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Revealing the method of soaking the traditional yellow flower sticky rice

Revealing the method of soaking the traditional yellow flower sticky rice 1

Soak in glutinous rice wine with yellow flowers It is not only an elegant pleasure but also a method of creating a typical drink of the North. Glutinous rice wine with yellow flowers has a fragrant taste of the countryside, making anyone who has tried it once, ecstatic, passionately forgetting the way home. Such a delicious wine, if you can manually soak it at home to enjoy, what’s better than that? The following article will guide you on how to soak the most standard traditional yellow flower sticky rice wine.

The best ways to soak the yellow flower sticky rice

Soak the traditional yellow flower sticky rice

Revealing the method of soaking the traditional yellow flower sticky rice 2

Although yellow flower sticky rice wine has a characteristic delicious taste, its making is not as difficult as many people think. This country wine is known as the national essence because of its unique aroma, mild spicy taste, bringing a sense of comfort and refreshment to the drinker. To get quality, delicious wine drops, people often use the following popular traditional method.

Prepare materials:

  • Yellow flower glutinous rice is the first and important ingredient that determines the quality of the wine. Buy rice at reputable establishments or grow it at home. You need to choose rice grains that have a natural aroma, are round, shiny, and are free from insects.
  • Yeast is an indispensable ingredient to help ferment rice
  • Because the fermentation process takes a long time, Agri recommends using a high-class glass bottle to soak the wine, creating both aesthetics and ensuring the safety and quality of the wine.

How to soak wine:

  • Soak glutinous rice with yellow flowers in water for about 4-6 hours. Then proceed to cook rice as usual to form rice wine. When the rice is cooked, pour the rice out onto a tray to cool it down.
  • Take the pureed yeast and mix it with yellow flower glutinous rice
  • Put the above mixture in a glass jar and incubate for 4-5 days and then bring it to distillation. You should base the water according to the ratio of about 10kg of mixture, for 15 liters of water. Pay special attention to cover tightly so that the fermentation process is completely natural and faster. Incubated within 1-2 weeks, the rice wine can be distilled.
  • Although the distillation process is simple, it requires patience, meticulousness and care. You need to pay attention to keep the fire low. The first drops of wine will flow out with a characteristic strong aroma, very smooth when enjoyed and a slight numbing sensation on the tip of the tongue.

Soak in dong dong

Revealing the method of soaking traditional yellow flower sticky rice 3

In addition to the popular traditional method, people often soak yellow flower sticky rice with a stick. Basically, this method has many new and unique points, giving a slightly different flavor to the wine. To feel better, please see how to do it below and experience it yourself at home.

Prepare materials:

  • Dandelion: The young rice flower is still in the leaf sheath. People choose wine-soaked ingredients from yellow-flowered glutinous rice because it contains more milk and is more fragrant than other types. In this method, you should use whole young rice plants to soak the wine, so it will create a natural, eye-catching green color.
  • This method will use white wine to soak the same rod.
  • High quality glass jar


  • After harvesting, the dandelions are washed, washed and left to dry naturally.
  • Place the spear in a glass jar, you can soak the whole young leaves to create a beautiful green color for the wine.
  • Finally, pour sticky rice wine into the jar, do not overfill, cover tightly and store in a cool, dry place.

Great use of sticky rice wine with yellow flowers

Revealing the method of soaking the traditional yellow flower sticky rice 4Although there is a simple way to do it, the yellow flower sticky rice wine gives the drinker great uses:

  • Increase resistance and immune system, help improve health, anti-oxidants bring a fresh, full of vitality skin, fight cardiovascular-related diseases.
  • Balance blood pressure, limit high cholesterol levels.
  • Provides many essential nutrients, beneficial to the body such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • Good for the digestive system, making meals more appetizing.
  • Support sleep, limit insomnia.

Yellow flower sticky rice wine has always been known as a national drug “panacea” with positive effects on the body. However, we still need to pay attention to using the right dosage, in the right way so that it can promote the best effect, limiting the occurrence of unfortunate cases, causing damage to the liver and kidneys.

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