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Share simple garlic growing techniques that bring great yield

Garlic is one of the spices that appear a lot in the kitchen of every family. Growing garlic at home not only brings a source of clean food, but also creates an additional source of income for growers. However, garlic plants will also have their own ways of planting and caring to ensure healthy growth and the most bulbs. Today’s article we will be dedicated to sharing about Garlic growing techniques exactly. Do not rush through the interesting information below.

  1. Time to plant garlic

Usually, the most popular garlic growing season in our country is:

  • Garlic: From May to October of the solar calendar.
  • Leeks: Since leeks are grown for their leaves, the crop can be year-round, mostly September and February.
Garlic can be grown at any time of the year
Garlic can be grown at any time of the year
  1. Treating garlic seeds before planting

For garlic to have enough health to grow and give the best yield. One of the important factors that cannot be ignored is the selection and handling of varieties.

Good quality garlic seeds are fat garlic cloves from firm bulbs, normally 1 ha of land will need 1 ton of garlic seed.

After the garlic is branched and the thin branches are removed, it is necessary to bring the garlic soaked in a 5% lime water solution. The purpose of soaking garlic seeds in lime water is to remove pathogens, promote sprouting time, help seedlings uniform and grow better.

  1. Planting distance of garlic plants

Garlic growers need to base on the area and topography of the land to have an appropriate planting distance of ingots. The general rule when determining the distance to plant garlic is:

  • Do not plant garlic with too thick a density because the plant will grow slowly, have poor growth, and be stunted.
  • Do not plant garlic too far apart as it will waste the soil and create an opportunity for weeds to grow.
The distance to grow garlic determines the growth and yield
The distance to grow garlic determines the growth and yield
  1. Simple garlic growing technique

Garlic, after soaking in lime water for about 3 hours, will be taken out and drained. Next, plug the garlic cloves into the prepared soil bed, make sure 2/3 of the garlic cloves are in the ground, cover a little bit of soil on top.

Note, the garlic beds must have a minimum width of 1m2, the size of the trench is 30cm, the distance between rows is 20cm.

  1. Nutritional sources for garlic plants

Garlic plants need to receive an abundant source of nutrients to be able to grow and give the best yield.

When priming, farmers pay attention to spread evenly on the surface of the soil and use farming tools to thoroughly mix the ingredients with the soil. Fertilizer for garlic will usually be a combination of: Manure, lime powder, NPK-S.

After the garlic is planted in the ground, the top dressing times will be divided as follows:

  • Last fertilization after 21 days of planting.
  • Apply the second application after the first application about 25 days.
  • The 3rd top dressing takes place about 21 days after the 2nd fertilizing.
  1. Techniques for care and pest control for garlic plants

Garlic is quite easy to care for, but encountering pests and diseases is also inevitable. However, you can still detect unusual signs in garlic to take effective and timely preventive measures.

Garlic needs to be eliminated from the beginning to limit the spread
Garlic needs to be eliminated from the beginning to limit the spread

Garlic needs to receive enough water to grow properly, large and healthy roots. However, until the garlic plant has 4-5 true leaves, the amount of water for daily irrigation can be reduced. Each time the trench is watered, it can be combined with fertilizing for the plants.

The diseases that often appear in garlic are: Black anthrax, late blight. Want to eliminate these diseases to protect the plant and bring the highest yield. Garlic growers can pay attention to the use of pesticides and pesticides of clear origin, specialized to treat each disease. What farmers need to note is that it is necessary to use drugs at the right time, in the right dose and in the right way to ensure that they do not harm the plants or affect the health of the user.

  1. Harvest and keep the seed garlic

This is the stage that every planter wishes to be fulfilled. However, garlic cannot be harvested too soon, garlic growers can rely on a number of characteristics such as: The tips of the upper leaves begin to dry, the base leaves wither. Usually garlic will be harvested after 130 days of planting.

Garlic can be harvested 130 days after planting
Garlic can be harvested 130 days after planting

If you want to keep the bulbs for the next crop, garlic needs to be planted at least 140 days old. Especially, choose large, firm, fat and even bulbs to increase the yield of the next crop.

Technique Growing garlic that we share is not too complicated but makes it easier for you to build your own garlic garden. Do not forget to save this information to apply when needed. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaneyhttps://agrisearch.net
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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