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Secrets of Experienced People Grow Rich Ca Cuong

Ca Cuong is a fairly common insect in the countryside of Vietnam. This is an insect with extremely fragrant essential oil glands, which is produced as a valuable perfume oil and also as a rare specialty. The number of natural witches is very small, extremely rare, and cannot be caught for commercial use, but must be a brood. Model raise Ca cuong to get rich Therefore, it is gradually being deployed widely. Are you interested in today’s article topic? Please take a moment to check it out!

The value of ca cuong

Ca cuong appears in the field, is an insect with 2 small tubes containing Ca cuong essential oil, with a fragrance.

In the male, there is a very valuable aromatic oil. Few people know that the price of Ca cuong essential oil is calculated in drops, each drop costs as high as 100,000 VND. Depending on the time, the price fluctuates cheaper or more expensive. Natural essential oils are extremely fragrant but extremely rare. Commercial Ca cuong sold to the market as a dish is about 30-40 thousand VND/head.

Ca cuong can be used to prepare aromatic oils or processed into dishes
Ca cuong can be used to prepare aromatic oils or processed into dishes

In addition to the essential oil extracted from ca cuong, it is also used to process many dishes. Drinkers are very fond of dishes made from this insect. In medicine, Ca cuong essential oil is considered a very effective psychoactive and physiological stimulant.

Make a Ca cuong pond

Cacao is grown in a simple aquarium. The mouth of the tank is covered with a thin curtain to prevent the stem from flying out. The size of the tank is about 80x40x40cm, it will raise about 200-250 parents.

In order for ca cuong to have a natural habitat, it is necessary to spread a layer of fertilizer, a layer of sand and gravel to grow aquatic plants. The aquatic plants that are easy to live, and her favorite drinkers are seaweed, coconut vegetables, spinach, Can drift, bone jelly grass, grass weeds, etc. Try to let aquatic plants stick to the gravel layer, can eat down the layer of fertilizer to grow well.

With the type of cement tank raising the number of Ca cuong of several hundred children, it is recommended to release water hyacinth and water hyacinth for Ca cuong to live and live. Cement tanks need to be washed, soaked in alum before pouring water and dropping ca cuong in.

After the eggplant culture tank is completed, people add a water filter to provide oxygen for the Ca cuong.

Ca cuong will usually be raised in tanks
Ca cuong will usually be raised in tanks

Select and release ca cuong seed

Ca cuong has a large size compared to other insects. How to choose insects like relatives should choose children with 6 long, strong legs, and the abdomen is light yellow, smooth hair. The male eggplant has a fragrant oil bulb about 2-3cm long, 2-3cm wide, and is white. In children, this feature is absent.

If drinking coffee is grown for commercial purposes, to get essential oils, it is advisable to choose a male breed. Besides, it is raising female ca cuong so that they can produce offspring.

People should only drop the cassava into the aquarium, the cement tank after pouring the water for about 5-7 days.

Food for Ca cuong

Caring for all kinds of ladybugs must know their eating habits. Ca cuong are carnivores, they attack shrimp, shrimp, small fish, crickets to suck blood. Therefore, in the breeding tank, relatives should release live prey for them to hunt and eat.

Note, their food must be fresh, do not feed rotten, dead shrimp and shrimp, there will be no nutrients for them to grow and develop. To save money on buying food as well as in case of scarcity, people can combine different kinds of shrimp, shrimp, tadpoles, etc. to feed the ca cuong.

Ca cuong are carnivores and they like small fish and shrimp
Ca cuong are carnivores and they like small fish and shrimp

Taking care of reproductive ca cuong

Ca cuong is the type that can reproduce all year round in good breeding conditions. Usually around May-August is the time when they are most fertile. The female eggplant usually leaves its eggs on the stem into a cylindrical nest, the number of eggs is very large, about 70-150 eggs. The time from the time the egg is laid to the time it hatches into a young eggplant is about 40 days.

The hatching process of eggs takes place from eggs hatching into larvae – larvae molt 5 times, they will develop into adults. During the hatching period, both the male and female are responsible. Females will cling to aquatic plants or fly evil on the surface of the water, males will blow air to hatch eggs.

In the process of raising people, it is necessary to pay attention to the separation of ca cuong that has not yet reached the reproductive stage to raise separately
In the process of raising people, it is necessary to pay attention to the separation of ca cuong that has not yet reached the reproductive stage to raise separately

However, the coffee species is competitive during the reproductive period. Females that have not yet spawned or are about to spawn will try to destroy the eggs of others and replace them with their own because the spawning times do not coincide. Therefore, you need to pay attention to separate the unborn cubs into a new birthing tank.

Hopefully with the information that we share about raising Ca cuong to get rich. Farmers will be more confident in implementing this breeding model. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

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