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Ri6 durian cultivation technique in the Central Highlands brings high economic efficiency

Nowadays, the tastes of domestic and foreign customers are more and more demanding. Therefore, durian seeds gradually depreciated, replaced by imported or hybrid durian varieties that gradually took a higher position. One of them, can not miss the Ri6 durian – a super delicious yellow rice durian variety that is being loved by many people. So in the Central Highlands, people have applied Ri6 durian cultivation technique how to achieve high economic efficiency.

Sharing techniques of growing durian ri6 in the Central Highlands brings high economic efficiency
Sharing techniques of growing durian ri6 in the Central Highlands brings high economic efficiency
  1. How to make the soil and dig a hole to plant durian ri6

Durian Ri6 is a durian variety that first appeared in our country in Vinh Long since the 1990s. The characteristic of this durian variety is that it likes to live in hot climates, high humidity, so it is suitable for growing in the region. South and Central Highlands of our country. The plant is difficult to live in cold, dry weather.

In recent years, this delicious durian variety, with high economic benefits, has been planted by many Central Highlands gardeners, bringing great profits.

Durian Ri6 is suitable to grow and develop best in nutrient-rich soil, does not like acidic or alkaline soil. The ideal pH for growing this plant is between 5.5 and 6.5. For bad soil, with fertile soil, it is recommended to improve the soil before planting seedlings according to the following steps:

  • Clean weeds, loosen the soil, sprinkle lime to treat pathogens, microorganisms harmful to plants in the soil.
  • Dig a hole of size 60x60x60cm for rich soil or 70x70x70cm for less fertile soil
  • Use treated organic fertilizer, usually decayed manure, superphosphate and NPK in appropriate proportions. Usually 15-20kg of organic fertilizer + 0.5kg of superphosphate + 200g of 16-16-8 NPK mixed with fertilizing soil for each hole from 15-18 days

Density and distance of digging pits for planting Ri6 durian are as follows:

  • Dig holes 6-8m apart, rows 8-10m apart, the number of about 125-150 trees per hectare. Should be planted sparsely so that the garden can be ventilated, limiting pests and fruit rot
  • It is recommended to intercrop other imported durian varieties in the garden with Ri6 durian to support cross-pollination to increase yield.
Ri6 durian should be planted with a thin, well-ventilated distance, avoiding pests and diseases
Ri6 durian should be planted with a thin, well-ventilated distance, avoiding pests and diseases
  1. Choose seedlings, proceed to plant

Durian Ri6 does not apply the method of growing by seeds, which can cause mutations, slow plant growth and give undesirable effects. People often choose to buy Ri6 durian seedlings directly at large, reputable nurseries or grafted or grafted trees.

How to proceed:

  • After fertilizing the soil for durian planting from 15 to 18 days, proceed to lower the seedlings to plant
  • Tear off the outer cover so that the baby durian pot is still intact, put the potting soil in the hole, fill it with soil, compact it
  • Should be watered immediately after planting, and at the same time covered with straw, locust bark around the base of the plant to keep moisture
  • Planted at the beginning of the rainy season, when the afternoon sun is out
  • In the first stage, it is possible to intercrop into the coffee garden or plant some other types of spicy to shade and block the wind for the seedlings to grow stably.
Ri6 durian seedlings should be purchased at reputable large nurseries
Ri6 durian seedlings should be purchased at reputable large nurseries
  1. Care and harvest durian ri6

Watering and installing an automatic watering system for durian trees

In the seedling stage, durian Ri6 is very drought tolerant, if the dry season is not provided with regular water, it can lead to withering and gradual death. Therefore, when planting this durian variety, gardeners need to calculate the water source for irrigation in advance.

If you do not mind investing to bring about high economic efficiency and great profit, people should equip automatic irrigation systems for durian trees according to modern technology. The most typical method is the method of drip irrigation or localized rain spray. You can refer to the cost of watering 1 hectare of durian by local sprinkler irrigation, using genuine Rivulis Israel S2000 sprinklers. Normally, the investment amount for an irrigation system using a pressure compensation S2000 nozzle usually ranges from 12-18 million/ha depending on the needs of the uniformity of the crop.

Fertilizing, pruning

In each growing period, farmers should apply fertilizer on average 3-4 times per year. However, the amount of fertilizer, the type of fertilizer and the time of application are often different.

  • Seedling stage: It is recommended to divide and fertilize several times a year, mainly priming with organic fertilizer, especially microbially composted cow dung for each tree is 5-10kg/year combined with inorganic fertilizer containing high protein content
  • The stage when the tree starts to bear fruit should gradually increase the amount of fertilizer and application time, 30-40 days before flowering NPK fertilizer with high phosphorus content, when small durian fruit fertilize NPK with high potassium and
  • After harvesting, pruning branches and applying organic and inorganic fertilizers

Note at the flowering stage, people should prune flowers or fruits that grow thick and diseased to ensure the best quality when harvested.

Ri6 durian gives an average fruit of 2-3kg
Ri6 durian gives an average fruit of 2-3kg

Pest control

Like other durian varieties, Ri6 durian also has many problems with pests such as:

  • Powdery mildew
  • Mealybugs
  • Red spider
  • Pink mushroom
  • Root rot
  • Burn the dead leaves

Therefore, people need regular monitoring and timely intervention by spraying pesticides every year.


Durian Ri6 is a grafted durian variety that does not need to wait for it to fall before it can be sold. The trading barn will actively contact the gardener and come to cut when the fruit is old. This is a great advantage to help farmers do not need to spend much effort in the harvest season and still earn high profits each crop.

Ri6 separately brings high economic efficiency to gardeners
Ri6 separately brings high economic efficiency to gardeners

The above article has summarized the process and technique successfully applied Ri6 durian cultivation in the Central Highlands. Please consult and learn for yourself!

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