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Revealing the Technique of Raising Healthy Puppy – High Productivity

The bat is an animal belonging to the rodent family distributed throughout most of our country. The meat is delicious and nutritious, so it is very popular. Cattle rearing requires low investment costs in housing and breeding stock. Pet food is easy to find and cheap. Few diseases should be raised with less risk, and quick capital turnover. Therefore, in recent years, ducks have become a new livestock object for economic development of many households. In this article, we introduce to you some knowledge about calving techniques and how to take care of the baby.

Breeding techniques

  1. Build a breeding cage

Each cage is about 50 cm wide, 0.8 – 1 m long. The wall of the cell must be built firmly, about 70 cm high, the surface of the bowl is very smooth with cement or ceramic tiles, the floor of the barn is made of concrete or also glued with ceramic tiles. Each cage is used for one animal. The breeding umbrella should be divided into 2 compartments, an inner compartment for spawning, an outside compartment for food and a playground.

Animal cages must have a full roof to cover the rain, feed and water troughs
Animal cages must have a full roof to cover the rain, feed and water troughs

Breeding cages must have a roof to cover rain and sun, and a clean and cool environment. The location of the breeding cage must be placed in a quiet place with few people passing by.

  1. Pet food

The main food for bats is bamboo and sugarcane (including sugarcane leaves). These two foods are indispensable for breeding bats. In addition, bats also eat vegetables, tubers, fruits, roots, sprouts, mixed concentrates, mineral supplements, vitamins, animal foods (insects, snails, earthworms, etc.)

Stick to eating during the day, not focusing on eating at night. It is advisable to put out fresh food every morning. Feed in a dose to avoid excess, rancidity.

Need water to drink. The cup for the water should be fixed so that the water does not spill out. Each time you clean the cage, you need to dry the bowl with a rag and change the water. When thirsty and need water, a bat can drink in a day 1/3 of the amount of water in a cup.

Their main food is bamboo and sugar cane
Their main food is bamboo and sugar cane
  1. Selection of seeds

After being adopted for about 7 months, the weight reaches about 700-800g, then start to choose the breed and raise it separately. It is best to choose between 2 different lines to avoid inbreeding.

How to distinguish male and female squirrels:

Male Puss: Observe the genitals of the bat, if it is a male, there will be 2 testicles similar to that of a dog, and no breasts. Select a healthy, deformed male that is equal to or larger than the female. One male can be mated with 4-5 females

Push the female: look at the abdomen, you will see 2 rows of breasts on both sides of the ribs like a pig. The good female has a medium-sized appearance, not too small, smooth hair, has a row of breasts on both sides, runs well.

  1. How to detect estrus

When about to estrus, the female often refuses to eat or eat less, searching for something like looking for a male. Hold the female’s tail up to check if its genitals are slightly pink, raise your hand to gently stroke it, it is slightly protruding, the genitals may be wet. At this time, if the female squirrel is placed in the male box, the male squirrel will emit a characteristic call, and actively let the female to mate.

Carry out pairing

Choose a male (should choose a male that is the same size as the female or a little bigger) drop it into the female cage and observe if you see the male and female tangerine together, leave it as is, if you see a male and children who quarrel with each other are replaced by another.

Mating time of male and female is about 2 minutes
Mating time of male and female is about 2 minutes

The mating time between the female and the male is about 1.5-2 minutes. After mating, observing both male and female pins licking the genitals is a sign of successful mating, if the female partner does not perform this action, the mating was unsuccessful.

After 2 days of observing the female, if the female shows that the breast is slightly stretched, the genitals begin to shrink, the female has been male. If not observed, it is best to let the male and female stay together for a week or if the male and female show signs of jealousy, then separate.

Taking care of the mother and giving birth

The incubation period from birth to birth is 32 weeks (8 months). One year, she gives birth from 2 to 4 litters; 2 to 6 pups per litter.

After 2-3 days of mating, the female is brought to the nest to prepare for spawning. Put straw, or soft garbage in to tie the nest to raise the baby. About a month after the pairing, the mother will give birth. Before giving birth, clean the manure in the cage. When squirrels give birth, they should not clean the cage immediately, but they must wait for 2-3 days to move and when they move, they should only remove feces and should not touch the nest.

When giving birth, you should not visit the nest much, so that the mother can take care of the baby until the baby is 2 weeks old. Should give the mother enough food: grass, sugarcane and especially starch such as sweet potato, corn… When the baby is about 45 days old, the baby should be separated and raised separately to prepare for the next birth. After separating, it is recommended to stop feeding for one day and after 3 days, check and pair with the male.

How to take care of a newborn baby

New-born pups are hairless, eyes are not open yet. About 10 days, the hair is long and black. It took almost 30 days for the baby to open his eyes. Dui hasn’t opened his eyes yet, but he already knows how to eat. The baby grouse groped to eat the mother’s food. After 20 days of age, pups can learn to eat foods such as sugarcane and bamboo. I let my illegitimate child when I was 1.5 months old. When it is about 2-3kg, it can be sold.

Push your baby after opening his eyes, he can learn to eat outside food
Push your baby after opening his eyes, he can learn to eat outside food

At present, the meat is purchased at a relatively high price, while the investment capital for rearing the deer is not much, so although the rearing technique is a bit complicated, if you take the time to observe and experiment with a few pairs of bats, At first, we believe you will be successful.

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