ensure enough rice, meat, bones, vegetables, eggs, liver, tomatoes, potatoes. (Particularly for dogs under 7 months of age, care should be taken to avoid chicken bones because they are easy to choke and even damage the intestines, and when they are adults, especially with other large breeds such as Shepherds, Rottweilers, the opposite is true. Eating chicken and fish bones is extremely good for the digestive system).

Some notes you must definitely keep in mind if you want your pet dog and cat to grow well:

Do not give too much starch because a lot of starch will make the dog obese, so it is necessary to calculate the correct amount of starch.

As an adult, you can completely feed your dog raw food such as liver, raw beef, which not only helps the dog to be healthy and grows quickly, but also increases its resistance to disease.

With large dog breeds, the amount of food they need every day is extremely large, you should take advantage of leftovers from rice and noodle shops, buy cheap food to save costs. Leftover food, cheap, not rancid food, dirty food easily makes dogs sick.

The amount of dog food in each meal will normally be 3% of body weight
The amount of dog food in each meal will normally be 3% of body weight

How to feed the right technique

This second rule is equally important. You must understand, pet dogs, even though they are animals, are also living creatures that must be cared for properly to grow healthy and not get sick. Eating full and full of nutrition is not enough. Must eat the right technique, suitable for each specific characteristics of each species.

Accordingly, the daily pet rations, in addition to food, must have chopped vegetables mixed with hot rice to put in an aluminum bowl. Before feeding the dog, the bowl must be washed and dried.

Note that the rice for the dog must be hot, if it is leftover rice, the cold rice needs to be warmed up to ensure that the dog’s digestive system is not affected.


  • Why do we need to vaccinate dogs?

The first is to ensure the health of the pet, against dangerous diseases, infectious diseases, incurable diseases, etc., which not only perfectly protects the beloved dog but also avoids economic loss for you. . A lot of people often think that simply buying a dog is just for the sake of keeping it, but ignore this essential principle.

It is too late until the dog is sick, or, more unfortunately, dead, to fall back on its back. You know, in the living environment of dogs and newborn puppies, there are always bacteria that cause disease. Newborn puppies have extremely weak resistance, if they are not fully vaccinated against 5 basic diseases such as Care virus, Parvo virus, Infectious hepatitis, kennel cough and Deputy flu, not only will the puppies get sick but also be at risk. spread to the whole herd.

Vaccinating pet dogs is the best way to protect their health
Vaccinating pet dogs is the best way to protect their health

The second is to ensure the safety of everyone, for ourselves. Because you are the one who often comes into contact with pets, if you are not vaccinated carefully, no one but you is the easiest object to spread the disease, you will infect your relatives and friends, which is extremely dangerous.

  • Some notes you need to remember to properly vaccinate your puppy

Puppies 3 weeks old should be given the first dose of vaccine, because this is the time when the puppy learns to eat, so the risk of infection is high when the antibodies from the mother dog are reduced, so your dog is very susceptible to disease. no good time.

Vaccines you can easily find and buy at veterinary drug stores or veterinary institutes, the doctors here will advise you fully.

Every 6 months to 1 year your dog needs to be fully vaccinated. Preventing illness for your dog is both a responsibility and at the same time dogs see the greatest care and affection that owners should and need to perform.

Cleaning the dog’s cage and leashes

In recent years, the situation of livestock and poultry diseases in our country is really alarming. One of the main causes of this is not keeping the cage clean for animals before, during and after illness. Cleaning the cage and leashes helps your beloved dog develop the healthiest, if unfortunately ill, it will help control the spread, help the pet recover faster, protect public health and the safest environment. .

Cleaning the cage where the dog lives is a way to prevent harmful pathogens from appearing
Cleaning the cage where the dog lives is a way to prevent harmful pathogens from appearing

Dog cages and leashes need to be cleaned daily. Particularly, the dog cage must be spacious, well-ventilated with light shining on it will be the quintessence of disease-causing bacteria. If the cage is narrow, damp and not cleaned regularly, this is an ideal environment for pathogens to develop. The cage is clean, fully vaccinated, the food is nutritionally complete, suitable for each stage, your dog will surely develop the most comprehensively, all diseases must be avoided.

If unfortunately your pet has scabies or lice, do not worry. If mild, you can buy a shampoo specifically for dogs with scabies to treat, or be more careful, still bring it to a veterinary hospital for timely treatment. During this time, the dog’s crate and leash must be cleaned with an antiseptic according to the veterinarian’s instructions.=

When the puppy is 2 months old, you must remember to deworm immediately, then every 6 months to deworm once. However, according to the experience of raising dogs and cats from many people, you should monitor the dog’s feces, if you see worms or the dog has mites and lice, then proceed to remove it because worms are extremely harmful to the digestive system.

Above is the information related to pet dog breeding techniques that we would like to send to you for your reference. Do not forget to follow our website to update more information about other pet care.

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