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Share the most effective tips for raising fattening buffalo

Share the most effective tips for raising fattening buffalo
Share the most effective tips for raising fattening buffalo

Raising fattening buffalo is one of the popular breeding models in our country in the form of extensive grazing and is often focused on raising for traction. However, buffalo meat is favored by the market thanks to its higher nutritional content than buffalo meat and good for people who are mentally active. Currently, the fattening buffalo breeding model is gradually being noticed and paid more attention by livestock households.6

Selection of fattening buffalo

Selection of breeds to raise fattening buffaloes
Selection of breeds to raise fattening buffaloes

People can proceed to fattening buffalo calves (calves) from 2 years old and up, which will give better yield and quality of meat, as well as superior fattening efficiency. Because calves have a higher growth and development rate than adult buffalo, strong teeth combined with a healthy digestive system will digest and metabolize nutrients in food better, the ability to accumulate meat will increase. .

Besides, farmers can also fatten old buffaloes with poor fertility and plow to sell as commercial buffaloes. However, the growth rate of this type of buffalo is quite low, the amount of meat is small and the meat quality is not as delicious as other types of buffalo.

The process of raising fattening buffaloes

Buffalo fattening time

Buffalo fattening time
Buffalo fattening time

People need to carry out fattening buffalo for 2-3 months before selling or slaughtering. Farmers carry out fattening when the weather is cool and rainy so that the grasslands can grow as well as create the best conditions for buffaloes to develop. In particular, the northern provinces should choose autumn, while the southern provinces should choose the rainy season to fatten buffaloes.

Buffalo fattening goal

When implementing fattening buffaloes in any way, from grazing in combination with supplemental feeding or fattening at the barn, farmers also need to ensure that buffaloes increase by 15-20% of their body weight. possible after 3 months.

Buffalo fattening subjects

Select buffaloes with thin body, no disease, agile behavior, balanced body and sharp eyes to fattening.

Techniques for raising fattening buffaloes

Techniques for raising fattening buffaloes
Techniques for raising fattening buffaloes

To ensure the success of fattening buffaloes, farmers need to follow the instructions, select the right buffaloes to be fattened, the age of fattening, feed in the fattening stage as well as how taking care of buffalo during fattening.

The buffaloes are sick, we proceed to treat the disease to proceed with the fattening process. At the fattening stage, it is necessary to check, weigh and measure the weight of buffalo once a month to evaluate the growth rate as well as make the most reasonable adjustments. People check the amount of onion food daily, the diet to see if it has enough nutrients and is suitable for the buffalo’s ability to eat.

People need to clean the barn every day, to ensure that the buffalo has a clean, dry and most comfortable living environment to gain weight. Besides, clean the feeder regularly, give the buffaloes clean water to drink, eat fresh food and make sure not to feed or drink contaminated food and drinking water.

Deworming of worms and parasites before proceeding to fattening buffaloes

– Conduct skin parasite removal such as mites, scabies, lice and intestinal parasites such as helminths … by using specialized drugs such as Ivermectin injected under the skin with the dosage according to the instructions on the package. of the manufacturer.

– It is necessary to treat liver fluke for buffalo with Fasiolid subcutaneously or oral Dertyl – B according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The model of raising fattening buffaloes

There are 2 models of buffalo fattening

Model of grazing buffalo fattening
Model of grazing buffalo fattening

Fattening buffalo by grazing model: People maintain the time to graze buffalo in the grassland from 8 to 10 hours/day to take advantage of fresh food from nature. Note that only concentrates and minerals are added for buffalo at night. Localities with large grassland areas and dark grass growing enough to provide buffalo with 20-25kg/day should apply this fattening method to save costs on fattening buffaloes.

Fattening buffalo by semi-grazing model: This method is applied to localities with few pastures, small grazing areas, not enough grass to feed buffaloes, only half or part of the forage can be used, the rest need to supplement when returning to the barn with refined food.

How to raise fattening buffalo

  • First month: The villagers fed enough forage such as straw and grass, and began to gradually feed the weak and weak animals and eat more refined foods and protein-rich foods to restore their bodies and create a premise to increase their growth. fast weight in the following months.
  • Second month: We conduct normal buffalo grazing, feed the amount of forage according to the needs and gradually increase the amount of concentrate.
  • Third month: People should note that they only graze in the area near the barn or keep the buffalo in the barn, limit energy consumption to increase the amount of accumulation, increase the amount of starchy food to quickly gain weight.

Feed for fattening buffaloes

In order to make buffaloes gain weight quickly, people need to ensure that they provide enough nutrients for the buffalo to eat, right and in the right amount, and by feeding many meals a day, they will gain weight fastest. Types of fattening feed for buffalo include:

– Forage forage: We can use hay, fresh grass, silage to make buffalo fattening food, in addition, we can make use of green vegetables, corn stalks, sweet potato strings… In the case of buffalo fattening at a time when grass is scarce. , people can use dry straw to compost urea to feed instead.

– Refined food: People choose foods rich in protein and energy such as cereals, nuts, dried oil, dried beans, mixed bran to feed buffaloes.

Energy-giving foods: The following are the food groups that help buffaloes gain weight fastest, including grains, bran… But in order for the buffalo to absorb the most nutrients in the food, the ingredients should be finely ground and mixed with other foods. other then feed the buffalo.

Refer to the diet for fattening buffaloes as follows (kg/head/day):

Buffalo weightFresh grassHayChaffRefined food

It is necessary to increase the ration slowly, should not feed the buffalo with the right ration at the beginning, to avoid digestive disorders:

  • Days 1 to 5: only 40% concentrates should be fed according to buffalo fattening nutrition.
  • Days 6-10: feed 60% of concentrate.
  • Days 11 – 15: feed 80% of the concentrate according to the ration.
  • On the 16th day onwards, it is necessary to feed buffaloes with the correct fattening regimen.

Refer to the formula for mixing refined feed for fattening buffaloes as follows:

Material (%)Ration
Servings 1Servings 2Servings 3
Corn flour403032
Rice bran503225
Fish meal755
Energy (calories/kg)244923952384
The protein (%)13.613.713.7

Note: If urea is added to the formula for mixing concentrate, it should only be fed dry, not mixed with drinking water, it will cause poisoning for buffaloes.

How to raise fattening buffalo effectively

  • The most effective way to prevent disease during the fattening period is to fully and periodically vaccinate with vaccines.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the barn regularly, cleaning the feeding troughs, drinking trough regularly and disinfecting the barn every 2 weeks.
  • Food that is moldy or has a sour smell due to rancidity should not be fed to buffalo.
  • The cage floor needs to be dry. Make sure the barn has a roof, is airtight and has good air circulation.
  • The density in the barn ensures 1 animal from about 4-5 m2.
  • Want to limit parasites sucking buffalo blood by regularly bathing buffaloes, watering.

Above, relatives and have just learned together how to raise fattening buffaloes. People just need to master the information just shared and properly apply the instructions to the family’s herd of buffaloes that need to be fattened, they will gain significantly high yield and weight gain as well as improve the quality of buffalo meat.

Happy successful people!

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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