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Sharing techniques for growing high-yield tomatoes and ensuring quality

We all know that tomatoes belong to the group of nutritious vegetables and fruits that are essential in daily meals. Therefore, many gardeners want to grow tomatoes for their families to eat instead of having to buy outside sources of unknown origin and quality. If the productivity is higher, they can also trade tomatoes for a stable profit. Growing and taking care of this plant is not too complicated, through this article, please pocket it right away tomato growing techniques for high productivity and quality.

Sharing techniques for growing high-yield tomatoes and ensuring quality
Sharing techniques for growing high-yield tomatoes and ensuring quality

Step 1: Learn about the season, how to prepare the soil, density and time to plant tomatoes

The first is about seasonality, because tomato is a short-term crop with seasonality, so learn the seasons in order to determine the right time to sow seeds. This is also a factor directly related to the growth, development and yield of each tomato plant.

In our country, there are 3 tomato crops you need to know:

  • Winter-spring crop: sow seeds around October – November of the solar calendar, harvested around January – February of the solar calendar
  • Spring-summer crop: sow seeds around December – January, harvest in March – April
  • Summer-autumn crop: sow seeds around June – July of the solar calendar, harvest around September – October of the solar calendar

In terms of soil preparation, although tomatoes are easy to adapt to environmental conditions, to ensure quality yield you must pay attention to the soil. People often grow tomatoes in fertile and nutrient-rich soil.

For the best growth, you should make beds for planting, each bed is 110 – 120cm wide, the distance between the beds is from 20-25cm. In the summer when it rains a lot, it is possible to make higher beds to prevent waterlogging and root rot.

In terms of density and planting time, each plant is usually spaced 40-60cm apart, rows 70-80cm apart are standard. Planting time until harvest is about 3 months, the most suitable time of day planting is from 3 pm to 5 pm or when the sun is out.

Planting tomatoes in the right season for higher yields
Planting tomatoes in the right season for higher yields

Step 2: Learn how to grow tomato plants

Like many other vegetables and fruits, tomato plants are also grown in two main ways: sowing seeds and growing seedlings. The details of each method are as follows:

Sow with seeds

  • Select varieties: It is recommended to buy tomato seeds from reputable and quality seed stores in the market
  • Seed handling: Soak tomato seeds in water at a ratio of 2 cold: 1 hot for about 3 hours, then take them out and put them in a damp towel. When the seeds begin to crack, they should be sown to ensure the best growth
  • Drills: Bring the seeds to sow in the previously made bed, you can use the treated coconut fiber medium to cover the soil just sown to retain moisture and heat.
  • Standard amount of seeds: 250 – 350g per 1 hectare of land

Planting with seedlings

  • Selection of seedlings: choose seedlings of tomato seedlings with an average height of 10-20cm, with 5-6 leaves, fat stem and base, slightly purple in color, surrounded by soft hairs.
  • How to grow plants: use a trowel to dig the soil on a ready-made bed, each planting hole is about 4cm deep, 5cm in diameter, till half of the stem is planted. After planting, water immediately to get the necessary moisture
Tomatoes can be sown from seed or grown by seedlings
Tomatoes can be sown from seed or grown by seedlings

Step 3: Learn techniques to take care of tomato plants after planting

Tomato care technique is an important step that determines the yield and quality of each tomato when harvested.


The first week after planting tomatoes, growers need to regularly water twice a day in the early morning and evening. Each time you need to water, use a sufficient amount of water, water mainly on the trunk and below, limit watering on the leaves.

The larger the tree, the more water needed to be irrigated to meet the needs of the tree to grow and develop well. You can install an automatic irrigation system to water efficiently, save water, save money and help your plants grow to their fullest potential. You can buy the materials to install the drip irrigation system yourself to save a small amount of money. Refer to the article on how to install a drip irrigation system along the bed for vegetables.

Cultivate the soil

To ensure the porosity of the soil, it is necessary to cultivate twice in the first 20 days of planting, 10 days apart each time. After the plant has flowered and set fruit, there is no need to continue to cultivate the soil.


Tomatoes have very high nutritional needs, so fertilizing is very necessary. The two most important times of fertilizing are when the tree develops trunk, branches, leaves and when the tree produces fruit.

Pest control

When the plant is in the growth and development stage, it can be sprayed with insecticides. Absolutely do not spray a few weeks before harvest time so as not to affect the quality.


When the trees start to grow, their trunks will grow, but they are very soft and easy to break and fall, so growers need to actively build a trellis for climbing plants.


After a period of about 3 months, when the fruit has begun to turn red, hard to the touch, not crushed, harvest and store in a cool, dry place.

Properly planted tomatoes will produce high yield and quality
Properly grown tomatoes will produce high yield and quality

Hope the above article that we share has helped you better understand about tomato growing techniques for high productivity and quality. Let’s start implementing your plan now!

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