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Selection and installation of mini greenhouses for home gardens, farmstay

Mini greenhouses for gardeners, farmstay

Outstanding features of Mini Greenhouses for home gardens, farmstay

Mini greenhouses, self-assembled greenhouses are evaluated as the most suitable Greenhouse – membrane products for gardeners and farmstay because of the following outstanding features:

  • Convenience: The greenhouse set includes a full range of accessories, just install according to the drawings
  • Small size and variety: usually sized from 80m2 suitable for small gardeners, farmstay
  • High quality: Products are usually imported, or can be domestically produced on a mass scale, with high quality and durability.
  • Self-installation: depending on the size and complexity of each greenhouse model, usually only 4 people in 1-2 days can install a greenhouse by themselves. Do not worry about depending on the construction unit

Benefits of greenhouses for gardeners and farmstay:

  • Be proactive and control the climate inside the greenhouse
  • Don’t worry about rain
  • Don’t worry about diseases, insects

Some popular crops grown in mini greenhouses

  • Strawberry
  • Cherry tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Melon
  • Potato
  • Popular vegetables
  • Types of flowers

Cost for mini greenhouses for home gardens, farmstay

Depending on the size, structure and features, Mini Greenhouses for home gardens, farmstay usually range from over 20tri to about 100tri (excluding transportation and installation costs).

Some self-assembled greenhouse models for gardeners and farmstay:

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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