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Revealing the Top 5 effective and cheap orchid growing mediums

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Revealing the Top 5 effective and cheap orchid growing mediums

If the rose is a symbol of romantic love, the orchid represents nobility and sincerity. To have satisfactory orchid pots, players not only choose good varieties, but also the growing medium is very important. In the article below, we will reveal to you Top 5 orchid growing media effective, cheapest price.

Coconut coir – Good price for growing orchids

If you are a fan of growing orchids, it is definitely not to be missed coir. This type of substrate is very easy to find and does not cost much. Coir is obtained from the shell of the dried coconuts. After being peeled, players will soak in dilute lime water to remove harmful bacteria. Since then, the plants are healthy, grow well and limit pests.

Growing orchids with dried coconut fiber is very effective
Growing orchids with dried coconut fiber is very effective

Advantages of orchid growing medium with coconut fiber is very good at retaining moisture. Especially in dry or hot weather conditions, coir will protect the tree from withering. However, on long wet and rainy days, you should pay attention to adjust the appropriate water regime. Some types of orchids are often grown with coir such as: Dendro, dancer …

Growing orchids with pine bark

One of the most popular types of media is orchid growers pine bark. In Da Lat, people collect pine bark, then process and distribute to many localities across the country. Pine bark is suitable for growing many types of orchids such as: chicken thighs, leopards, daffodils, purple agarwood… However, pine bark is very easy to rot, on average from 2-3 years.


Charcoal used to grow orchids is very popular and brings high efficiency. To prevent orchids from being attacked by many pests, you should soak charcoal in diluted lime water for about 30 minutes – 1 hour. Then wait for the coal to dry and then cut it into small pieces, the average size is 3 cm. Note that if you cut too small, the medium will be too crumbly, hindering the respiration of orchid roots.

Charcoal - The cost of growing orchids is cheap
Charcoal – The cost of growing orchids is cheap

Besides, charcoal has good drainage ability and does not hold water for a long time. Therefore, you should water the orchid regularly to ensure that the plant is provided with adequate moisture. Especially with orchids such as Dai Chau, fox, mink… they love moisture for healthy roots.


With its beautiful shape, bold art and high durability, driftwood is always sought after by “orchid lovers”. This is the core of a dead woody perennial. People often peel off the outer bark of the tree, so it looks like a driftwood substrate that is not infected with bacteria.

The more bizarrely shaped driftwood, the rarer it is, the higher the price. This type of substrate is used by players to graft orchids, mink, squirrels, etc., showing sophistication and high aesthetics. In addition, the value of buffalo orchids grafted on driftwood pillars can be up to tens, hundreds of millions of dong. In addition, driftwood grafted with orchids always ensures durability over time.

The cost of growing orchids with driftwood has high aesthetics
The cost of growing orchids with driftwood has high aesthetics

Plant orchids

If you are looking for orchid growing medium then it would be a great choice. This is the stem and root of a fern that is dried and technically processed. There are two common types of spools: crumbs and yarns.

The advantage of growing medium with ferns is that it is very hygroscopic but never mossy. Especially in areas with cold climates, this type of moss helps plants grow quickly. And if you want to grow orchids on the balcony of the house, you should buy a table. This type has ventilation and limits water stagnation.

Hopefully with the above orchid care manual, you will be equipped with more useful knowledge. Price for growing orchids very diverse and rich. Depending on the characteristics and properties of each type, choose the appropriate substrate. Wish you success and beautiful orchid pots to welcome the new spring.

Besides, Ready-to-use mixed media for growing orchids also a very good suggestion for orchid growers. Pre-mixed media is usually mixed in an optimal ratio between Pine Bark, Dumpling, and Purmice and is suitable for many popular orchids today.

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