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Sharing techniques to grow beautiful yellow apricots bring high profits

According to a long-standing tradition in our country, yellow apricot is a plant that people often display in their homes during Tet to Spring. But yellow apricot is not a plant that is easy to grow, easy to care for and to flower exactly as desired by the player. Therefore, many families still have the habit of going to the Spring market to buy yellow apricots every year. To earn high profits from this tree business, follow the following article to pocket yellow apricot planting techniques most detailed.

Sharing techniques to grow beautiful yellow apricots bring high profits
Sharing techniques to grow beautiful yellow apricots bring high profits
  1. Preparing the land for apricot planting

Although it requires technical and professional experience, but yellow apricot flower is not a flower that is too picky about soil. Usually only need to plant apricots in loose soil, light flesh and high moisture holding capacity. Note that yellow apricots often die and grow slowly if they live in a place where the soil is often waterlogged and stagnant.

There are 2 most popular ways to grow yellow apricots, which are planted directly on the ground in the cultivated garden or planted in each pot with the right size. Specifically:

  • Planting apricots in the ground: It is necessary to clean up weeds, loosen the soil, and apply fertilizers to provide more nutrients to the soil to stimulate good plant growth. In particular, if you plant apricots in lowland, you should make more tissue to avoid waterlogging, you should water and cover with straw to keep moisture right after planting.
  • Growing apricots in pots: Should choose a wide and deep pot because yellow apricot is a plant with deep and wide roots, it needs to be repotted once every 2 years. The bottom of the pot should be lined with a layer of gravel to increase drainage, do not let the pot close to the ground to prevent insects. Potting soil needs to be treated with pathogens and fertilized before planting apricots
You can choose to plant apricots directly on the ground or in pots
You can choose to plant apricots directly on the ground or in pots
  1. Choose varieties, determine the season and proceed to plant trees

How to choose yellow apricot varieties

Outside the yellow apricot only blooms in Tet holiday and quartet apricot blooms 4 times per year, the market today has many other varieties of yellow apricot bred for different quality.

According to the tastes of the people, gardeners, if they want to earn high profits, need to choose apricot varieties that bloom with many flowers, many wings, and last long.

Yellow apricot seedlings need to meet the following conditions:

  • Roots grow well
  • The nursery is sure and intact
  • Leaves grow well green
  • No pests, pathogens

Time to plant yellow apricots

Yellow apricot is a sun-loving plant, but the need for water is also quite high. Therefore, the most suitable time to plant yellow apricots in the year is at the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season. In our country, gardeners usually plant apricots from the end of October to the beginning of February of the lunar calendar.

Yellow apricots can be grown by seeds, seedlings or by grafting, branching, and cuttings.

Density, distance to plant yellow apricot flowers

The density and distance of planting yellow apricot flowers depends on each gardener to ensure the best light and water absorption. The ventilation between trees is also a way to prevent pests effectively.

Yellow apricot can be grown by grafting method
Yellow apricot can be grown by grafting method
  1. Caring for yellow apricot trees in each stage of development


Yellow apricot is a drought tolerant plant, but lack of water for too long can lead to slow growth and poor flowering. Therefore, gardeners need to have a solution to always keep the soil moist but not let the water be flooded.

Usually in the dry season, it is advisable to water yellow apricots in the early morning from 8 to 9 hours once a day or every other day. When watering, you should use the hose directly at the root and spray the spray evenly on the foliage to make the plants lush. In the rainy season, pay attention to drainage for the tree.


Fertilizing for yellow apricots needs the right amount, at the right time, to support good growth and beautiful flowers as desired.

  • Primer: should use treated organic fertilizer mixed with the soil at a ratio of 1:10 before planting apricots
  • Fertilizing: Many times during the growth period of the plant, the first phase after planting apricots 10-15 days, the next batches are usually 10 days to 1 month apart and longer.

Pest control

Yellow apricot is often eaten by leafworms, stem borers, red spiders and aphids that affect the aesthetics of the tree. Therefore, growers should regularly monitor and intervene in time, catch pests or use suitable insecticides.

Pruning branches to create canopy

About 2 months, it is necessary to prune branches to create a canopy for yellow apricots once, both to prevent pests and to stimulate the growth of the canopy.

The technique of taking care of yellow apricots during the development stages is very important
The technique of taking care of yellow apricots during the development stages is very important

From the professional knowledge and experience accumulated from practice, hopefully the article will help you better understand the technique of growing yellow apricot flowers. Don’t forget to save the article and share it with family and friends.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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