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Share the secret to growing Mokara orchids in pots with 100% success

tips for growing mokara orchids
Share the secret to growing Mokara orchids in pots with 100% success

Growing Mokara orchids, The flower is artificial from Singapore and has become extremely popular in Southeast Asian countries, of which Vietnam is no exception.

The Moraka orchid symbolizes the rise, always growing and developing no matter how harsh the circumstances. Perhaps that’s why, this flower is always “chosen to send gold” to make a gift for loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s learn the techniques of growing Moraka orchids to decorate your garden right away!

What to prepare before planting Moraka orchids?

Incubating the plan to grow Moraka orchids in pots, the grower quickly went to the orchid shop to buy the following materials:

Growing Mokara orchids in pots
Choose pots to grow Mokara orchids

– Flower pot with a pot mouth with a diameter of 30 to 40cm.

– Orchid varieties should be selected carefully.

– Moraka orchid growing medium includes charcoal and peanut shells.

When growing Moraka orchid in a pot, the flexible stem may not be able to stand on its own, the grower should buy a bamboo or plastic post about 100cm high to make a pillar for the flower plant.

Moraka orchid pots can be used with plastic pots with a diameter of 18 to 20 cm. Orchid growers can also grow flowers on fixed pillars in the ground bed. At the bottom of the pot pour a layer of peanut shell 8 to 12 cm thick to create moisture for the roots. Moraka orchid roots are quite special, they need to maintain ventilation, so the grower should pay attention to the flower’s roots lying on the substrate.

Growing Moraka orchids need to know what environmental conditions?

Growing Mokara orchids
Environmental conditions when growing Mokara orchids

– Temperature: The temperature from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius is extremely suitable for Moraka orchids to develop and grow quickly

– Light: Moraka orchids love sunlight, so the most blooming, brilliant and beautiful orchids usually have about 70% sunshine intensity.

– Humidity: Growing Mokara orchids need to ensure humidity at about 70-75%.

How to grow Moraka orchids

B1: Put charcoal in the bottom of the pot and sprinkle peanut shells on it, stick the support post in the middle and fix it firmly.

B2: Bury the lower part of the Mokara orchid in a pot and then use a string with a support post to fix the plant. Growers should bury shallow orchids in the potting soil layer.

Growing Mokara orchids need to ensure light from 50 to 70% for the plant to flower. So, orchid growers look at the direction of the sun indoors to adjust the flower pot to an illuminated position. A little advice that, the sunny position in the East is the best.

Watering mode to grow Moraka orchid achieves the best effect

Is it easy or difficult to grow Mokara orchids?
Take care of Mokara orchids properly to make them bloom beautifully

Mokara orchid is a plant that loves light and high humidity. Growers should make sure to water the plants because planting Moraka orchids in pots, the plants cannot absorb the available water of nature. But also note that, do not abuse too much water, because it will easily make the plant waterlogged. Adequate and regular water supply will help plants develop and grow best.

The principles of watering to grow Moraka orchids in pots to achieve high efficiency are:

– The optimal pH is from 5.5 to 6.8 when watering orchids.

– Irrigate to create humidity around the Mokara orchid growing environment.

– The ideal time to water plants is early morning or cool afternoon, avoid watering at noon when it is too hot or too late to make plants susceptible to diseases.

Misting in hot sunny days is a very good irrigation method for young orchids, helping to increase air humidity and reduce temperature.

Growing Mokara orchids, how to prevent pests?

Growing Mokara orchids in pots
Moraka orchid disease

As a symbol of growth and strength, the Mokara orchid has a resilient vitality. Although growing Mokara orchids is quite healthy because there is no need to cure the plant, it is still important to note some diseases as follows:

If you notice the black layer clinging to the leaves, use a wet soft cloth to gently wipe. As for killing ants or aphids, you can catch them by hand or use drugs. When the rains last continuously, antibiotics should be used: Kasumin, Vadydamicin …

Growing Mokara orchid brings positive energy in your home because of its brilliant beauty and meaning. Let’s “pocket” right away the techniques we have just introduced to get a great Mokara flower pot!

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