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Restructuring Quang Ninh’s agricultural industry towards sustainability

agricultural restructuring

Quang Ninh province is focusing on synchronous solutions to create a foundation for modern and efficient agricultural development – Restructuring the agricultural sector. In particular, the focus is on implementing the agricultural restructuring project towards increasing added value and sustainable development.

Applying advances in science and technology (Science and Technology) into production is the first step to raise the level of modern agricultural production in order to improve productivity and product quality.

Agricultural restructuring – Applying science and technology in production

Currently, many high-quality agricultural farming models, applying science and technology in production stages have been deployed by many localities and businesses in the province. 188 Trading and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Dong Trieu Town) is one of the pioneering enterprises in applying science and technology to produce high quality agricultural products. So far, the company has confirmed its position in the market.

Director of Construction Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company 188 (Dong Trieu Town), Ms. Bui Thi The, said: By applying science and technology, the stages of seed transplantation, care and harvesting are carried out synchronously. , thereby giving stable productivity and quality.

For example, in hydroponic vegetable growing, nutrient formulas are calculated based on the analysis criteria of water samples, soil samples, substrate samples, and fertilizers to create adequate nutrients, meeting As a result, the company’s products all ensure food safety standards and have been present at Vinmart, BigC supermarket systems, restaurants, hotels, and schools.

Recently, Quang Ninh province has promoted the application of science and technology in agricultural production. To serve as a basis for implementing this content, Quang Ninh has flexibly implemented the Agricultural Restructuring Project in association with the effective implementation of the Agricultural Sector Restructuring Scheme. “Quang Ninh Province – One Commune, One Product” (OCOP).

Thereby, focusing on replicating production models, building new models of application of scientific and technological advances; building brands for specific local products, developing concentrated agricultural production areas according to VietGAP standards. Up to now, some farming areas in the province have implemented VietGAP process to ensure food hygiene and safety in concentrated agricultural production areas, such as na, lychee (Dong Trieu Town), Phuong Nam early ripening litchi (Ho Chi Minh City). Uong Bi).

Livestock production changed from small and scattered to farm model, industrial and high-tech farm, diversifying products; The main livestock subjects, the order of priority is pigs, chickens, beef cattle and dairy cows.

The province focuses on developing aquaculture according to the planning, focusing on the main aquaculture species, especially marine aquaculture in association with the protection and development of aquatic resources. Departments, branches and localities in the province focus on monitoring food quality and safety. Slaughter control and veterinary hygiene inspection have been strengthened; Currently, the province has 8 slaughterhouses concentrated in Ha Long City, Uong Bi City, Cam Pha City, and Dong Trieu Town.

Mechanization in rice harvesting in Quang Yen town.

In addition to the positive results, over the past time, Quang Ninh’s agriculture sector has also faced many challenges, such as:

  • Farmers also produce fragmented production according to household size;
  • Diseases in livestock herds, especially African swine fever, are still complicated, making it difficult to ensure stable production and supply;
  • Climate change is unpredictable…

Facing challenges is also an opportunity for the provincial agriculture sector to drastically restructure. Especially before the strong impact of the 4th industrial revolution, it is a good condition to open the direction of transformation to build a more modern, efficient and sustainable agriculture.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Giang, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said: The Department has asked the units to focus on reviewing and adjusting the planning and plan to gradually shift from small-scale production to commodity production, with the direction of choice. a number of plants and animals have advantages suitable to the specific climate and ecology of the province to develop into specialized farming areas associated with processing industry and commercial services.

At the same time, focus on developing the collective economy with the core being cooperative groups and cooperatives to link with businesses in the value chain; promoting the implementation of science and technology solutions, applying technology to make the most of the opportunities of the industrial revolution 4.0…

Quang Ninh is also promoting to attract a number of investors to study the planning and development orientation of production, processing and business in the agricultural sector. Especially high-tech agriculture in Van Don, Mong Cai, Dong Trieu, Dam Ha.

Up to now, many large-scale commodity-oriented production areas have been formed, such as: High-quality rice production area, 1,690ha in Dong Trieu town; safe vegetable growing area, 348ha in Quang Yen town; area growing galangal, over 516ha in Binh Lieu district; Producing high quality aquatic breeds in Dam Ha…

Source: http://baoquangninh.com.vn/

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