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Revealing how to take care of the standard date palm tree for high productivity

Caring for date palm trees

Revealing how to take care of the standard date palm tree for high productivity

The date palm tree is grown in many places because it is a tree with high economic value. Not only giving fruit, this tree also has a meaning in terms of feng shui and aesthetic value. It is not too difficult to grow dates. However, it requires the right technique and care. In this article, will reveal to you the most standard method of scrubbing.

Overview of the date palm tree

Dates are coconut trees with feathery leaves. Dates for male and female flowers, flowers are pollinated not only by insects but also by wind. The flowers of this plant are small, yellow, clustered, usually out in February – March.

Dates are red-brown, with seeds in them. The large fruits have a very thick layer of powder, eating will feel sweet. Many people often mistake the fruit of some date tree. However, the pulp layer of these plants is much thinner than that of dates. Fruit oval, cylindrical, thin skin, lumpy. When unripe, it will be green, when ripe, it will turn red-brown, yellow or black. The color of the fruit when ripe depends on the variety.

The date palm tree is woody
The date palm tree is woody

The date palm tree brings a lot of value

Dates are grown a lot in the Mekong Delta because this tree brings high economic efficiency. The fruit of this plant is very good for health. Especially suitable for people who are looking to gain weight. The amount of fiber in dates is very good for the digestive system, avoiding constipation. In addition, eating dates also helps beautiful skin, good for people with high blood pressure, anemia.

Not only good for health, but this plant also has feng shui and aesthetic value. Dates are grown for fruit, and also act as an ornamental plant. The bunch of fruits and leaves make the landscape more eye-catching, creating a feeling of freshness and fresh air.

In terms of feng shui, this plant represents friendship, attracting positive energy. Planting dates not only helps homeowners harvest fruit, but also increases the beauty of the living space and welcomes luck and fortune home.

It is a tree with high economic value
It is a tree with high economic value

Learn how to care for dates

Dates are propagated by seed or by tissue culture. Each method has its own methods and characteristics. If you choose to propagate by seeds, the quality of the seeds is the top concern. Only fine, beautiful seeds give high efficiency and productivity. In addition, other factors such as time of sowing and care are also very important.

Light conditions

To plant and care for dates, you need to know the characteristics of the tree. Dates are full-light-loving plants. This is why you should choose a suitable planting site that receives a good amount of light. Avoid growing plants in the shade, high humidity. With full sunlight, plants will photosynthesize well, thereby giving higher yields.

Water mode

Dates can live in hot, dry climates. However, it still needs to provide the right amount of water to be able to produce many fruits. When in the dry season, water enough for the plant to grow. For young plants, watering 1-2 times a day.

Currently, a number of automatic irrigation projects for date palm trees have been installed by Nha Be Agri for customers. Please contact Nha Be Agri for detailed advice on the system by phone number 19002781.

Proper care is required for high productivity
Proper care is required for high productivity

Soil and fertilizer for date palm trees

Selecting the soil to plant this plant is not too difficult. Because dates can grow well on many types of soil, even acid and saline soils. About fertilizer is similar, just focus on some necessary times. Specifically, when the tree is young, it starts to flower and bear fruit. In addition, the best temperature for the plant to grow is about 25-35 degrees.

Note that, for dates to bear fruit, it will take about 5-7 years. This is the average time period. Faster or slower depends on the weather as well as how to take care of it.

Hope the above date tree care has provided you with a useful amount of knowledge. To have a high yield, growers themselves need to be experienced and knowledgeable about the characteristics, planting and care of each plant species. Therefore, please refer to more useful information through the section of

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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