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Raising super giant 3B cows – nothing is lacking, just lack of technique

cow 3b get rich
Super big 3B cows

Raising cows is a profession that is no longer strange to us. But in addition to traditional cow farming, 2015 started in Tan Tien commune for the first time feed cow 3B With a muscular appearance for outstanding meat productivity, it helps many farmers to step up and get rich quickly.

Raising 3B cows to take on the shoulder of a muscle – a farmer’s meat production machine

What are the benefits of raising 3b cows?
Beef 3B

3B beef, also known as Belgian Blue Breed or Belgian Blue Breed, is a beef breed originating from Belgium and bred and raised in Vietnam in recent years. 3B beef has many outstanding features because of its large, beautiful “muscular” appearance, firm and well-developed meat, especially in the rear thigh area. 3B cow is also known as “super cow” because of its productivity and efficiency, so many farmers have chosen 3B cow to open a new way to get rich.

Bred from Belgian and Vietnamese cows, it has many outstanding and outstanding points. Beef 3B owns the health from Belgian cows and the good adaptation of Sind Vietnamese crossbred cows.

Raising 3B cows until reaching a weight of 500kg will give a carcass rate of over 60%, refined meat of over 50%, 10% higher than that of normal cows. Beef quality is good, fragrant, delicious, tender.

Although raising 3B cows is productive and has a lot of potential, it is not really effective in Vietnam because farmers raising 3B cows are still small, do not have the right technical methods, are not used to keeping records to be able to raise money. monitor the process of raising and selling at the right age and at a reasonable age. Therefore, this article cannot be ignored, we will show you the best 3B cow farming technique to bring the best possible results.

The process of raising commercial 3B cows

Farmers should only raise 3B cows for commercial meat, not for breeding. Because cows have narrow pelvis, it is not favorable for reproduction.

Raising 3B cows requires land

It is necessary to have a reasonable land fund to grow cow fodder. On average, a cow needs 30-45kg of grass.

What grass is good for 3b cows
Elephant grass or va06 is often used to feed cows

Cattle barn 3B

cattle barn 3b

The 3B cowshed is positioned like a normal animal: positioned so that it is warm in winter and cool in summer. The barn is tall, non-slip. There is a feeder made of cement. Cow 3B will be kept in each cell about 2.5 – 3m long and 1m wide. Should use cow dung to make biogas tunnel.

Benefits of raising 3B cows in captivity: Capturing cows will help cows grow well, farmers can easily manage cows.

Measures to cool down the cow shed

Although 3B cows are well adapted to climate conditions, on hot days of 39-40 degrees Celsius, they still have to cool down the cow shed. Use tools such as foggers, roof cooling systems, fans.. To make cows more adaptive to the environment.

3B cow feed

3B cows are different from other cows in that they are “vital”, eat more. Combine concentrates, forages and silages. The separated calves are very fond of fresh green food, increasing the diet such as grass. 3B cows can eat a variety of food from agricultural by-products such as rice straw, banana stalks, corn stalks and industrial by-products such as cassava residues, pineapple residues, etc.


Beef 3B breed should be prevented from disease every 6 months, periodically vaccinated against foot-and-mouth disease and pasteurellosis.

Experience in fattening 3B cows

Increase the amount of concentrate, 2kg in the first month and gradually increase in the following month. The fattening period from 3 months is divided into 3 stages.

Phase 1 for every 100kg of cows give 0.8-1kg of concentrate mixed with forage. Phase 2 for every 100kg of cows give 2 – 2.5kg of concentrate mixed with forage. Stage 3 increase to 3-4kg. Mixing has 2 forms: paste mix and mix other foods.

Mr. Vu Kim Tuyen shared that the food for 3B cows was Va06 grass and dried corn straw, which he asked for to use for the winter reserve cows.

Income from cows 3B

Beef 3B
Quality 3B beef

Raising 3B cows is very economical because they grow fast. If raising golden cows takes 2 years to sell, 3B cows only need 18-20 months to sell about 40-50 million VND.

Mr. Tuyen – a pioneer in 3B cow raising said that to raise 100 cows in 1 month costs 100 million. But 3B cattle raised commercially will be shorter than other cows from 6 to 8 months. Therefore, the recovery of capital is only a matter of time. With good meat quality, 3B beef is very popular and ordered by many traders.

Above is the technical information and raising 3B cows. Although 3B cows are easy to raise and adapt to good conditions, it is not always convenient to raise 3B cows. It is necessary to cooperate with the local authorities as well as the people to implement the farming in the safest and most effective way.

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