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Sharing techniques for growing diamonds for a bountiful season

You may not know, passion fruit is a fruit tree known as a specialty in the South, especially the Southwest. This type of orange is characterized by thin skin, sweet taste, succulent, average weight from 200 to 300g each. Although citrus is not too picky about the environment and growing conditions, it still needs proper care in order to have a high yield. That’s why through this article, we want to share it with you technique of growing passion fruit for a bountiful season.

Sharing techniques for growing diamonds for a bountiful season
Sharing techniques for growing diamonds for a bountiful season
  1. Standard of soil and planting time of passion fruit

Orange is a fruit tree that is easy to grow and develop in warm climate conditions, the temperature is about 25-30 degrees Celsius. About the soil, this plant is not picky about soil, so people can cultivate it. land for planting in both high terrain or lowland areas, plains. Even only, citrus can survive on soils contaminated with alum or mildly saline.

However, if you want your diamond garden to easily achieve high output and good quality, farmers should still refer to the step of cultivating land.

Often growers need to apply priming to provide initial nutrients to the soil. Mixture of soil priming before planting includes lime powder, super phosphate, decayed organic fertilizer, potassium in a reasonable ratio for each hole.

Particularly for lowland areas, it is necessary to increase the rate of fertilizer for each tree cavity.

The best time to plant oranges in a year is in early spring from January to March or early autumn around September to October.

Choosing a diamond variety is a very important step
Choosing a diamond variety is a very important step
  1. Choose seedlings, proceed to grow passion fruit

For the best growth, farmers need to pay attention to the selection of seedlings before planting. Most reputable seedling stores are capable of providing the best quality and vitality seedlings.

Standard seedlings usually have a height of 50-60cm, stout, healthy stems, green leaves, no pests. After obtaining seedlings, the procedure for growing seedlings goes as follows:

  • Dig a hole for planting diamonds on previously cultivated land, the size of each hole is usually 1m in diameter, 40-60cm high for flat land, so if the soil is dry, dig a hole with a size of 50x50x50cm
  • Fertilize each hole dug about 20 days before planting orange seedlings
  • Planting density is 3 x 4m
  • Remove the outer layer of plastic, carefully place the diamond pot in the hole, filling it with soil for the tree to stand
  • Water immediately after planting
Properly cared for diamonds for a high yield
Properly cared for diamonds for a high yield
  1. Techniques to care for orange trees


At first, about 10 days after planting seedlings, you should maintain regular watering 3-5 times per day if in the dry season.

On the contrary, in the rainy season, it is necessary to pay attention to the drainage system to minimize waterlogging, causing root rot and plant death.

A small note for gardeners is that the water needs of passion fruit at each stage are also different:

  • Flowering plants: high water and moisture requirements, need regular watering
  • Fruiting plants: high water requirements stimulate succulent fruit development
  • The period of ripening fruit: the need for water is reduced, the soil is at a moderate dryness to help the oranges taste sweet
  • After harvest: average water demand, gardeners can use a drip irrigation system to maintain the best water level

Fertilization, pest control

It is possible to use a combination of many fertilizers for citrus to provide adequate nutrition, help plants grow and develop best. The most important are still rotting manure and NPK fertilizer. Primer can be used with lime powder and superphosphate.

The fertilizing periods for diamonds you can refer to are as follows:

  • The period of mature citrus, no fruit yet
  • The period of citrus fruit begins to bear
  • Plants should be fertilized 4-5 times a year
  • Increase the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium depending on the growth stage of the plant to ensure the best fruit quality and high yield.

Some pests and diseases that orange trees often encounter such as yellow leaves, dark fruit, aphids or red spider mites. Growers need to monitor and detect pests early in order to apply radical and thorough eradication methods.

However, if using chemical drugs, it is necessary to spray at least 2-3 months before harvesting to avoid affecting fruit quality.


With proper care, it only takes about 3 years for the diamond tree to begin to bear fruit. Flowering time to fruit harvest is only 8-9 months. The fruit begins to turn from green to bright yellow and can be harvested.

Actively fertilizing helps improve the yield of passion fruit each crop
Actively fertilize to help improve the yield of passion fruit each crop

From technique The best care that we share, hope the farmer will have a bountiful season of mango oranges and make a high profit!

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